Story After 6 Years #RIANSH #IMMJ2 – Episode 19

Thank you everyone for your comments. So sorry for the late update. I’ll try to post episode 20 in 2-3 days, but let’s see how I go.

The episode starts with…

At the hospital:

Janvi arrives early to ensure that Anupriya doesn’t come and harm Siya. She kept checking her room frequently.

Here Anupripa arrives at the hospital with an injection of poison in her purse. She stealthily tries to enter without anyone’s notice as she is aware that Riddhima and Janvi both work here so to avoid colliding with them she tries her best to hide. She enters Siya’s room and hides behind the curtains and waits till the nurse attending her leaves. As soon as the nurse leaves, she comes out and gets the injection ready and goes to inject Siya.

As she was about to inject, she feels a strong hand stopping her. It was Janvi, she had seen Anupirya entering Siya’s room stealthily and went after her but saw that she was hiding so she also hid and waited to see what Anupriya will do next.

Anupriya (scared): Janvi, you? What are you doing here?

Janvi: You already know I work here why are you surprised?

Anupriya (faking her love): No beta, I mean in Siya’s room. I thought you had other patients to tend to. Anyways I came to see Siya, my daughter.

Janvi (angry): Really you consider Siya as your daughter then why were you going to inject that chemical in her IV drip? ANSWER ME!

Anupriya: Oh, so you saw me injecting. Yes, I hate her, I can’t stand these three siblings. You have no idea how much I hate Vansh, Ishani and this Siya.

Janvi: You are pathetic, I can’t believe my family gave you so much love. Dadi considers you like her own daughter.

Anupriya: Well, I couldn’t care less about anyone from your so-called family. I just want the money so that me and my son can live a lavish life. And trust me our plan is perfect this time no one can win against us.

Anupriya pushes Janvi and goes away. Luckily Riddhima comes in time and saves her from falling or hurting herself or her baby.

Riddhima: Are you okay janvi?

Janvi: Yes, but that Anurpiya went away.

Riddhima: Oh god Janvi forget her you need to take care of yourself what if something would have happened to you today then how will I face Aryan. And if you knew what Anupriya was up to then why didn’t you tell anyone about it we could have helped you. You didn’t have to tackle her alone and especially not in this state.

Janvi: Sorry Riddhima, let’s go home we need to prepare for Ishani’s birthday.

Riddhima: Yes, let’s go, but I am doing the work you rest.

They leave to go home and prepare for the birthday celebrations. When they reach, they are greeted by Dadi who was in the living area doing her puja preps. Riddhima gets started with the decrorations while Sejal joins her half an hour later. Chachi took Ishani shopping to keep her away from the preps and will bring her back before the party begins.

At the lawyer’s office:

Vansh: Hello Mr Goel. How are you?

Goel: Hello Mr Vansh I am good. How have you been?

Vansh: Good, I am here to discuss the business proposal I spoke to you about over the phone. I am looking to get as much legal protection as I can to avoid the client bailing out on me.

Goel: Yes, what we can do is we can make them sign a contract that compels them to complete your order.

Vansh: Sure thanks, please prepare it I’ll get it signed.

Goel: What if they refuse to sign it?

Vansh: Don’t worry I have my ways to get things done (shows the gun).

Goel (knowing he is a mafia – smiles): Okay, I’ll send the papers. By the way, I am surprised you want to transfer all your property to your brother Kabir.

Vansh: What! I have not done anything like this. Please tell me the details.

Goel: Kabir came called my office a week back to prepare a declaration that you are transferring all your property and business to his name and he came to pick the papers up yesterday.

Vansh: I have not asked him. I’ll look into the matter, thank you so much for telling me. I appreciate your services to the Raisinghania family.

Goel: Don’t bother Vansh I have been you family lawyer for years. It’s my duty. You take care.

Vansh leaves from there and decides to confront Kabir about his recent stunt.

At the warehouse:

Kabir: Guys the party will start at 8pm today. You have to be there by 9pm that there are enough people for you guys to hide within.

Man 1: But boss what is the plan?

Kabir: We will enter the party and slowly start putting all of Vansh’s men down one after one. Then we will hold the Raisinghanias at gun point. With no men Vansh will be weak, we can attack him easily because his family is his weakness. I want to make sure Vansh signs the declaration and after that he will be of no use to me and the world.

Man 2: Okay sir

Kabir: Meet me outside the VR mansion and I’ll let you guys in so that we can move forward with our plan.

They all disperse, but just then Kabir notices a guy listening in to their conversation and approaches him. He tries to run but unfortunately Kabir catches him.

Kabir: who are you?

Shashi: None of your business.

Kabir: It is my business this is my place and you are listening to my conversation. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE! Who sent you?

Shashi pushes Kabir and runs out. Kabir after stabilising himself he also runs after him. There is a sprint mania going on between Shashi and Kabir. However, much to Kabir’s dismay Shashi successful sits in a taxi and gets away. While Kabir helplessly watches unable to stop him.

