The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 1

Following Leap of one month after the swaragini show got over.

The scene starts with the chirping sound of the birds.just after that Swara and Ragini are shown doing puja. Everyone comes down and does Aarti together. Swaragini give Prasad and take their blessings.

Swara and Sanskar see each and have a romantic moment



Then all are seen sitting at the dinning table. Swara is serving everybody.After some time everyone leaves only swasan are seen sitting at the dinning table. Just then Sanskar hold Swara’s hand secretly.

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand


San:kya hua swara(checks her hands)

Swa:kuch nahi(hiding her other hand)

Kuch nahi hua Sanskar

Sans:then show me Ur other hand

Swa:meine bola baa Sanskar kuch nahi hua hai. I’m fine.

Sans:(Gives her a glare and forcebly sees her other hand) Dekhao.

(He sees her other hand)Kuch nahi huahai Swara toh dekhao(says in anger yet with concern).

Swaraaaa yeah kya hua(shocked to see her hand burnt badly). Swara teh kaise hua.(with tears in his eyes)

Ramu Kaka pls jaldi se first aid box Lao na.

Ramu Kaka: Haan sahab Abhi laya

San:Swara tum thek hona. Yeh hath kaise jal Gaya.

Ramu Kaka: yeh lijiye sahab

Sans: (takes the first aid box from Kaka)

Swa:Sanskar I’m fine (Sanskar gives her a glare😡) Sanskaaar. Achaa thek hai woh actually na mein kitchen mein khana paka Rahi thi. Tab na by mistake mera hath garam teve par lagaya. (Hold sanskar’s face between her palms ) I’m fine Sanskar. Bas thodi see hi toh lagi hai.

Sans:(Cuts her ) thodi see. Thumhara hath dekha hai. Kitni buri tarah se jal Gaya hai.

Sanskar applies medicine on Swara’s hand. Her eyes wells due to his care and concern. Sanskar sees them and thinks because of pain she is crying. (Background roke ne Naina

Sans:Sorry sorry. Bahut pain. Horah hai na.

Swa: Nahi. Mein bilkul thik him Sanskar.

Sans:(finishes bandaging her wound and kisses it.) Agli bar pls sambalkar.

Swa:achha ok baba. I promise mein apna ache se dhyaan rahkungi and agli Baar se I will be more careful.😘

Chalo ab tum apna nashta kar lo.

Sans:Haan. And now I also sit and have . Jhansi ki Rani bane ki koi zarurat nahi hai.

Swa:mmmm(site without arguing)

Swara tries to eat with her hand but couldn’t and hisses in pain(ouch)Sanskar sees it and take a morsel of food and keeps in front of her mouth.

Swa:Sanskar I’m ok. I can eat by myself

San: chup. Ek dum chup.😠 Chalo ab chup chap Khao. Hath par lagi hai phir bhi apni maan mani karni hai.

Swa:ok baba. I’m sorry (hold her ears and Sanskar nodes his in no).

Sanskar feed her and then went to office pecking her forehead.😍

Precap:- Swara faints.

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