The key to the chamber of love (Ep 4) Danger arrival

Hi guys i am back so sorry that i have not updated since a week its because i was doing home work and preparing for my test upcoming when i return skl on the 8th of march. Hope you enjoy this ep it will be short but i promise is would write an ep more longer when the new track comes…. very soon.

Ep starts…

Ridhimah goes in the rain and realises that she didn’t have a umbrella with her she was about to go back to Sejal’s house just when 5 goons appeared out of no wear with holding knives each. Ridhimah got shocked and tried to run when one of them dragged her quickly and put the sharp edge of the knife underneath her gentle and sensitive neck. Tears started to role down her eyes making her feel unconscious. On of the goons in a pale black mask spoke….

Goon1:- Yo beautiful give me ya necklace and whtever you have or else u have no clue wht we r ganna do to ya.

Ridhimah;- No this is very special this is my only mark of my my mom who past away…saying that she had a flash back…


I was only 7 when my parents died that day in a car accident…my mom and dad past away. Luckily, i was saved by a Kind hearted man whom now i call him father he loves me as much as my dad would of done. My mom’s only necklace remained and that was the only nishani….of my mom

Fb ends:-…

Ridhimah was dragged into the reality with the man placing the blade even nearer making a mark on the skin it was getting deeper and deeper….just when a man in a Rolls-Royce car appeared…it was vansh…

Vansh screamed:- Ridhimahhhhhhhhh……’

Ridhimah:- a unconscious voice…

Vansh was so mad and worried at the same time and didn’t realise how brutally he punched the goonsΒ  to death that they started bleedingΒ  seems like it wouldn’t heal for a year. Ridhimah was about to fall when he held her into his arm and hugged her tightly as if she was very valuable…

Vansh:-Ridhu are you ok…

Ridhimah:- No respond

He carried her onto his arms and took her to his car and drove off to R.s mansion

On the R.s Mansion

Mr and Mrs Sharma were dead worried for Ridhu…they were having nightmares and thinking about her just when Mr Sharma was about to faint…

When he saw Vansh carrying Ridhu in his arm coming inside he felt relief so did Mrs.Sharma.

Mr and Mrs Sharma:- Vrs what happend to Ridhimah why is she in this condition…

Vansh:- This is not the time to speak we need to change her clothes and take her to bed she is going to fall sick..

MRs.Sharma:- Yes ur right…Disuza (the maid) change her into warm clothes..

Maid:- Yes mam…

The maid changed Ridhimah’s clothes and put a warm and cosy blanket on top of her also She dried her hair . Vansh came in and saw Ridhimah lying down….he sat beside her and said…

Vansh in obsession/worried:- Ridhimah me tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga jab tak me zinda hu koy tumhe hurt karne ka kya ek second ke liyeh tumhe dike ga bhi nahi.

Just then Ridhimah held his hand and said….

Ridhimah in a quiet and cracky voice :- Vansh…….

She couldn’t finish talking and fell asleep…

Precap:- Vansh says sorry for how he behaved earlier… Vansh finds out that Ridhimah likes Kabutar….and gets mad!

Ok guys that is it for today ik it was very short but yh i promise i will updates in 2-3 days so yh…

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