The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 9

After 2 days,

The mansion was fully decorated with all lights and flowers. Everyone was busy doing the arrangements. Swaragini were doing small small work as they were strictly prohibited to do any work by sujata, A.p, sanskar and laksh. Sanlak were busy checking the arrangements after all it’s their only sister’s engagement. Soon the groom’s side arrived. Swaragini brought uttara who was all blushing and the engagement went on smoothly. Uttara and arjun were engaged. All were so much happy and after all the guests went they decided the dates for the wedding and the pre wedding rituals. Arjun’s family left while others went to their rooms to take rest after a quite hectic day.


Swara came out after changing her dress looking quite tired. While sanskar looked totally drained out.

SAN: Swara come sleep u look tried.

SWA: No sanskar I’m not that tired but look at urself u look extremely tired.

She said and sat and sat beside him on the bed.

SAN: After all it’s my sister’s engagement.

SWA: That means it’s my uttara’s engagement.

SAN: k I’m defeated come sleep.


SAN: Swaraaaaa

Sanskar glared at her.

SWA: Ha I want chocolate (pouts).

SAN: Now?

Swara noddes cutely while sanskar melted.

SAN: k I will bring.

SWA: I’m also coming.

Sanskar smiled and took her with him. They went to the kitchen. Sanskar opened the fridge to take chocolate while swara sat on the kitchen slab. Sanskar took a bar and gave it to swara and slanted on the slab next to her and looking at swara with a smile. Swara started to eat her chocolate and after finishing the whole bar she looked at sanskar who was all looking at her lovingly. Swara raised both her eyebrows asking what through her gestures. He nodded no and lifted her up in his arms making her suprised. He was about to place her in the bed.

SWA: Sanskar there.

She said pointing the balcony through her hands. He smiled and took her to the balcony. He sat and placed her on his lap. Swara entangled her hands on his neck and his hands on her waist.

SWA: Sanskar

SAN: Hmm?

SWA: I love u (kissed his cheek)

SAN: Y suddenly anyways I love u too and my baby also.

He said placing one of his hand on her belly.

SAN: I’m desperately waiting for the day when I get my angel on my arms.

Swara smiled.

SAN: This baby is going to be my everything swara. I have no words to express my happiness.

Swara placed her head on his neck listening to his talks. Soon she slept while sanskar smiled and placed her on the bed, kissed her forehead and slept.

Days passed by quickly and swara was now on her 4th month. Today was uttara’s haldi function. Uttara was downstairs with her sweet bhabhis and sanlak busy checking the arrangements as well as taking glance of their pretty wifes. Soon haldi came from arjun’s house. Swaragini made uttara to sit in the middle. All the Maheshwari mens were seeing the function from the first floor.

AP: Sujata u start the ritual.

Suju: How can I jiji u start.

AP: Sujataaaaa

Suju: K jiji.

Sujata applied haldi followed by ap, Swara, Ragini and other ladies were teasing and applying haldi. Uttara was all the way blushing hard hearing their teases. Only 2 more ladies were left and uttara was all the way looking up at her brother’s and Papa’s. Swara looked uttara and saw her seeing somewhere so she too looked up where it was them. Swara smiled as she understood what she wanted and started climbing the stairs carefully and started walking in the corridors while sanskar came to her.

SAN: U want anything swara ?

Swara just nodded and walked towards others while sanskar just followed her being confused of what she is going to ask.

SWA: Bade papa, dad I want to ask u something.

Sanlak looked on

Dp: Say swara.

SWA: Badepapa woh… actually u too come and keep haldi for uttara na!

Sanlak: We?

SWA: She is ur only sister can’t full fill her wish? (To dp) Pls Badepapa don’t say no uttara will be more happy if u all do please.

Swara pleaded as much as she can.

DP: k come let’s go.

