The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 14

It’s has been two weeks since uttara’s marriage. Swara had tried so much to say but she couldn’t but whenever she wanted to say he was busy. He was really busy with his business work which are left over due to the marriage and laksh was also not going to office due to ragini. He was there with swara but he used to be mostly with his laptop and calls.


SWA (in mind): Swara the more u delay the more he will be in pain. Today I have say it somehow.

She took a deep breath to relax herself and started walking towards sanskar who was busy with his laptop. She reached him, she was so much tensed to tell after all it’s no small matter.

SWA: Sanskar

She called him softly.

SAN: Hmm?

He replied without removing his eyes from the laptop screen and his fingers which was typing for his presentation. Swara was figiding with the fingers in tension yet she has to do it.

SWA: San….sanskar I want to tell you something.

Swara was hesitating to tell this yet she was making herself strong inside to face the situation of his.

SWA: Sanskar I…. I ….. I have….

Before she could continue he got a call.

SAN: 2 minutes swara.

He said and excused himself and went to the balcony. Swara was totally disappointed.

SWA(in mind): Y all this happens with me ah? I’m trying to tell it myself but whenever I try to say his stupid phone rings up….ah!……(she looked at sanskar who was walking to and fro in the balcony while speaking, she sat on the couch).
Let’s wait for him. Today I have to say this to him any how.

She thought and was waiting for him.

After 1 hour


SAN: K make everything ready asap, I want to win this contract is that clear?

SAN: Hmmm

He said and disconnected the call and started walking towards the room inside.

SAN: Swara u..

He stopped as he saw swara sleeping in the couch. He smiled and went near her and kneeled down before her. He removed the strands of her hairs which was covering her beautiful face yet even these hairs makes her more pretty.

SAN: she was about to tell something na? It’s k I’ll ask about it tomorrow.

He signed and took her in his arms and placed her on the bed gently and he too lied beside her after his hetic day, full of business issues. Soon sleep consumed him too.


The whole mansion was decorated y not? It’s ragini’s godh bharai ceremony today. AP is making ragini ready while sujata was helping AP to make their bahu ready.

Suj: Jiji I’ll see what swara is doing and coming.

AP: Ahan sujata u go.

Sujata went inside swasan’s room and saw sanskar wearing his watch while swara came out of her dressing room. Before sanskar could held swara’s hand sujata held.

SAN: Mom when u came?

Sujata made swara sit in front of the dressing table.

Suj: I came to see whether swara is ready or not.

Sujata started helping swara to get ready. Atlast swara got ready and stood before sujata.

Suj: After ragini all other’s will be looking at u only.

Swasan smiled hearing it. Sujata took some kajal from her eyes and placed it behind her ear.

Suj: Sanskar I’m taking swara with me down, u too come down.

SAN: Ji mom.

Sujata took swara.

Sanskar’s phone suddenly ringed up. He attended the call.

SAN: Hello


Sanskar’s eyes widened in horror hearing something from his opposite. He immediately ran out his room and saw his mom and swara walking in the corridors. He started running. He called out his mom and swara but they couldn’t here as there was music on. Sujata and swara was about to place their feet on the first stairs but they didn’t proceed as sanskar caught both their arms. Sujswa looked at each other in confusion. In no seconds sanskar hugged both of them tightly, closing his eyes tightly making himself sure that nothing happened to his mom and his swara who is his life. Sujswa broke the hug.

Suj: Arrey Sanskar what?

Feeling sanskar was tensed she placed her hand on his shoulder.

SWA: Sanskar what happened?

SAN: Oil

SWA: Where?

He pointed towards the steps which had oil fully spilled as it was without no carpet.

Suj: How did this come?

Before he could answer they heard a loud shout Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….
All looked at and was shocked their eyes widened.

SWA: Raginiiiiiiiiiiii

Swara shouted and was about to place her leg to go to her sister who has rolled down and shouting in pain. Ramu Kaka who came with carpet immediately rolled the carpet down. All ran towards ragini who was shouting and wincing in pain holding her baby bump. Laksh who came in after doing the arrangements, came in with a smile but it faded hearing ragini’s shouts. He rushed towards ragini and took her in arms while ragini caught his kurta tightly.

SAN: Lucky we have to take her to the hospital.

Laksh immediately took her in his arms and all went to the hospital. AP was crying while sujata was consoling her. Swara was with shomi and both were sobbing. After checking ragini doctor informed everyone that baby got aborted. All was shocked and all started crying badly.

Swara slowly got up and went towards sanskar.

SWA: Sanskar laksh needs u. U go to him.

