The Days Of Love And Friendship AdiYa RiKara AnuPre SS Part 12(Last part)

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The days of love and friendship Part 12
Aditya-Zoya and Omkara-Noor’s wedding reception…

Anurag:There is surprise for you guys.A special guest is coming to grant you wedding wish.

They were eager to see that special guest.

Suddenly Shivansh and Nandini arrived.All were surprised seeing Shivansh.

Anurag hugged Shivansh.

Anurag:Thanks a lot for coming here on my request.

Shivansh:Now we are friends Anurag.That’s why Nandini and I came here.

Anurag smiled.

Prerna,Noor and Zoya were after Shivansh.

Zoya:I like you you so much that I can’t even express it.

Noor:I have watched all your movies and I am crazy about you.

Prerna:My biggest wish was to talk to you.

Shivansh smiled.

All the 3 girls took photographs with Shivansh.

Anurag,Aditya and Omkara looked at them with jealousy.

The trio said:Handsome villain.

Nandini felt like laughing.

Suddenly Aditya ran towards Shivansh-Zoya and joined them for a photograph.

Prerna-Zoya-Noor told Anurag:Thank you Anurag.This is the best gift.

Anurag smiled.

Suddenly Prerna saw Nandini.

She and Nandini looked at each other.


Nandini:You are Prerna.Right?


Nandini got worried about Prerna’s reaction.But to her surprise Prerna hugged Nandini.

Prerna:Thank you Nandini for being a good friend to Anurag.

Nandini smiled:Thank you for being so supportive.

Prerna smiled.

Anurag-Prerna danced to entertain the newly wed couples.

Woh rang bhi kya rang hai
Jo milta na tere hoth ke rang se hubahu
Woh khushboo kya khushboo
Thehre na jo teri saanwari zulf ke rubaru

Tere aage ye duniya hai pheeki si
Mere bin tu na hogi kisi ki bhi
Ab ye zaahir sareaam hai, elaan hai

Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu

Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu

Uljhan bhi hoon teri
Uljhan ka hal bhi hoon main
Thoda sa ziddi hoon
Thoda pagal bhi hoon main

Barkha bijli baadal jhoothe
Jhoothi phoolon ki saugatein
Sacchi tu hai saccha main hoon

Sacchi apne dil ki baatein

Dastkhat haathon se haathon pe kar de tu
Naa kar aankhon pe palkon ke parde tu
Kya ye itna bada kaam hai, elaan hai

Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu

Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu

Mere hi ghere mein ghoomegi har pal tu aise
Sooraj ke ghere mein rehti hai dharti ye jaise
Paayegi tu khudko na mujhse judaa
Tu hai mera aadha sa hissa sadaa

Tukde kar chaahe khaabon ke tu mere
Tootenge bhi tu rehne hain woh tere
Tujhko bhi toh ye ilhaam hai
Elaan hai…(Zero).

Shivansh:Hey my dear fans..this is specially for you all.

Shivansh-Nandini danced rocking the stage with beautiful romance.

Tanha Sa Kuch Dil Hai Tera

Tanha Sa Kuch Dil Hai Mera

Door Door Hai Khade

Aaj Hum Jahan

Aas Paas Hi Kahin

Pyaar Hai Vahan

Jaan E Jaan……….

Jaan E Jaa x2

Tanha Sa Kuch Dil Hai Tera

Tanha Sa Kuch Dil Hai Mera

Door Door Hai Khade

Aaj Hum Jahan

Aas Paas Hi Kahin

Pyaar Hai Vahan

Jaan E Jaan……….

Jaan E Jaa x2(IB)

Time passed….

Zoya got ready in a red saree.She wore earrings looking at the mirror.

Zoya looked at Aditya who was sleeping.

Zoya:Aditya..get up.Get ready.

Adiya did not respond.

Zoya brought bed tea and kept it on the table.

Zoya went near the sleeping Aditya:Aditya…

Suddenly Aditya pulled her towards him romantically.

Aditya pampered her silky hair with lips.

Zoya:Aditya..leave me..I feel ticklish.


Aditya lay on her lap.

Zoya:Aditya..are you not planning to get up?

Aditya:Your bed is the softest bed where I prefer to lie down always.Then how can I get up?


Zoya pushed him.

Zoya:Naughty boy.You pretended to be asleep.Now you trying new tricks.

He laughed getting up from the bed.

Zoya:Get ready fast.The function will start soon.

Aditya:Oh ya…I will be ready soon.

Aditya drank the tea fast and rushed to the bathroom.

Aditya got ready.

Aditya came behind her:Zoya…turn this side.

Zoya turned back.He leaned towards her with his lips.

Zoya pushed him:Aditya…not again.

They both giggled.

Omkara was eating snacks.

Noor went near him:Omkaraji….

Om:Ya Noorji…

As soon he saw Noor he stopped eating and moved towards her.

Noor encircled her arms around his neck.