All looked suprised as dp immediately said k. All came down. Dp and ram kept haldi while uttara was literally happy. Now it was Sanskar’s turn. He took some haldi in his hands and kneeled down before her. He started applying haldi on her cheeks and hands. Uttara eyes brimmed with tears in happiness. Laksh did the same.

SAN: Lucky I think uttara should go to some circus. Look at her na?

Lak: Ha sanskar u r correct.

Utt: Bhai do I like that? (Making faces)

SAN: No no (He looked at laksh)

Sanlak: More than that.

All laughed while uttara pouted. Soon the function was getting over. After sometime sujata asked swara to go to her room and take rest but Swara insist that she won’t. Due to sujata’s abstract conditions she came up. She started walking in the corridors but suddenly she was pulled by someone. She opened her eyes slowly and it was obviously sanskar.

SWA: Sanskar what r u doing? What if anyone sees us? Leave me.

She struggled in his arms but she failed as his grip was tighter.

SWA: Now what u want?

SAN: Ah… actually we had every other function except haldi.

SWA: Hmmm so?

He applied soom haldi in both her cheeks.

SAN: I wanted to see how you look with haldi. Seriously u r looking damn gorgeous.

Swara blushed hearing his compliment. He came more closer while she closed her eyes as she knew what is coming up. Both shared a passionate kiss. After few minutes both parted away while she was all blushing remember what happened few minutes ago.

SAN: If u blush this much I won’t be able to control my princess.

He said huskily in her ears making her blush even more. She pushed him a little and ran a little.

SAN: Swara stop running.

She immediately stopped running remembering that she is pregnant but walked fastly to their room. Sanskar smiled seeing her antics. He started walking through the corridors and saw laksh.

SAN: Lucky everything is ready na for the evening?

Laksh was suppressing all his smile which made sanskar confused.

SAN: What is making u smile like an idiot seeing me? Am I looking like a joker?

Lak: No no u don’t but look at this.

He said pointing on his left cheek. Sanskar placed his hand on his and looked at his hand which had some haldi. He remembered how he was romancing with his swara with haldi. He started smiling. Seeing him lost.

Lak: Hello.

Laksh waved his hand before sanskar which made him come back to sense.

Lak: What?

SAN: Ah…..woh……woh…….ah this uttara only applied.

UTT: When did I Bhai?

She said coming near them from downstairs.

Utt: ohhhh I understood what happened? Is this my haldi or yrs Bhai? (Teasingly)

Sanskar was totally embarrassed he quickly excused himself and wiped off the haldi while uttara and laksh was all giggling seeing him.


Swara was sitting in front of the dressing table and looking herself in the mirror with a beautiful smile on her lips remembering how he applied haldi on her cheeks and their kiss. After admiring herself in the mirror she walked in the washroom to wash the haldi otherwise if anyone sees her they will tease her. She washed her face and wiped it with the towel and came out. Suddenly she felt little dizzy so taking unstable steps she walked towards the bed while the carpet slipped her and was about to fall but sanskar caught her. She opened her eyes sensing him.

SAN: R u k?

She just so sanskar made her sit on the bed while she hugged him. He made her drink some water and hugged me back.

SAN: Swara won’t u be careful? Look if I wouldn’t have come then u could have fell down.

SWA: No sanskar suddenly I felt dizzy and the carpet slipped me off

SAN: k but be careful. We have mehandi function today evening so u take rest.

Swara nodded. He made her lie and covered her with the comforter. She closed her eyes while sanskar caressed her hairs till she slept and went to look up the arrangements for the mehandi function this evening.


Swara got ready and sanskar took her down. Uttara was sitting while 2 ladies were putting bridal mehandi for her. AP and Sujata were looking up the guests and arrangements. Seeing swasan sujata came near them.

Suj: Come sit.

She took swara and made her sit on the couch.

Suj: Arrey beta put mehandi for her too.

Lady: Ji aunty.

SWA: Ma I don’t want.

Suj: Swara chup (to lady) u start putting.

The lady started putting mehandi on her hands.

