The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 2


After few days Swara’s hand was fully healed. Though there where some marks left behind.

The scene starts with the family’s daily routine. Everyone had finished their breakfast. All the mens went to work. Ragini went to her room to take rest. Like this the whole day went. In the evening everyone comes home from office. Sanskar goes to his room and doesn’t find Swara. After some minutes he starts getting worried as she was no where. Just then he came back to his room all worries and tensed. Just then the washroom door clicked openπŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ. Swara came out of the washroom all tired. Sanskar rushed to her.

San:Where were you swara? u know I was so worried. (Just then sees her pale face). What happened swara? Tum thek ho na?

Swa:Haan Sanskar I am fine. Just got tired doing all the house hold work.

San: What? Why the hell r u doing all the work swara?

Swa:sanskar its ok. Its just that Ramu Kaka has taken a leave and Ragini is pregnant therefore I don’t want her to stress her self.

San: ok. But pls don’t do everything all by itself take help from others. Take care of urself also.

Swa:hmmm. I will. Don’t get so stressed now. Chalo go and change and come down for dinner.😍😘

Sanskar gets freshen up and changes his clothes. All are sitting in the hall and having snacks. Swara is running here and there serving all. Just then ap and Sujata are about to help but she decline saying that she is fine. Making sanskar’ Sujata and Ap worried

After all finished their work. Ap and Sujata signal sankar to meet them.

Swara is cleaning the table with the help of Uttara.

In Sujata’s room

Sujata: Sanskar come sit we have to talk to u something very important about Swara.

Sanskar who was listening to this got tensed listening to the words “Swara”

Ap: Sanskar actually Hume yeh bolna hai ki tum pls swara se baat karo. Woh Apne apko bahut stress karahi hai. Woh ghar ka Sara Kam Karti hai aur kisi ki madad bhi nahi leti hai. Mujhe bahut dar lagraha uske tabyaat keliye.

Sanskar also gets very tensed regarding her health.

Sans: mujhe bhi badi na.

Sujata: thik hai. Abhi tum jao. Aur araam karo. Hum sab use baat karo lenge Baad me.

In the night whole MM is gone to sleep.

Sanskar comes back to his room after finishing his office work with laksh.

And finds swara sitting on the bed while resting her head on the headboard and lost in her thoughts.

Swara’s flashback-#####

While serving food idk why I started feeling dizzy. (Swara’s POV) Agrrhhhh. May just because of tiredness. Just then she came out of her thoughts when sankar jerked her.

Flashback over######

Sans: swara, What happened?

Swa: Haan. Sanskar chola kyun rage ho. Mein Yahi hoon

Sans: mein chola Raha hoon.😠

Achha thek hai . Where were u lost.

Swa: kuch nahi bas avayi.

Sans: accha ok chalo ab so jate hai


The sleep takes over them. Swara had kept her head on sanskar’ chest and was hugging him tightly as if he is going somewhere.

Next morning after the Pooja everyone was sitting and having breakfast while swara was serving them. Suddenly while serving the food Ap observed Swara’s tiredness.

Ap: swara bet ke khalo. Tum bahut thak gayi ho.

Swa: nahi badi na

Sujata: swaraaa

Swa: I’m fine mom

After some time suddenly while climbing the stairs swara faints and rolls down the stairs.

Ragini: swaraaaa

Precap: Sanskar taking care of swara

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