Santoshi Maa 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati is again saved by Mata Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Samiksha arguing with Swati saying to not to think smart just because Indresh has agreed but to remember the challenge accepted earlier hence I can turn Indresh’s mind for not attending this Pooja while Swati reminds the challenge she had accepted & tells her that that whatever you do but Pooja will be successful & Shri Ganeshji will solve all the problems in my life.

Indresh arrives & Swati asks permission from him for taking to market to purchase Pooja materials while Lovely also joins them to purchase something & they all are leaving while Samiksha plans to be with them hence she too insists Indresh for coming with them to some of her purchase hence they leave.

Dev Rishi intimates Mata Santoshi that Swati will be performing Shri Ganesh Chaturthi’s Pooja which might solve all her problems & Mata says later on we can demand about the secret of three Asoor women’s re-existence from father ie. Shri Ganesh also.

Tridevi’s arrive to see if Shri Ganesh has finished his meditation but Mata Santoshi says she too is waiting for father to finish his meditation while Mata Saraswati says Devi Polomi shouldn’t plan something now & Mata Paravati says she did whatever she had to but now we are here to guide this book.

Swati is purchasing flowers while Indresh is watching her but Samiksha watching this diverts his attention taking him to nearby medical store for her purchase. An Asoor woman emerges near Swati & takes permission from Devi Polomi for allowing her to initialize her first attack & she allows her hence Asoor woman converts herself into a woman holding a child with a pram & goes near Swati asking if she can see her child till time she returns giving money to other vendor & Swati tells her to come soon but Swati is confused watching she isn’t there hence wonders where she vanished asking that vendor too but he refuses of any such woman visited him while Swati lifts the child which is crying & that woman comes blaming her that were you trying to run away with my child & shouts in public blaming her of child thief hence all the people start cursing & abusing her but Swati is trying to defend herself then too people are blaming her while Devi Polomi also comes to enjoy the curse on Mata Santoshi’s devotee intimating her to see how her devotee is in trouble which she is enjoying & Lovely watching this comes running for her support. Samiksha is happy watching this away from some distance while Indresh also comes near Samiksha & watches people surrounded a woman hence tends to go there but Samiksha diverts him towards constable & she goes there purchasing tomatoes to instigate people to throw on her & all the people throw tomatoes blaming & cursing her while somebody lifts stone also which hits her head & also tomato hitting her stomach too which makes her sit down in pain.

Mata Paravati is insisting Mata Santoshi to look into her devotee’s life due to facing trouble while Shri Ganesh also finishes his meditation telling her to go & help her devotee but Mata Santoshi intimates her father to read the book for giving resolution to tackle the three Asoor women’s brought into life by Devi Polomi which can be read only by him & he assures her he’ll do it but to help her devotee first & Mata leaves from there.

Swati falling down in pain while Lovely sees Indresh & shouts calling him to help & he comes to see but he blames Swati asking why all this she has done but she is shocked thinking of Indresh too not believing her but he is shouting asking her while the woman grabs the child from Swati’s hands saying she was running away with her child but Mata Santoshi in disguise arrives asking her which child & the Asoor woman realizes her but she is claiming about the child she is holding was tried to steal by this woman but Mata says where is the child instead this is just a doll for which all this drama she did only to punish an innocent & Lovely sees finding it true as it’s just a crying doll hence people gathered disburse from there.

The Asoor woman is trying to run away but Tridevi’s arrive to catch hold of her while Mata Paravati throws red powder which converts her into black bull & taking that bull away as directed by Shri Ganesh to them but watching all this Devi Polomi gets wild thinking it’s terrible for her now as all Tridevi’s including Gods as well as Shri Ganeshji is helping Devi Santoshi.

Precap: Swati tells Samiksha that I am sorry as Indresh was never yours hence to watch tomorrow that how we perform Pooja together but its advisable for you to forget about Indresh & think about yourself because what will happen tomorrow will be terrible for you to face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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