Lady: What name should I write?

SWA: Sanskar.

The lady continued the mehandi. Soon she finished putting mehandi in both her hands. Swara sat beside uttara and both started chatting. After sometime sujata came with a glass of juice.

Suj: Swara come drink this.

SWA: Areey u r drinking not only for u but for baby too so drink.

She started making swara drink while swara drank making faces. After sometime swara excused herself and started climbing the stairs carefully and went to their room. Sanskar also came in.

SAN: Swara y did you climb upstairs u could have called me na?

SWA: I checked for u but u wasn’t there.

SAN: k what happened?

SWA: My Dori got opened.

Sanskar made her sit and sat behind her. He removed her hairs from the back to front and tied her Dori. Loosing his control he started giving wet kisses from her back to her neck while swara closed her eyes in his pleasure.

SWA: San…. sanskar what…..r u ……….. doing?

All the way swara stammering to say so he stopped his work and hugged her through her back. He placed his head on her shoulder while both his hands around her belly.

SAN: U don’t know what I am doing?

Swara blushed.

SAN: k now show me ur mehandi.

Swara showed him.

SAN: Before u could wash itself it has turned much dark.

SWA: Because my husband loves me sooooo much.

SAN: I know how my wife loves me too.

SWA: Sanskar im hungry.

He looked at his wrist watch.

SAN: Because its time for dinner. I’ll bring something and come.

SWA: k.

He gave a kiss on her cheek and stood up walking few steps he saw ap coming with 2 food trays. Ap smiled at both of them.

SAN: Badi ma u could have called me na? By the way swara was hungry and i myself was coming to take this.

He took both the trays and placed it on the table. Ap smiled.

Ap: U both eat here itself and i know swara could be hungry by now.

Ap said caressing swara’s hairs while swara was smiling.

Ap: U both start eating ill bring milk.

SWA: Ji ma.

Ap was about to leave but sujata entered with glass of milk.

Suj: Jiji i gave milk to ragini also. Now swara u drink this milk after eating k?

Swara nodded. Sujata and ap left. Swara started walking.

SAN: Swara where r u going?

SWA: To wash my hands otherwise how will i eat?

She answered and again started walking while sanskar stopped her and took her in his arms suddenly.

SAN: Then y im here?

Saying this he placed her on the couch and started feeding her lovingly in his own hands and made her drink milk. All the way swara was staring at him with lots of love.

SWA: Sanskar u too eat.

SAN: I’ll eat later first u come and take rest.

SWA: No unless i see u finsh eating im not going to.

SAN: Ill eat swara but……

SWA: U r eating now end of the discussion. Start eating.

He started eating as he can’t escape from her. After eating he washed his hands. They both started talking random things as swara was not feeling sleepy. Now it was 10 but still both were speaking. Sanskar looked at the time.

SAN: Swara sleep its already time.

SWA: Sanskar im not feeling sleepy lets go to park na please (she pleaded like a small kid).

SAN: K come.

Both went to the park and started walking hand in hand. Seeing the pani puri shop passing by swara squealed like a kid.

SWA: Sanskar i want pani puri come there is a shop.

Before she could say anything she dragged him with her.

SWA: Bhaiya 2 plates pani puri.

SAN: Swara u want eat in now?

SWA: Yes u na im a pani puri lover and u  have ate with me at midnight which was brought by u remember?

He started remebering how she wanted pani puri while spying kavya and laksh at midnight and he brought it for her and both ate. He smiled remembering it.

Soon the plates came and swara started eating.

SWA: Bhaiya 2 more plates.

SAN: Swaraaaaa (glared at her).

SWA: Sanskar only 2 more please.

She made a puppy face which melted him like butter in a hot pan.

SAN: K only 2 more not more than that k?

Swara nodded happily. After eating 2 plates sanskar paid the money and both started walking. Soon they went home and slept.

PRECAP: Uttara’s sangeet

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