The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 6

Soon doctor arrived


Here sanskar was damm tensed and worried for swara. Doctor came out.

SAN: Doctor how is swara?

His voice itself showed how much he cares for her. Doctor smiled a little.

Doc: She is fine now, infact u have take care of her more from now.

This confused sanskar,

Doc: She is 2 months pregnant.

On hearing this everyone was happy and sanskar is still registering words of what doctor told now. Laksh hugged sanskar which made him back to the reality. Yes, he heard it right, swara is pregnant. He too reciprocated the hug. Sanskar has no words to express the feeling which he is feeling now. He immediately went inside the room and saw swara still unconscious. He smiled at her. All the family members came in after doctor left.

Suj: Finally jiji we r going have double happiness.

AP: Ha sujata, after all the pain and sufferings we got such a huge happiness, we have to thank God.

Swara got her consious and sujata made her sit and hugged swara,

Suju: Swara u r not going to do anything from now.

Hearing this swara was all confused yet she forced a smile on her lips, uttara hugged her and ragini too did.

Rag: I’m so happy for u swara.

She said while ram and dp blessed her and all went leaving behind swasan alone. Swara still couldn’t understand anything. She looked at sanskar who was having moist eyes and sitting close to her. She thought he is angry and she immediately catched both her ears.

SWA: Sanskar I didn’t do any work infact mom didn’t allow me to do, I just got up to take a book but I…….

Before she could complete sanskar hugged her which made her even more confused. She broke the hug.

SWA: Sanskar what happened to everyone? Y all was here?

SAN: hmmm princess…. you’ll get ur answers but u answer me first k? (Swara noddes) Someone is going to share our room.

SWA: Sanskar y should they share our room? They have guest room na and more over no one can share our room except our children.

Sanskar smiled broadly and swara realized something.

SWA: Sanskar I…I am (words didn’t come out due to her over happiness).

SAN: And that child is coming very soon.

Swara was so so happy and her eyes turned glassy. She hugged sanskar tightly and closed her eyes while happy tears came from her eyes. Sanskar broke the hug and wiped her tears through his thumb nodding his head in no. She smiled and again hugged him. They broke the hug and sujata came in with sweets and juice in her hand. Sujata sat before them and feeded some sweets and hand overed the juice to swara.

SWA: Mom im going to eat now na, if I drink this juice then how will I eat?

Suj: I don’t know that and all but u should drink.

Swara was pleading.

SAN: Swara come on u have to drink it.

Swara glared at sanskar.

Suj: Swara unless you finish this glass I’m not going to leave u.

Swara made faces and drank the juice. Sujata left.


Asusal swara was about to serve but got nice scoldings from sujata so she was sitting with others while uttara, AP and Sujata was serving everyone. Sujata served, swara said that was enough for her.

Suj: Swara chup now u r not alone u have a baby so u should eat nicely na.

Saying this sujata kept 2 more parathas. Swara was making crying faces while sanskar was all looking at his drama queen.

All started to eat. While eating swara pulled Sanskar’s hand to gain his attention. Sanskar looked at swara and raised both his eyebrows asking what?.

Swara mumered

SWA: Sanskar I’m full have one paratha na?

SAN: no no if mom get to know this we r dead.

Swara pleaded through her eyes which melted him like butter kept on the pan.

SAN: k but all r there na, how u will give me?

SWA: Wait I’ll give.

Swara looked at everyone who was busy eating, sujata went inside as water is over, Raglak romancing asual. AP and uttara talking while ram and dp were talking. Swara smiled and she immediately shiffted the paratha to sanskar’s plate and smiled at him. While sanskar was all smiling looking at his wife’s cute antics.
Soon all ate and swasan went to their room. Sujata came inside with a glass of milk.

SWA: Mom I’m already full I can’t have it.

Suj: It’s good for you and baby so u should have it.

Swara nodded in no.

SAN: Mom I’ll make her drink u go.

Suj: k sanskar make sure she drinks fully.

Sanskar nodded, sujata left and sanskar sat near her.

SAN: Shona for me just drink half glass na.

Swara nodded and drank half glass.

SAN: K now for u two sips.

Swara again took and drank.

SAN: One sip for the baby.

Swara sipped.

SAN: What is this swara only 2 sips left drink that too.

Swara drank.

SWA: Go sanskar. Saying me half glass u made me drink the whole glass. (Pouts).

SAN: Swara don’t pout or else I won’t be able to control myself.

Swara blushed. Sanskar came more closer to her and wispered in her ears.

SAN: Swara not again I will definitely do something if u blush this much.

Swara blushed harder and beat him on his arms.

SWA: Stupid, idiot…..

SAN: Ouch swara stop it.

He said laughingly and finally he cagged swara in his arms. He placed his head on her shoulder.

SAN: Swara

SWA: Hmm

SAN: Im soooo happy, thank u for being in my life and giving me this wonderful news.

SWA: Oh! Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari has become senti…..

Sanskar smiled.

SWA: Sanskar can we go out now?

SAN: Now?

SWA: Hmm

SAN: k where do u want to go?

SWA: U don’t know where I will ask u to take?

SAN: I know.

SWA:k come let’s go.

Swara was about to stand but sanskar immediately took her in his arms and started walking.

SWA: What r u doing?

SAN: Thought not to stress my jaan and my child.

Swara smiled seeing his love and care for her. Soon they droved out to her favorite place. The place where he official proposed her. Soon sanskar took swara in his arms and placed her on the rock and he sat beside her. Swara slanted on him while he wrapped his arms around her. It’s was cool, the sea waves waved slowly and the air was hitting them gently. The moonlight was adding more beautiful to this scene not only this but also our couple.

SAN: Swara after so many situations, struggle, separation (Swara’s eyes turned glassy as she remembered their 6 months separation).we r now together and now we r going to have a new member, our symbol of our love. U know swara I’m out of words I…I can’t express how much happy I am.

SWA: I’m also happy sanskar finally we both r together and in few months we will have a small little baby in our arms.

SAN: And I am waiting for that day.

He said while keeping his hand on her belly.

SAN: U know swara this baby will be my everything after u.

Swara smiled…………

Soon swara slept in arms. Feeling swara’s weight on him. He looked at swara who was sleeping in arms peacefully, he smiled and took her in his arms without disturbing her sleep and he started walking. Swara made herself conformable in his arms. He slowly placed her in the car seat and they went home. He reached their room and took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. Swara nuzzled more into him and sanskar chuckled seeing her antics.

SAN: I love u swara.

He said and closed his eyes, soon sleep consumed him.

To be continued…….

PRECAP: No idea😅

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