The days of love and friendship AdiYa RiKara AnuPre SS Character sketch

The days of love and friendship Character sketch
A big thanks to Aditi Jain(CreativeByBirth) for taking so much of trouble to make this sweet banner for my SS.

This is a tale of 3 best friends and their love life.
Aditya,Omkara and Prerna are the best friends of the town.They have been best friends since childhood.

Aditya Hooda

His parents Harshwardhan Hooda and Anjana Hooda are staying in Dubai for their job related matters.Aditya stays alone in his house in Mumbai.

Omkara Singh Oberoi

He is an artist who works as a painting teacher in a school.Though his mother Jhanvi supports him,his father Tej Singh Oberoi are very angry with him for working as school teacher in the field of arts instead of looking after the Oberoi Empire.

Prerna Sharma

She is a fun loving,crazy girl.The pampered daughter of Rakesh Sharma and Veena Sharma.

Love interests

Zoya Siddiqui

She is the closes friend of Aditya in college.Aditya loves her silently where as she loves the army officer Yash.

Noor Khan

Noor is a Maths teacher in Omkara’s school.She admires Omkara’s artistic talent.Omkara considers her as his biggest support system.

Anurag Basu

The destiny plays a big role in linking up Prerna with Anurag.But Anurag is still living in his painful past.

  1. Adhu

    Wow!! I liked the combination of the characters.

  2. Shesha485

    Oh, wow. A great surprise from you. Prerna, Omkara and Aditya are best friends and that is interesting. Omkara is a painting teacher and his ladylove is Maths teacher. It is Creative but why Gauri has become Noor Khan? I initially thought you’re bringing Zoya’s sister Noor here. Its really amusing and amazing that Zoya loves Yash secretly and Adi loves Zoya secretly. Prerna is fab.
    One suggestion, please take Erica’s individual pic from KRPKAB series as she appears or looks pretty only in that show.
    Hope you’ll release the first episode very soon

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.Shrenu is a Muslim in this ss. That’s why I named her Noor as Gauri is a Hindu name.Here Prerna is quite modern not a behenji like how she is in kzk. so I will be using her solo pics from kuch rang n as well as her offscreen pics.But anupre combined pics will be from kzk. the first episode is already out

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