The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 7

Now all of them were very happy and took care of swara and ragini like glass. They were not allowed to do anything.

Swara is now 3 months pregnant…..

Evening 6:00

Sanskar called swara.

SAN: Swara r u free now?

SWA: U yourself know I’m prohibited to do anything then y r u asking me I’m free? I’m always free only k y?

SAN: Ah I’ll tell but not now when we meet. Now get ready I’ll come and pick u up.

SWA: k.

Phone got disconnected.

SWA: y he is asking to get ready? Ah k k y u to waste my time let me get ready.

Saying this she took out a saree and went to change her dress. After getting ready swara came down.

Suj: Swara r u going somewhere?

SWA: ha ma sanskar called me.

Suj: Accha take care.

Swara noded and went out and saw sanskar already waiting for her.
Sanskar made her sit in the car and he too sat and started driving the car.

SWA: Sanskar where r we going?

SAN: To meet a person.

SWA: Who?

SAN: Not now suspense.

Swara pouts and sanskar saw and smiled.

SAN: Swara…..if u do this I’m sure I won’t able to control myself.

Swara blushed…..

Soon they reached a hotel and went inside.
Sanskar waved his hands to someone and it was young man. Swasan went to him and sat. They shared some normal talks. After sometime sanskar excused himself and took swara with him. Now they where a bit far from that boy.

SAN: U wanted to know who he is na?

Swara noddes.

SAN: he is…..I mean I have seen him for our uttara.

Swara was shocked. Sanskar caught her shoulders.

SAN: I know him very well as he is my junior. I’m sure he will be correct swara.

SWA: Sanskar r u sure? U already know na….

SAN: I’m sure that will not repeat swara.

SWA: k he is good only and only if uttara likes we’ll do k?

SAN: Sure and till that let no one know about it k?

SWA: k I’m so happy….

Both again went to him.

SWA: So Mr. Arjun hope u will like our sister.

Arjun: Sure because my senior bhai choses me only the best for me.

SWA: Then what about me?

Arj: Com’mon bhabhi u both r same na then what?

After sometime they leave.


SWA: Hope uttara will like him.

SAN: I’m sure she will like I have got such a match for her.

SWA: Sanskar I have doubt how did u see him now?

SAN: Ah…once he came to my office to meet me after finishing his studies in U.S.

SWA: he’s very nice…

SAN: Of course he is my junior na.

Soon they reached home and after having their dinner, They went to their room.

SWA: Sanskar I’ll talk with uttara now.

SAN: U talk tomorrow swara, u’ll be already tired.

SWA: No no I’m not sanskar and I’ll talk with her now.

SAN: Swara……

UTT: Bhabhi what do want to talk with me?

She came inside with the water jug and kept it on the table.

Swara signs something so sanskar acted as if he got call went out, closing the doors.
Swara made uttara to sit.

SWA: Uttara actually we thought of getting u married.

Uttara was shocked.

SWA: But trust me and yr Bhai know him, he is really good and today only I met him. But if u don’t like him no problem and I assure you nothing will happen like before.

Utt: Bhabhi I know u and bhai do everything for my good only I have no problem.

SWA: k then u will meet him and take ur time, then u tell us and until then let nobody knows about this k?

UTT: k bhabhi.

Sanskar came inside and looked at swara. Swara signed everything is ok with her eyes and smiled. Uttara and swara stood up.

SAN: Uttara I promise that nothing will happen like before.

UTT: Bhai u need not promise me I know u could have seen someone best for me.

Uttara hugged sanskar and he too reciprocated. Swara was admiring their bond. They broke the hug.

SAN: Don’t Tell this to anyone k?

Uttara nodded.

UTT: K good night.

Swasan: Gud night.

Uttara left. Sanskar closed the doors and sat beside swara.

SAN: I’m so happy.

SWA: hmm….. I forgot did u have ur vitamin tablets?

SAN:Hehehe no.

SWA: U better have it now.

Sanskar had his tablets.

SAN: k come let’s sleep.

SWA: K my prince.

Soon both dozzed off……..


Sanskar woke up and looked at his princess. He kissed her forehead. Swara opened her eyes sensing his kiss.

SWA: Good morning

SAN: Good morning princess.

Soon both was getting ready. Swara was standing at the dressing table. She was struggling to tie the dori but she couldn’t.