Sanskar nodded and kept his hand on laksh who was slanting on the wall while tears making his way yet his eyes were blank and he stood emotionaless. Sanskar’s heart pained to see his brother. He went in front of laksh and cupped his face. Feeling sanskar he looked into his eyes. Sanskar nodded no with wiping his tears. Laksh hugged him tightly.

Lak: What will I say her sanskar?

He was totally shattered. Sanskar had no words to say…. He couldn’t say anything and he couldn’t even imagine ragini’s state when she will get to know.

AP: Y something or the other has to happen only to us ah?

Suj: it’s nothing like that jiji

Sujata started consoling AP.

Shomi: I don’t know how we r going to make ragini understand that her baby is….

SWA: Ma we have to….

Swara hugged her ma and both their eyes had unstoppable tears as their daughter/sister is going through a lot. Dp and ram was very upset and sad to see everyone in tears.

After few hours

Nurse came out from the room

Nurse: The patient has got consious, u can all see but don’t stress her.

Saying this the nurse left, all were relieved a bit that ragini is fine but they don’t have any idea of how they r going to manage ragini who had so much hopes of getting her child is no more. All stood up but none had the guts to go inside. Sanskar looked at laksh who’s eyes r closed tightly on hearing the nurse. His face was reflecting his immense pain that he’s feeling in his heart right now. Sanskar knew what he is going through now. Laksh hugged sanskar once again tightly. Sanskar started rubbing his back to soothe him and he knows it help him yet he did.

Lak: How will I tell her that………..

He paused and sanskar knew the remaining. Laksh’s voice was trembling and it showed how much he is broken inside. Sanskar broke the hug, his eyes was also moist yet he managed to tell.

SAN: U have to! U have to tell her..
…..(he paused and caught both his arms yet his voice was soft) She needs u now lucky. U have to be strong now to face ragini who is totally broken and shattered.

Lak: How sanskar? How can I be strong when………..(closed his eyes) my child, our child is…………no more.

SAN: At least you have to act to be strong, at least for ragini.

Sanskar wiped his tears and took laksh inside. All admired their bond and how they stood beside each other in tuff times. As sanlak went in all followed them. They went inside and saw ragini who was sitting in the bed lifelessly. Laksh eyes turned glassy seeing his ragini in such a state. Everyone’s heart pierced to see ragini in such a condition. Swara went beside ragini followed by shomi. Swara eyes turned glassy to see her soul sister in such a way. Taking in a deep breath she placed her hands on her shoulder.

Rag: See swara again I lost (she smiled sadly while others eyes were getting glassy)

SWA: No ragini (she cupped her face)

Rag: No swara see I’m getting punishment for all my bad deeds which I have done in my past. I……I don’t deserve to be happy I don’t….

Tears started flowing from her eyes and was just mummering this ” I don’t”. Swara couldn’t see her sister like that so she immediately hugged ragini while ragini hugged her tightly and hidding her face in her chest.

SWA: No ragini u (broke the hug and cupped her face) deserve all the happiness. U really do (swara’s tears fell off but she immediately wiped it).

Ragini was sobbing badly and shomi was caressing her hairs. After few minutes ragini suddenly broke the hug.

Rag: Swara don’t come near me please go otherwise my curse will stick on to u please go. (She put pushed her little back but making sure she will not get hurt too).

SWA: No ragini I…..(she protested)

Rag: Ma ask swara to go please what if something happens…..No no please ma ask her to go….

Laksh who could hear her words went and hugged her tightly while ragini hugged laksh and started to cry badly.

Rag: I…I’m so sorry laksh because of me our………

Lak: it’s not your fault. (He managed to say)

Both were crying and others also were crying silently. Sanskar came out of the ward as he got a call and his phone was in silent.

He came out and attended

SAN: How dare u to this?.

His voice was filled with anger with hid eyes turning in red due to it.

Opposite side:………….

SAN: Once I get u, u will not be alive.

Opposite side:………………..

SAN: Dare u hurt my family again I’m warning you.

Opposite side:…………………….

The call got cut and sanskar fisted his arms tightly to control his anger and he turned to see swara who was standing there and got shocked.

SWA: Who did this?

Even though her eyes were in tears her voice tone showed the anger she was having.

SAN: Swara….woh..

He hesitated to say as she doesn’t want to stress herself and their baby. On hearing no voice swara shouted a bit.

SWA: Who is that sanskar?

She asked holding both his arms. Sanskar closed his eyes tightly and started to answer.


PRECAP: Villan’s entry, dida to know about swara’s brain tumor

Who is the villan?

(Clue: has already been in the serial, so guess)

What will be dida’s reaction?

What will be the family’s reaction when they get to know about the villan?

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