Shahi after getting away from Kabir goes straight to the hospital to meet Riddhima. However, he doesn’t find her there.

Shashi (on phone): Hello Riddhima, where are you?

Riddhima: Shashi are you okay? Why are you panting? I am in VR mansion preparing for Ishani’s birthday party.

Shashi: oh god Riddhima please come to hospital I really need to meet you I have heard the whole plan of Kabir I really need to meet you and tell you all about Kabir’s plan.

Riddhima: What? Really, I am happy Shashi thank you so much I’ll leave right away please sit in my cabin and be safe.

Shashi: Okay.

20 mins later at the hospital:

Riddhima arrives at the hospital and rushes to her cabin to meet Shashi.

Riddhima: Shashi I am here.

Shashi: Thank god Riddhima you are finally here. He tells her whatever he has heard at the warehouse.

Riddhima: Oh god! I need to tell this to everyone we can’t let them win. They are going to harm the whole family.

Riddhima calls everyone to her house and goes to her place with Shashi. They tell everyone what Shashi has heard. They all go back to what they were doing before being called there. (They planned something but will reveal it later).

VR mansion:

Vansh came back from the lawyer’s office and was waiting for Kabir to come back as he had been told by the staff that Kabir was not home. As soon as Vansh saw him walking in he walks to him and holds him by his collar.

Vansh: How dare you Kabir

Kabir: Vansh what happened why are you getting so angry?

Vansh: You got the declaration papers ready which state that I am transferring all my property in your name.

Kabir: Vansh I don’t know what you are talking about?

Vansh: KABIR! Don’t act naïve you know very well what I am talking about, I met Mr Goel today he told me so don’t try to mask your act. DO NOT THINK YOU CAN WIN AGAINST ME. I am warning you don’t make me forget our relationship I am only tolerating you because of mom and Dadi.

Vansh goes away from there leaving an angry Kabir behind.

Kabir: Do what you may Vansh this time I’ll win. I have set such a good plan that you can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams what’s coming your way. Then even if you don’t want to sign the papers, you’ll have no choice.

Kabir goes to his room and find Anurpiya waiting for him.

Kabir: mom what are you doing here? Is everything okay? You had gone to the hospital right to finish off that Siya.

Anupriya: Yes, I did but Janvi came and stopped me. I had to reveal my truth to her. You don’t worry she can’t do much as no one will believe her since my fake love is stronger than she thinks.

Kabir: Mom! Everything is falling apart; one man was listening to my plans sometime back at the warehouse. I don’t know who sent him. But It’s not Vansh because otherwise he wouldn’t have been so quiet. But who is this new enemy that is keeping an eye on me?

Anupriya: Forget it Kabir for now we need to focus on our plan for tonight.

Kabir: Yes, let’s just work on ensuring nothing goes wrong today.

Riddhima enter VR mansion again to finish off the remaining preps. She is busy on her phone when she collides with a strong frame and falls off but doesn’t hit the ground. When she looks up, she finds Vansh giving her support. They share an eye lock. There is chaos everywhere with the party preps and a basket of flowers falls and hits against a showpiece on the coffee table. This was enough to bring them both to reality.

Riddhima: Sorry I wasn’t looking I was busy on my phone.

Vansh: Don’t be I was also busy on my phone; I didn’t see you either.

Riddhima: Okay, I’ll go I need to finish off the party preps there are only two hours left for the party to begin.

Vansh: Right, if you need any help let me know I am around.

While working Riddhima and Vansh steal glances at each other.

Riddhima (thinks): I know Kabir has planned a very dangerous move, but I promise Vansh I’ll not let anything happen to you or your family.

Vansh (thinks): I know there is wall of betrayal between us, but I promise I’ll always be there for our kids.

It’s party time and everyone from the family start descending from their rooms to the hall and wait for Ishani to come. Riddhima is in the guest room when she gets a call from the hospital.

Nurse: Dr Sharma, there is good news for you.

Riddhima: Yes, Sara what is it?

Sara: Dr your coma patient Siya Raisinghania has gained consciousness.

Riddhima: What! This is good news I am coming straight away make sure she is fine by getting her full blood count done and check for any abnormalities and give her glucose.

Sara: Yes Dr, you don’t worry we will take care of her till you reach.

Riddhima rushes to the hospital to meet Siya. Meanwhile she messages everyone to go ahead with the plan and that she is going to the hospital to meet Siya.

On the other hand, Ishani and Chachi come home only to find it dark and quiet. All of a sudden everyone comes out and surprises her. She is pleasantly surprised and happy to see the love her family share for her.

Precap: Major showdown, Kabir and Anupriya held at gunpoint. Riddhima and Siya on their way to go to VR mansion. Vansh and family shocked to learn the truth.

This is it for today guys hope you like it. From episode 21 there will a guilt track coming and some funny, light family moments. I think too much drama has happened so far in the story, need some more humour in it. Please let me know how I am going in the comments below. Thanks

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