The define love – Chapter 1

Remy: I’m sure it is one-sided I know he doesn’t love me back (she said to me and it was so clear how painful it was for her to utter those words)  I feel it Aaliya and it hurts. 

Aaliya: babe listen to me,  what if what you’re thinking is a complete opposite of what he feels?  And remember you haven’t told him what you feel for him, so how can you be sure that it is one-sided? 

Remy: I don’t know it’s just that this all doesn’t feel right I can’t see the love and passion in his eyes. I am with him but it’s like he’s not with me maybe what I feel for him isn’t wat he feels for me. 

Aaliya: Well you know I got no experience in relationships but trust me what yours will be yours no matter what. 


Aaliya: Quiet now, we won’t be talking about it anymore it’s at you tell him what you feel for him or just forget him. 

Remy: Aaliyah why do you always do this to me she made a puppy face I can’t tell him and I definitely can’t let him go

Aaliya: just shut up today you will have to tell him and if you don’t I definitely will

Remy: okay fine… I’ll tell him

We both stayed silent trying to figure out how this idiot was going to express her feelings I know she will never be able to express our feelings I do need to do something about it

suddenly I got distracted by a knock on the table I looked up and it was him… BLAKE?…. He waved again

Blake: why the hell are you always lost? 

Aaliya:I think your timings would answer this better

Blake:what do you mean?? 

Aaliya:dumbo!!!  I meant u got the worst timings. 

Remy: here we go again why do you guys always argue?? 

Blake:she just called me a DUMBO…  DO I LOOK LIKE ONE?? 

Remy: you know she didn’t mean it but she might be right

Blake: what??  (we busted into a sarcastic laugh sarcastically)  you’re taking the side as well?? 

Aaliya: she’s my best friend why would she take a dumbo’s side


He moved his hand to grab my wrist but I started running and he chased me I could hear him calling me out my name I could feel him coming closer and soon pulled me by my wrist we both lost the balance and I fell on him we shared an eye contact and soon the world around me faded it was just me and him now I was getting closer to him a lot more closer.. 


Hi guys… 

I’m new here… Hope you guys like my story.. see you in the next chapter 

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