Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Goenkas celebrate Sirat’s good news

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone happily smiling. Gayu asks is the news confirmed this time. Kartik says yes. Kairav asks why did you ask like this, we know the baby is coming, I told my friends that I m going to become a super big bro. Sirat hugs Kairav. Kartik says Lord never breaks kids’ hope. Dadi says I knew Ganpati will return happiness to our family. Kairav says we should welcome this baby. Kartik says yes, we got gifts for everyone. Everyone wears the baby coming soon tshirts and dance. Dil se bandhi ek dor….plays…. Kartik takes a family selfie.

Its morning, Kartik wakes up and sees Sirat. He asks are you not well. She says I feel sleepy, I don’t know how to sleep. He says sleep like every day. She says I can’t sleep in any wrong position, else baby can go anywhere and not be seen in doctor’s camera. He laughs and says you are so cute, but foolish also, you can sleep any way, nothing will happen to our baby, its safe. He hugs her. He says we will deal with it, tell me, you have to go to boxing club today, your coach messaged. She says I can’t do boxing now. He asks her to motivate him. She says no, I don’t want to take any chance, I want to focus on baby. She asks will you not talk to anyone. She says I will talk to you, say sorry to coach. He says okay, get freshen up, I will get the breakfast. He makes fun of her words. She hits him with a cushion and says I m first time pregnant. He says sorry. He thinks if her mood changes, then she will change weapons, she just threw a cushion now, don’t know what else will she hit. Kairav and Vansh talk to Akshu. Suwarna says we shall make fruits laddoo for Sirat. Gayu says I will make it for her. Sirat comes downstairs. Everyone talks seeing her. Dadi blesses Sirat. Sirat says I wanted to get some books. Surekha asks are you thinking of studies, or want to go out. Sirat says I want to read about pregnancy. They all say no.

Suwarna says ask us, don’t get pregnancy books home. Sirat asks why. Dadi says Kartik read all the books during Akshu’s time and stopped Naira from going out. Suwarna says he didn’t let her watch films, he used to write notes also. Dadi says yes, he used to say what’s good and bad for baby. Suwarna says ask us anything, don’t get the books. Kartik comes and says I have many books, I will get it, I know what they are saying, don’t worry, I have become chilled out, you can stay as you want. Sirat smiles. Kartik gets milk for her. He gets tea for himself. Dadi jokes. Sirat takes the milk. Suwarna says Ganesh ji gave us happiness, what happened, are you not happy. Manish says I m happy, but worried also, this baby has Sheela’s blood, we have to raise him well. He goes. Sirat says its an alarm, I have to drink water and take multivitamins. Kids help her. Alarm rings again. Sirat says doctor asked me to do yoga on time. She meditates. Everyone smiles. Sirat asks am I doing wrong. Suwarna says its our work to remind you all this, you are taking care of yourself. Gayu says our heart will break. Kartik says yes, don’t keep many reminders, we won’t let you forget anything. Sirat feeds Akshu. The food falls on Akshu’s clothes.

Sirat goes to get clothes. She recalls Kairav’s words. She says I will keep Akshu’s clothes for the baby, I wish the kids always stay together, I m very happy, my fear has ended. Akshu bends down the pram. Sirat turns and sees this. Suwarna and Kartik come to the room. They get shocked and shout Akshu. Sirat throws a blanket down. Akshu falls over it. Sirat runs and stumbles. Kartik shouts Sirat. Sirat takes Akshu and hugs. Kartik says you scared us. Sirat says sorry. Suwarna asks her to be careful, the initial three months need much care. Kartik says I will take care. Suwarna says you will go to office also, we will take care of Akshu, you handle the coming baby. Kartik says she is right, Sirat. Suwarna takes Sirat. Sirat asks what will I do now, I won’t have anything to do, I will get bored. Kartik says you can continue to use Akshu as entertainment. Sirat says I talk to her all day, you entertain me now. She goes. He says fine, what shall I do.

Sirat is in the boxing ring. Kartik smiles. Manish asks how did Kartik take her for boxing, call him and ask him to get Sirat home. Kairav informs the family that Sirat fainted.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Omg what is wrong with Kartik and why he wants Sirat to continue with boxing in her condition 😡…..Motivate him my foot…..what madness arrgghh!!! 😬🤦

    1. I feel like this is the right time to disclose this. I think karthik is REALLY irritating😩😩 Everytime I wanted to get into the series in the past, his irritating-ness always stopped me.😄😄 I really don’t know what it is yaar. Thank goodness the die hard fans aren’t on this forum, I would have been crucified for hating their beloved karthik😁

    2. @yolande did you notice the anupama forum wasn’t open today?

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Vaijyanthi…….lol and for some reason I agree 😂 he is always doubting someone (Naira🙄) or something 😬🤦
      – and haan….. Anupama’s forum has been closed since last night😬…..wondering if admin realized this……anyway it’s almost time for the next episode…..sooooo hopefully it will be open by then 🙏

  2. I just love this serial so much 😭😭😭

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      Awww 😢me2 😔

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