SWA: Uff this dori ah……

Again she was trying but she couldn’t. Sanskar came out from the dressing room and saw swara struggling with the dori. He smiled and went to help her. Swara was looking down and trying to tie. Sanskar took it from her hands and was busy tieing while swara looked up at sanskar through mirror. Sanskar tied the dori and started giving kisses from her back to the neck while she moaned his name due to pleasure. Swara turned and hugged while blushing and sanskar smiled. He lifted her head through her chin and moved closer to her to kiss while she closed her eyes. Suddenly there was knock at the door which jurked both of them. Sanskar gave a disappointing look while swara went to open the door. It was laksh.

SWA: laksh.

Sanskar came there and was cursing his brother as he distributed their movement.

Lak: Gud morning swara, where is sanskar?

SAN: I’m here lucky.

Lak: Sanskar u sign these and keep it on my desk. I’ll come a bit late due to ragini’s checkup.

SAN: k I’ll tc.

Laksh left.

SWA: k come sanskar let’s go down.

She turned to leave while sanskar pulled her towards him through her arms. While swara was struggling to leave.

SWA: Sanskar leave me all will be waiting for us.

SAN: But I’m out of energy. So u give me some we’ll go.

SWA: Sanskar (blushing hard)

She gave a kiss on his cheeks.

SAN: Not there here (pointing his lips)

SWA: Sanskar (she looked at the door) mom.

SAN: Swara not again I know u r saying this to get reveled from me.

SWA: Sanskar I’m not joking seriously mom is here (wispers to him).

SAN: Where (he turned and saw his mom standing) Mom. (Shocked)

SWA: Sanskar leave me at least now.

Sanskar left swara. Swara was all looking down and blushing while sanskar was totally embarrassed.

Suj: Come soon.

She said all smiling and left. Swara bet him.

SWA: Stupid, idiot, nonsense I told it’s mom can’t u believe me? Now how will we face mom?

SAN: Swara (caught both her hands through his) I thought u was lieing like before.

SWA: k come let’s go.


SAN: But swara don’t forget we have to continue it.

SWA: (hits his arms) When did you become such a shameless one? (Blushes).

SAN: I guess I should have been like this before and if I was this could have been our 2 child.

SWA: Sanskaaaaar (blushes hard)

Soon both joined in the puja. AP was doing the puja asusal and after that she started giving prasad to everyone. Now it was swara’s turn. AP placed a ladoo and kept another one.

AP: One for you one for the child.

This made swara smile even more better and gave 2 for ragini also. All sat down for the breakfast. Sujata made swaragini to sit started pampering them. Swaragini felt blessed to have such a family. Soon it was evening. Swara went to uttara’s room.

SWA: Uttara u r going to have a date with Arjun.

UTT: When bhabhi?

SWA: Now go get ready.

Utt: Now?? But what we will say to ma?

SWA: I’ll take care of that so u go get ready fast.

Utt: K bhabhi.

Swautt went down after getting ready.

Utt: Ma.

Suju: Han uttara.

SWA: Ma woh me and uttara r going to my friend’s reception.

AP: But u both alone?

Sanskar entered inside.

SAN: Y alone when I’m there? I’ll take them.

Suju: Swara it’s not far na?

Swara nodded in no

Suju: Then k sanskar look u have tc of swara.

SAN: K mom.

AP: K u all leave otherwise u’ll get late na?

Swara nodded and all three left.


Sanskar was driving, swautt was sitting behind.

SWA: Uff finally we managed ha.

Swara looked at uttara who was all nervous. She placed her hands on uttara’s.

SWA: Com’mon uttara don’t be nervous. U r going for a date be happy.

UTT: Bhabhi but how can I be….

SAN: Uttara he’s not going to bite u.

SWA: Sanskaaaaar (glares at him) (to utt) I know what is going on your mind as u r going to date for the first time but trust me everything will be fine. So don’t get tensed k?

Uttara nodded.

SAN: Ha com’mon swara I’m sure seeing uttara’s face all will run away.

He laughs while swara giggles and uttara pouted and gave him a slap on his arms but she ended up smiling. Soon they reached the hotel and saw Arjun waiting for them outside.

SAN: U both join him I’ll park the car and come.

Both nodded and came out of the car and went towards Arjun with a smile while he too smiled in return. Swara whispered.

SWA: Uttara don’t get tensed behave with him like a friend k?

Uttara nodded lightly and both reached him.

Arj: Hi bhabhi, hi uttara.

SWA: Hi Arjun

UTT: hi

Soon sanskar joined them and all 4 headed inside and stood before a table which they booked.

SAN: soooo u guys continue and we’ll be here after sometime.

Arj: Sure Bhai.

Soon swasan came out of the hotel and uttarj started to introduce themselves.


