The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 11

Sujata left asking her to take rest while swara closed the door she took unstable steps as her legs failed to walk anymore but she dragged herself and sat down on the floor near her bed and started crying heavily. She closed her eyes tightly and closed her mouth to suppress sounds which was made by her by crying.


Y all this happens only to me? Y only me? Each and every time i have to suffer. (She closed her eyes remembering sujata, ap and sanskar’s words like flashes).


SWA: Sanskar y should they share our room? They have guest room na and more over no one can share our room except our children.

Sanskar smiled broadly and swara realized something.

SWA: Sanskar I…I am (words didn’t come out due to her over happiness).

SAN: And that child is coming very soon.

(Then sujata’s care)

Suj: Swara chup now u r not alone u have a baby so u should eat nicely na.

Saying this sujata kept 2 more parathas. Swara was making crying faces while sanskar was all looking at his drama queen.

(Then ap)

AP placed a ladoo and kept another one.

AP: One for you one for the child.

(And atlast sanskar’s few words)

SAN: Im soooo happy, thank u for being in my life and giving me this wonderful news.

SWA: Oh! Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari has become senti…..

(She smiled a little and it turned into a sad one).

SAN: And I am waiting for that day.

He said while keeping his hand on her belly.

SAN: U know swara this baby will be my everything after u.


How can i ruin their happiness? How can i? (Remembers sanskar) I gave him so much pain before. I left him when he needed me the most (6 months seperation) I gave him so much pain, i made him suffer without my support, he did so much for me. He was there when ever i wanted but i wasn’t. How can I break his heart by saying this? How can i…..No i can’t see him in pain, i cant see the whole family getting sad just because me. We have got happiness after so many months. How can i ruin it? No i can’t.. (Suddenly she remembers what doctor told her after she said she has brain tumor while she stood up in shock)


Doc: Im sorry Mrs. Maheshwari u r suffering from brain tumor.

This was it swara stood up in shock while tears made their way. She still couldn’t believe. Seeing her friend in such a state sakshi held her as she stumbled in her place. Her eyes turned glassy seeing swara in such a state.

Doc: I know mrs. Maheshwari but u have to control yourself.

Swara stood emotionaless but her tears were flowing.

Doc: Look Mrs. Maheshwari as u have brain tumor, if u continue ur pregnancy then it will lead to many consequences and anything can happen when u deliver the baby. We will have only 10 percent to save u……..So its better u abort the baby.

This was it swara cant here anymore and she ran out of the hospital.


How can i…..i ab…abort my child? Mine and sanskar’s love symbol? No noooooo i cant (she closed her ears tightly as she was hearing doctor’s each words ear to ear).

Pov ends.

SWA: Noooooo i cant (whispers) i cant.

She continues crying cursing her fate. Her eyes again turned blood red, her face became red and pale. All the way she was catching her belly thinking of all that. Time passed by but not her tears and that pain in heart which is going through. Its was 9 but she still in the same position.

Someone started knocking the door which made her come to sense. She immediately wiped her tears.

Utt: bhabhi r u there? (Still knocking).

Swara manged to say.

SWA: Ha uttara.

Utt: bhabhi come and eat.

SWA: Let ur bhai come ill eat. (Again broke into tears remembering sanskar if she say about this and closed her mouth not to make sounds due to tears.)

Utt: k bhabhi.

Again swara cried but she decided something. She wiped her tears and got up carefully and went to washroom to fresh her up. She came out wiping the wetness from her face through towel. She wished to wipe off her pain like this but couldn’t, she can’t too. She kept the towel in the bed and went to balcony and started staring at the sky aimlessly. While tears again flowed. She was all lost in her own thoughts.


Sanskar reached the mansion and parked his car and went inside. He was looking for swara but she wasn’t there. Sujata who saw this went to him.

Suj: Sanskar u came. Swara didn’t even have her dinner she said after u come she’ll have.

SAN: Mom ill take her and come.

He was about to leave but she caught his wrist which made him look at her.

Suj: She was not looking good from evening u take care.

Sanskar just hummed and started walking all lost in thoughts. He knews his mom could never say this unless she feels it. He entered the room and opened the door. He was looking for but she wasn’t there so he called out.

SAN: Swara.

This made swara to come to sense. She immediately wiped her tears, took a deep breath in. Sanskar came to the balcony and saw her standing.

SAN: U r here i was searching for u.

Swara turned at him but she didn’t look into his eyes.

SWA: U change ur dress and come, we’ll eat together.

She said looking at every one except his eyes. She walked inside. Sanskar sensed something is definitely wrong and went to change his dress. After 10 minutes he came out and saw swara who was sitting in the bed waiting for him. She stood up looking down while sanskar started walking towards her. Before he could ask anything.

Utt: bhai bhabhi u both eat here itself. Ma asked u to eat it now.

Sanskar smiled and took the plates from her hands. Uttara left. Swara sat on the couch while sanskar too sat beside him. He gave a plate while swara took it and started eating silently this made sanskar totally confirmed that she had something in her mind which is hurting her badly. Both finished eating and washed their hands. Again sanskar started to speak but stopped as ap entered with a glass of milk. She made swara drink and took the plates and glass. He closed the door, Swara got up but sanskar caught her wrist. He came in front of her and caught both her shoulders. He was looking at her but she was all looking down.

SAN: Swara what happened to u? Y r u like this ah?

Swara’s eyes welled up with tears hearing his words. He lifted her chin up and was shocked seeing swara in tears. Before he could enquiry she hugged him tightly hidding her face in his chest and started crying out all her heart out. He was shocked yet he composed himself and rubbed her back to soothe her. She was sobbing badly and her each sob felt like his heart getting stabbed each time. After 10 minutes he broke the hug and looked at swara who’s face was all red. He felt immense pain seeing her in such an condition. He took her and made her sit on the bed but again she hugged him. He started caressing her hairs.

SAN: what happened swara?

He asked softly making her eyes moist again yet she controlled.

SWA: I…. don’t.. know.

She said all by stammering. He thought maybe its her mood swings which made her cry. He cupped her face.

SAN: k stop crying u see i cant see u crying princess.

Swara just nodded.

She placed her head on his neck.

SAN: Swara u r not hidding anything to me na?

He asked making her shocked. She took off her head and nodded in no without looking his eyes and hugged him tightly. He too hugged her. He didn’t know y but he felt like swara was hidding something from him yet he brushed off his thoughts. He looked at swara who has slept in his arms. Still her face was red and pale, tear marks was there on her white cheeks. He wiped those marks off and made her lie properly. He kissed her forehead and took her in his embrace.

PRECAP: Uttara’s sangeet and swara to get pain.

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