Om was walking back to his room, he was happy thinking about the talks he had heard between Sakshi and Dadi, he was lost in thinking that he didn’t notice Shivaay, who was coming from the opposite side and they bumped into each other, as Shivaay was as always busy with his phone, they came out of their thoughts and looked at each other,

Shivaay: Om, you here…. I thought you were already asleep….
Omkara: I was going to sleep…. But then I thought to talk to Dadi for some time…. I went to her room…. (He tells Shivaay about Dadi and Sakshi’s convo)…. I am so happy that Sakshi is getting what she had lost….
Shivaay: This is great Om…. I am happy that Sakshi has become a part of the family so soon…. You know after Prinku went to her house, we always missed her so much…. But now that we have Sakshi, the house fills lively again….
Omkara: You are right Shivaay…. I don’t know why I couldn’t understand all this earlier…. If I had then so much wouldn’t have happened only….
Shivaay: Om, don’t think about all that now…. Everything is fine now….
Omkara: Shivaay, how could everyone forgive me so easily…. I thought everyone would be upset with me….
Shivaay: C’mon Om…. We are a family…. We can be upset with each other but not forever hold it against each other…. Honestly speaking I was the only one who was upset with you for the longest time but then when I saw you in front of me again after three years…. Nothing else mattered to me than having my brother back….
Omkara: But you still showed me your tadi….

Shivaay glared at Om and Om knew he had to escape from Shivaay, Om started running and Shivaay followed him, they were running in the living room, Shivaay was shouting for Om to stop, and Om was teasing Shivaay, they both had forgotten that it was midnight and that their family members were sleeping, they were busy in their chase, throwing cushions at each other, hearing noises from the living room, one by one everyone came down to the living room, and all were shocked to see the scene in front of each other, Shivaay and Om were chasing each other like kids, all looked at each other to confirm that they weren’t dreaming, finally Rudra spoke,

Rudra: Bhaiya…. O…. What are you both doing?

Shivaay and Om stopped at their places, and looked at the family members who were giving them shocked and confused looks, then Shivaay and Om looked at each other and burst into laughter, they both were laughing and landed on the sofa near them, now the family members were going to go mad, finally composing themselves Shivaay spoke,

Shivaay: Nothing…. We were just having some fun….
Omkara: Yeah…. Nothing more….
Anika: Have you both lost your mind…. In the middle of night, when your family is sleeping peacefully…. You both are shouting and running in the house….
Gauri: And you are calling it fun…. I think Bhaiya, you and Om need a doctor…. This is not fun…. And you have messed the entire living room….

ShivKara smile at each other hearing their wives. The elders were happy seeing them.

Rudra: Not fair, you both were having fun and none of you bothered to call me…. Even I wanted to have fun….
ShivKara: Shut up Rudra….
Shivaay: You are saying as if we had planned it and didn’t invite you….
Rudra: Whatever it is, you both have broken the Obros code and I am upset….

Hearing the word Obros, memories flooded their mind, they became quiet, and the smile also left their face, as they remembered something,


Shivaay: Om, how can you even think of leaving us…? Who gave you this right to decide anything without consulting us…? Did you forget we have a code – all for one, one for all…?
Omkara: That was for Obros…. Shivaay…. And I am not an Oberoi….

All are shocked hearing this, Shivaay couldn’t say anything further, Janhvi sits down on the sofa and Priyanka sits beside her,

Rudra: O…. How can you even think like this…? You cannot leave us…. I won’t let you go anywhere…. (He goes to Shivaay)…. Bhaiya…. Tell him naa…. Tell O not to leave us…. (Shivaay doesn’t say anything and Rudra hugs him crying)….


The family also noticed the sudden change in their expressions and also the reason behind it. But breaking the silence, Aniruddh spoke, trying to make the situation normal again,

Aniruddh: Leave them Rudra…. We’ll make our new bro code…. Right Bhai?
Arjun: Haa Aniruddh…. Rudra, leave them…. We’ll make a new bro code and better than theirs….

Saying so Aniruddh and Arjun walked to Rudra, they smiled at him and Rudra smiled back,

Rudra: Dekha Bhaiya, O…. Now I have more members in my team….

All others smiled seeing the situation become normal again.

Dadi: Acha bas…. Now go and sleep…. It is already too late….

They all nodded and went to their respective rooms.


