Love makes a change Season-2 Chapter 3

“God sanskar pick up ur phone” swara tried as much as she can but he didn’t pick up.

She sat on the couch.

“Oh no i don’t know what will i do now” She said thinkingly.

Soon she slept in the couch thinking about sanskar………


“Swara its 11:45 and u have ate nothing from morning, eat a little na” he pleaded with a glass of juice in his hand.

“No means no until sanskar meets me i wont eat” She told looking at the files in a serious tone.

Shomi came in with teary eyes.

“I’m sorry swara” her mom told in a broken voice.

“Oh really? U won’t listen to what i want to say and ull do everything on ur own. It was me who called him and took him out even though he said no. Do u know how much he was hurt when u were scolding? His eyes showed so much pain.” Swara shouted at her mom.

Shomi left.

“Swara” laksh again said in a pleading tone.

“Laksh please, i’m leaving to my office and i don’t want anything”. She stood up.

She took all her files and her handbag and started walking but bumped into someone.
She still didn’t look up.


On hearing the voice swara looked up at it was sanskar. Laksh smiled as he knows everything will be alright know. Swara smiled at him but again her smile dropped.

“Leave me” she said

“No” Sanskar declared.

“Y didn’t u pick up my calls?” She blurted out.

“I saw there were 104 calls with 98 text seriously, u should wait to know what i was doing” Sanskar told.

“104 calls? Woah 1 greater than me bro i got 103 once” laksh grinned at sanskar.

Swara glared at laksh.

“You should eat now” Sanskar told.

“As if u ate ure saying?” Swara snapped.

“I ate” Sanskar said.

“Liar, sujata ma told me u didn’t eat” Swara said.

“I’m sorry sanskar” shomi said entering into the room. Swara turned her to the other way. Sanskar noticed this.

“It’s k mom i understand ur situation” he smiled at her.

“Swara that’s enough speak to ur mom” laksh said.


“But why?” Laksh asked.

“She promised to make rasamilai today and she didn’t make” Swara complained.

“Crazy girl” Sanskar hitted her head playfully.

Both mom and daughter shared a hug.

“Work done bro” Laksh said.

“Yup” Sanskar replied looking swaraj and shomi.

“U also didn’t eat right? I’ll bring something for u both” shomi said and went down.

“Finally, u were u late idiot i was so hungry u know” She complained sanskar.

“Did i ever told u not to eat?” Sanskar snapped.

Swara nodded her head in no while grinning.

“I pitty u bro for going to have such a wife” Sanskar told laksh.

“Yes yes poor me” laksh made a fake sad face.

“Again u both started ur drama u both, typical previous life brothers?” Swara said.

Sanskar and laksh looked at each other.

“Yes” both said in union.

“By the way we not typical like u shona we r cool” Sanskar said.

“Cool? My foot!” Swara answered.

“I really wished to bro like sanskar” laksh said.

“We r brothers laksh, maybe not by blood but by heart” sanskar said.

“Oh god will u both please stop ur bromance”
Swara said.

“Laksh something is burning badly man” sanskar made expressions.

“Yes even i to get them” laksh too did the same.

“I’m not gonna leave u both today” Swara started chasing sanlak.

While sanlak were running to save their lifes from their sweet cute devil.

After having their breakfast all left for office except sanskar has he has leave for few days.


Sanskar, swara and laksh are standing in front of a club.

“Swara it’s seems we have to go in couple” laksh read out the notice which was stuck outside.

“Then I’m not coming u go”. Sanskar said.

“Do u think I’ll let u go😈?” Swara had a devilish smile.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Sanskar questioned.

“Do u want to dance with Kavita who’s following u where ever u go even now?😉” Swara winked.

“No ways😒” Sanskar said.

“Swara stop pulling sanskar’s leg and think something” laksh requested.

“Thats y u both r called typical previous life brothers ah!😏” Swara said.

“No other go we’ll ask kavita to join us” Swara said.

“Swara” Sanskar glared at her.

“Swara?” A girly voice called our beauty to which swara turned.

“Sandhya?( Sandymsdian that’s u)” Swara squealed in happiness and hugged sandhya.

They broke the hug.

“Hi Sanskar” Sandhya greeted Sanskar.

“Hi” Sanskar answered her back with his smile.

“And laksh this is Sandhya my school friend”

“And Sandhya this is laksh, my fiance”.

Both greeted each other.

“By the way what r u doing her sandhu?” Swara questioned.

“My friend wanted to see the club but all of a sudden he couldn’t come here so planning to go back, swaru.😞” Sandhya said sadly.

“Sandhu if u dont mind can u be with sanku as he’s out of pair?”

“Of course y not?” Sandhya’s eyes shined in happiness. Why not she’s going to dance with the ever charming man.

Sanskar was left aback with shock but didn’t show it. He can’t step out also so without anything other way he followed them.

All 4 went in.


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