The Flight to your heart- Riansh TS

Hi guys, I’m back with TS, a two shot story. I hope you like it and let me know how you found it in the comments section. I got requests in my previous update and I’m working on them and will post soon.

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Vansh; a businessman who had achieved a lot at a young age, who had different associations around the world, travelled a lot. He had seen half the world and explored different countries in such less time. He was soaring in the world of business, soon to gain the “Youngest Business tycoon” title.

He was once again visiting a country for his business meeting, with international delegates held in Malaysia. He travelled with his best friend/ P.A/ brother for another mother; Angre. Angre supported him in everything, they had grown up together, spending lots of time with each other. They both entered the airport, followed by two hefty guards. They cleared the checking and went to the counter to confirm their tickets.

Counter lady: Hello sir…. Oh Mr Vansh Rai Singhania once again. (smiling) Our daily person

Vansh: Absolutely Ms (smiling) Here are our passports, Angre check the luggage in.

Angre: Yes!

Counter lady: Mr Rai Singhania, when are we likely to meet you next? (teasing)

Vansh: Aha! Good question….Let’s see where the next delegation will take me to.

Counter Lady: (Laughing) Ohh Mr Rai Singhania, congratulations to your success and sarcasm.

Vansh: Thank you! May have our boarding passes?

Counter Lady: Sure, here (handing them over) Wishing you a safe flight Mr Rai Singhania! Oh and watch out for the reporters upstairs!

Angre: Thanks for informing. Let’s go

They both took the escalator and reached to the first floor of the airport. They both knew all the directions off head, and easily walked off to their gate of departure. On their way to their gate they met a few reporters, who threw questions at him.

Reporter: Sir what did you want to become before a businessman?

Vansh: (ignoring) A tree!

(Rrahul’s reply on instagram 😅😅😅)

He ignored most of them or replied in sarcasm to get rid of them. They fastened their pace to the gate where all of a sudden Vansh bumped into a person on the way; a girl. Her long hair blew over her face as she looked down at her spilled ice-cream. She tucked her hair behind her ears and looked up at Vansh who was totally lost in her. Her cute button nose had turned red in anger while her eyes glittered.

Girl: Excuse Mr Three piece suit, couldn’t you watch and walk? You made me drop my ice-cream! (anger)

Vansh: Ms…

Girl: Riddhima!

Vansh: Ms Riddhima, you could’ve watched your way and walked? But you didn’t either.

Angre: Boss, we are getting late!

Riddhima: And me? You think I’m free all day? Even I’m in a hurry, and because of you I might even miss my flight!

Vansh: Ms Riddhima, instead of arguing you could simply just head for your gate before you put the entire blame on us for missing your flight.

Riddhima: Uff!

Riddhima quickly went for her gate while these two went towards, surprisingly the same gate as her. The gate opened and they were led in. Vansh and Angre travelled in first class. Vansh went to his seat but Angre’s seat was not with him, he had someone else next to him. He settled down with his seatbelt when a handbag was dropped on the seat beside him. He looked at the owner, a familiar face it was. Riddhima.

Riddhima took her bag and tried reaching the luggage compartment above her however she miserably failed. She was too short to reach the compartment. She sighed in exhaustion after trying for about a few more times but she just couldn’t. Vansh stood up to help her. He being tall was a total advantage to him, he took the bag and pushed it in the luggage compartment and saw Riddhima staring at him. He snapped his fingers in front of her which brought her out of her trance. He sat down while she followed.

Riddhima: Oh hi! (to Vansh) We are together.

Vansh: Yea we are. So flying to Malaysia?

Riddhima: I guess that’s where this airplane is heading to right?

Vansh: (chuckled) Yea! So a trip or?

Riddhima: Further studies, you?

Vansh: Business meetings.

Riddhima: By the way your name?

Vansh: I’m Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima: Oh the youngest businessman of India? (he nodded) Wow! My dad always praises your hard work.

Vansh: Dad?

Riddhima: Yea I’m Mr Raj Mittal’s daughter; Riddhima Mittal.

Vansh: Mittal groups and limited! The largest in steel production! (she nodded)

The flight took off for Malaysia while Vansh and Riddhima got engrossed in their conversation. They talked all along, on different topics. They had quite similar thoughts and opinions about various things. They watched movies together, heard songs and played a few games. It was a 5 hour long flight.

These 5 hours were the best hours in their lives, it was as if Vansh had once again become child with Riddhima. Angre was completely shocked with his sight, seeing his best friend having fun like this was a sight so rare.

Vansh’s POV

I’ve never felt this way before, never enjoyed a flight like this. This girl definitely has something in her. I’ve got a special attachment with her in such a short time. What is this?

I moved my gaze around and saw Angre staring at us as if he was electrocuted. Why that stare I wonder? But there’s something on my shoulder, it feels heavy! Ohh it’s Riddhima, she’s looking like a cute doll while sleeping. I roamed my finger on her face removing the strands of hair that was disturbing my view. She’s now perfect!

Vansh’s POV ends

Vansh rested his head against the seat and closed his eyes waiting till the time the plane would land. After two more hours, the plane landed in Malaysia. Riddhima and Vansh both prepared for the exit from the plane. Vansh once again helped her remove her bag from the compartment and led her the way till the immigration along with Angre. Vansh had his VIP pass therefore was ready to clear it faster.

Vansh: So our journey ends here MS Riddhima.

Riddhima: Yea it does, not like it’s going to go on forever right?

Vansh: (chuckled) You want it to go on forever? I’ve got a way!

Riddhima: Uhh! Never mind, bye!

Vansh: Bye!

Riddhima’s POV

Vansh is going, will we ever meet again? I’m already missing him. He’s not as bad as I thought but what’s the point now! This feels so weird, we spent such little time but bonded so well. I bid him adieu and patiently waited in the line. I saw him leaving the immigration center quite sooner.

His figure went far and far and my I felt a little pain in my heart. I sulked thinking that I made a good friend but lost it too, that too due to my dumbness! I didn’t take his number! Uhh!

Riddhima’s POV ends


3 years later

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do comment on how you liked this.


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