The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 8


After their breakfast all sat down. Ragini was in her room as she felt a bit dizzy and uttara was accompanying her. Swasan came down from the room and saw Dp, AP, Ram, Sujata and laksh there. Both looked at each other and walked downstairs. Seeing swara.

Suj: Swara y r u down I asked you to take rest na?

SAN: Mom we wanted to talk to you.

Dp: Say sanskar.

Suju: First u both sit.

Both sat.

SWA: Woh… actually we brought a alliance for uttara.

All looked suprised and a bit worried too.

SAN: And we don’t have to worry as I know him from my college days, he is my junior Arjun. He came from London a week before and he owns his own business. About his family, his father is no more and only his mom and his brother.

Lak: Even I know him, he is a very good man.

DP: K let them come then we will decide.

SAN: Thanks bade papa.

AP: Sanskar r u sure that he is good I mean……..
(Remembering her before alliance).

SAN: No worries ma I know him very well.

Suj: That means uttara is going to get married. I’m so happy.

AP: Han sujata.

Suj: k sanskar u call them, I’ll do the arrangements there r lots to do na.

She said and left making all smile.

AP: Swara u go take rest, sanskar take them with you.

SWA: Ji ma.

Swasan got up and went to their room and all went to their rooms as it was Sunday. Sanskar informed Arjun and he said he will be there today evening with his family. Sanskar informed his mom and she started to work even more. Sanskar started to finish his office work in his laptop while swara went to ragini’s room.

Rag: Come in swara y r u standing?

Swara smiled and came in and sat.

SWA: Ragini we have to make uttara ready this evening.

Rag: They r coming today?

Swara nodded while uttara blushed.

Rag: Ah swara look she started to blush without seeing the groom itself.

SWA: No ragini uttara already saw him and went on a date too.

Rag: When all this happened? Wait is this y u were congratulating her yesterday?

SWA: Han ragini.

Rag: Oh……so that means uttara is going to meet her love wah (teasingly).

UTT: Not love and all bhabhi (blushes)

SWA: Then y r u blushing this much uttara? (Teasingly).

UTT: go bhabhi

She said and ran out of the room due to shyness while swaragini giggled.

Rag: I hope nothing will happen like before.

SWA: Nothing will happen.

Both talked for sometime and swara came to her room and saw sanskar missing.

SWA: Sanskar.

She called out and came in further.

SAN: I’m here.

He said coming from the balcony.

SWA: What r u doing there?

SAN: Ah….just.

SWA: Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari can’t even stay in his house for sometime.

SAN: What to do (pulled swara closed to him through her waist) I usually be in my office this time na!

SWA: U started loving ur office more than me? (pouts). Go (struggles to leave but he didn’t let her).

SAN: If my wife is with me the full day then y will go to my office in fact I’ll will definitely hate it.

Heat rushed in her cheeks as she knew what he meant.

SAN: k come sit.

He made her sit on the bed.

SAN: U take some rest.

SWA: With u.

Sanskar smiled and sat beside her. Both had some casual talks later swara slept while he started caressing her hairs with lots of love and closed his eyes remembering each single thing that happened with her in the past. From the day he started acting like mad and giving drugs with help of ragini which made him feel guilty for his doings, how she changed him at the day he saved her from mohini. He never thought that he could live someone like this after Kavita’s dismise which he thought but Swara made it wrong. She made him love so much that he could live lifeless without her. He is nothing without her and he knows that she is nothing without him. He prayed silently that they should not have any other separation. He rubbed off his thoughts and opened his eyes as he felt that he could again remember his painful days (6 months separation). He kissed her hairs and carefully made her lie on the bed and left.


Swaragini was making uttara ready while teasing her. Soon arjun’s family arrived. Swaragini brought uttra and all liked arjun and they finalized the engagement date. All was so much happy.

NIGHT (SwaSan room)

Swasan were about to sleep but got up by the knock.

SAN: Who could be at this time?

Swara was about to get down from the bed.

SAN: Swara wait let me see.

He said and opened the doors. It was uttara . He let her anything.

SAN: Uttara u want anything?

Uttara hugged him making him suprised yet he too hugged her in return.

UTT: Thank you so much bhai, all this happened because of u and bhabhi only.

SAN: Uttara u r my only sister and can’t I do this also for u then what kind of a brother I am?

Uttara broke the hug all smiling.

SWA: Arrey someone is here too don’t forget ur bhabhi.

UTT: How can I forget u bhabhi.

Uttara hugged swara.

SWA: k it’s getting late u go and sleep then only u will look fresh to meet him.

Utt: Is he coming tomorrow? (excited)

SAN: U express train, wait dear u r not yet married yet.

Swara giggled.

Utt: Bhabhi u too started teasing with Bhai.

SWA: Aww k I’ll not tease.

Utt: Good night.

Swasan: Good night.


PRECAP: Uttara’s engagement.

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