After breakfast, elders had gone out so all the youngsters had gathered near the poolside, even Prinku and Devakshi had come, Om wasn’t there as he had gone to visit his old art gallery, Ranveer had some important case to handle, and Arjun had gone for an important meeting, even Shivaay wanted to escape this but before he could Anika and Rudra had dragged him saying, it was really important for him to be there, unwillingly Shivaay was sitting there listening to the crazy ideas they were discussing to convince Om,

Shivaay (thinking): Oh God where I am stuck…. Kaise pagal log hai yaha…. Earlier only Anika and Rudra were there, but now more have joined their team…. (He said looking at the others)…. I don’t what weird idea they will come up with…. Only God can keep Om safe from them….
Rudra: I have an idea….
Priyanka: What Rudra Bhaiya….
Rudra: We will buy all flight and train tickets to Shillong…. And then O won’t be able to get any bookings….

All looked at him as if he needed some serious treatment,

Soumya: Rudra, have you lost it…. Do you want to make the family bankrupt?
Shivaay (thinking): At least someone is sensible here….
Rudra: Sumo yaar….
Anika: No Rudra, this idea won’t work…. It is practically impossible to do this….
Shivaay: Guys, you really think we have to do all this…. I mean let Om decide on his own….
Sonakshi: No Shivaay Bhaiya, we cannot wholly depend on Om to decide…. We need a plan….
Sakshi: Sona is right…. Don’t know what Bhaiya may decide…. We need a plan….
Shivaay (thinking): Oh God, where have you put me…. If I leave Anika and Rudra won’t let me in peace and if I don’t leave I’ll definitely lose my mind….
Ishana: But then what will we do…. I mean in the time I have known Om…. We need something really solid to change Om’s mind….
Ahana: I think if someone who can talk to Om and whom Om can never turn down talks to him…. He may change his decision….
Gauri: But who will talk to him…. Last time we all tried and we all know it didn’t work out…. No one was able to convince Om….
Aniruddh: Gauri is right…. If convincing Om was easier it would have happened last time only….

They all get into thinking who can talk to Om and whom Om would listen to.

Shivaay: Guys, we’ll think about the person also…. But I think we should think about Dadi’s birthday also…. We have only three days for the preparations….
Soumya: Yes, Bade Bhaiya is right…. We have to do many arrangements for the birthday party also….
Ahana: Let us divide work amongst ourselves about who will arrange what….

Shivaay felt relieved that finally the discussion topic changed, they were discussing about the birthday party, but he was still going to go mad hearing the crazy ideas his family had to celebrate birthdays also, but to his luck Khanna came there and Shivaay went to attend an important matter.


Shivaay: What has happened Khanna…. You seem worried about something?
Khanna: Sir, wo someone has got bail for Kaveri…. She was released two days back…. I got to know it from our sources some time before…. I came here to tell you, we need to be very careful….
Shivaay: What…. How can this happen…. Who can get bail for her? Did you find the person who did this and earned Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s enmity?
Khanna: Sir…. The person is none other than Roop ma’am….
Shivaay: What bua…. I won’t spare her this time…. If she does anything this time, she’ll definitely face my wrath…. Khanna, increase the security around the house, office and also Om’s old gallery…. And make sure none of the family members go anywhere without security…. Understood….
Khanna: Yes Sir…. You don’t worry, I’ll personally keep an eye on everything….

Khanna leaves from there, Shivaay took out his mobile and dialed Ranveer’s number, Ranveer picked the call seeing Shivaay’s name,

Shivaay: Hello Ranveer….
Ranveer: Hi Shivaay…. You called now, anything urgent….
Shivaay: Did you hear about Kaveri…. And that she got bail….
Ranveer: Yes Shivaay, I got to know some time before only…. That is why I came to the station as soon as possible…. If you know about her bail that means you also know who bailed her out….
Shivaay: Yes, Khanna told me…. It is Roop bua…. Don’t know what she has in mind now….
Ranveer: Whatever it is Shivaay, we won’t let her succeed…. I know you must have already increased the security…. And anyways I’ll come there in some time, we talk then and also we have to inform everyone so that all of them are careful….
Shivaay: You are right we have to inform everyone…. Once you come, we’ll talk to them….

They disconnect the calls.

Shivaay (thinking): What is the reason that Bua bailed Kaveri out…. How did bua know about her…. And now that they are together, they won’t keep quiet…. They would definitely do something to take their revenge from us…. But this time I won’t spare her…. If even a single scratch comes on my family…. I’ll destroy them completely…. They’ll face worse than jail….

Thinking so he went back to the poolside where others were still discussing their crazy ideas.


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