SAN: Now where shall we go princess?

SWA: Sanskar well we’ll go to the park nearby.

SAN: k then u wait I’ll bring the car.

He said and was about to leave but stopped as swara held his wrist, he turned towards her.

SWA: We’ll go by walking.

SAN: Ur wish my command.

He said making both smile and started walking towards the park by entangling their fingers together.

SWA: I hope she will like Arjun.

SAN: She will swara.

Both reached the park and both sat on a bench. The park looked quite empty as it was working days. Swara leaned on his arms while sanskar’s other hand was on her waist like protecting her. Swara closed her eyes. Flashes came in front of her from the very first. How she met him as mad for the first time, how she was drugged, then how he saved her from mohini and how he told that he isn’t mad and he came for revenge how she made realize his mistake,how ragini pushed her from the bridge, how he found her and took her from the hospital to her house, their fake marriage, his drunken confessions, how he fainted on the kavarchauth day as he kept vrath for her, how they really got married due to ragini, her love realization, his ignorance, Kavita’s entry, how kavita left sanskar and how he proposed her in the temple, his proposal, she being in jail, their marriage inspire of many problems, how they got separated due her dad’s promise, her come back to save her family from kavya, their special night, swara falling off from the cliff due to rajat, her memory loss, sahil’s entry, their small separa adarsh and pari’s drama, her vow to sanskar that she will not fill her maang until he finds laksh, their 6 months separation, their fights, laksh’s arrival, Sanskar filling her maang once again at laksh’s arrival, that night, his care for her when her hand was burnt and when she got fever due to stress and at least the happiest news of their life- the arrival of their baby. In each and every single thing he has supported her. That 6 months separation which made her mentally weak. Even though she looked bold and unaffected outside, inside she was weak and badly affected. She was helpless that time. She didn’t know who she has to chose onside her sister ragini who is totally broken as laksh is missing while on the other side her love, her sanskar standing without anyone’s support. Yet she took ragini’s side leaving him behind all alone. She knews how much he has gone through that time but she was not less too. The pain both felt that time was immense. Even after so many things he took care of her, loved her so much, supported her. She felt immensely blessed for having such a best friend, a supporter, a immense lover, a care taker all in one as a life partner. Thinking all this tears made their way without her consent. She was that much lost in thoughts. Feeling his shirt getting wet he looked at swara and cupped her face and wiped her tears through his thumb.

SAN: Swara, what happened?

He asked making her to come to her sense. She nodded in no.

SAN: Again u r thinking about our separation?

Swara looked down.

SAN: How many times I have told you not to think about that ah? Look swara (she looked at him) it’s over and we r together now. Promise me that u won’t think about this again ever after.

Swara smiled seeing his love and care once again. She placed her hands on his which he was asking her to promise.

SWA: Sanskar ki promise. I will remember it ever after.

Sanskar hugged her and looked at his watch.

SAN: See swara it’s 8 now, time has gone so fast na, come fast otherwise my chotu will get hungry.

He said and placed his hand on her belly. Swara smiled as well as sanskar. Soon both joined uttarj. Swasan were surprised as uttara and Arjun were mingled nicely. Both keenly observed uttarj and to much of the suprise both were so happy with each other. Soon all ate and left. Swasan and uttara went to their mansion. Sanskar went forward while swautt were together.

SWA: Uttara do u like him? R u ready?

Utt: I like him bhabhi and I am k with it.

Swara hugged uttara in happiness.

SWA: I’m so happy for uttara.

They broke the hug.

Rag: Anything special?

Utt: Ragini bhabhi woh….woh…..

SWA: Nothing ragini uttara played guitar on the party which we went that’s y.

Rag: Oh…

SWA: Ragini u didn’t sleep still?

Rag: I will go but u too go and take rest.

SWA: Hmmm good night.

Rag: Good night.

Soon swara went to her room and closed the doors.

SAN: What she said?

SWA: She said k.

SAN: I knew it (he took her in his arms and rotated her) I’m soooooo happy.

SWA: Sanskaaar Uff leave me.

Sanskar dropped her down and hugged her.

SAN: I can’t even explain how much happy I’m now.

SWA: Sanskar cool down and we have more happiness coming so wait and we have to talk to everyone about this. We have to talk to everyone and……

SAN: U r there na we’ll do it and come have ur tablets first.

He said and forwarded the tablets while swara took it and gulped it with water.

SWA: Now u have urs.

She said and gave his vitamin tablets. After having it both dozzed off………

To be continued……

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