Noor said in a cheesy manner:You are so sweet Omkaraji.

Omkara also said in sweet tone:You are also sweet Noorji.

Noor:Really?Then stop eating and keep looking at me.

Omkara said sweetly:How is it possible Noorji?How can I skip food?

Noor pouted:Omkaraji…usually lovers say that they can even skip food and oxygen for theie beloved.But here you can’t skip food for me.

Omkara:Ok Noorji.I will skip food for time being.But I can’t sacrifice oxygen.Because oxygen I will die and how will i be able to live with you?

Noor:That’s true.

They both giggled.

Omkara:Why do I feel that you have purposefully come near me with too much of sugar?

Noor smiled:You are right Omkaraji.I did become romantic purposefully so that your attention will get diverted and you will stop eating.

Omkara:Why Noor?Why are you against me eating?

Noor:Because if you eat unnecessary snacks and fill your mouth how will you eat for Anurag-Prerna’s anniversary party?

Omkara:You don’t worry about that as my stomach always has space for party food.

Noor:You and your junk food.

They both laughed.

Aditya-Zoya and Omkara-Gauri reached the Basu house.

Anurag-Prerna welcomed them.

Shivansh Nandini were also there.

There we can see the board ‘Happy Wedding Anniversary Anurag and Prerna’.

Anurag held Prerna closer:All of you got married because of love.But our marriage had no guarantee.Still our marriage got filled up with love and happiness.

Thanks to Prerna for your patience and love.

Prerna:Thanks to Anurag for loving me the way I am.

Chahat ke safar mein

.. ooo ooo

Dilon ke honsle dekho

They shared a sweet romantic eye lock.

Kabhi chalte hain sehraa mein

Phir bhi muskurate hain

Imtehaan har ghadi ki eeeee

They cut cake and fed each other.

Kasauti zindagi ki

Kasauti zindagi k(KZK)

Everyone including Moloy-Mohini smiled happily.

Prerna,Aditya and Omkara met at the friendship point.

Prerna:Life is so strange.Our friendship started in childhood.It was so cute in childhood.

Omkara:Yes.We used to share our chocolates icecreams sweets and notebooks with each other.

Aditya:And when became adults we started gossiping about love and relationships of others.

Prerna giggled:Yes and finally we also got into strange relationships.

Omkara:And started gossiping about ourselves.

They burst into laughter.

Aditya:Now we are mature and responsible married people.

Prerna:But our childishness of friendship never changed.

Aditya:And it will never change.

They laughed.

Omkara:At this point let us click a picture.

Prerna,Aditya and Omkara posed together and clicked a lovely photograph.

The end

  1. Oh my mata….such a beautiful ending….i was a silent reader till now. But, today i had to comment. The friendship of prerna, anurag and om was very pure and the best part. It was defying the fact that girl and boy cant be friends. I loved noor as she was funny. The part where nandini comes back and prerna accepts her as anurag’s friend was heart warming. I loved prerna also for her craziness.Guest entry of shivaansh was nice and also the trio boys getting jealous over him was fun ….loved your story ??❤?

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u so much

  2. Nicks

    Nice end feels like I have seen friendship romantic film.nice climax. No villan Very good. Keep posting like types

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

  3. Adhu

    Beautiful journey of friendship came to an end. I loved this FF. I liked Prena’s character more. I loved scenes where Adi-Om- Prena talk about their complicated love stories in the beginning after Prena’s marriage. All the 3 couples were amazing. I loved the way you portrayed trio friendship. Nandini and Shivansh’s entry was nice.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Why do u like Prerna more in this SS?

  4. Shesha485

    Wow, such a beautiful and lovely ending. Miss this ff. Shivansh-Nandini dance is romantic. Zoya-Prerna-Noor get cheesy with Shivaansh is funny. The boys getting jealous and calling them Handsome Villian brings laugh. Nandini-Prerna hug is nice. Noor-Omkara food politics part is the funniest. Zoya-Aditya’s part is romantic
    My favourite character in the ff is ofcourse Prerna for her craziness, asking about virginity, saree politics, secure when Anurag met Nandini and her friendship with Adi-Om. There are many of my favorite scenes like Anurag confessing that he will kiss Prerna to stop her talking, Tej accepting Noor-Om and family reunion with Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi, Anurag-Nandini’s meet in past chapter, Zoya-Aditya’s noodles drama, Noor’s jealousy towards Ishana, Aditya’s gentle nature towards Zoya before confessions and Zoya came to know Adi’s love from Prerna-Omkara.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much.i feel very happy that you wrote your fav scenes in detail.which was your fav Jodi in this ss

    2. Shesha485

      I think so Noor-Omkara is the most favourite of me in this ff. Also, I like AdiYa and AnuPre too

  5. that was a lovely ending and a great fan fiction. sad that it ended but it was beautiful to read. My favorite were Adiya because I have always loved them in Bepannah. but actually all of them were nice

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