The Buddy Project 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 5th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th September 2013 Written Update

Kamna opens KD’s shirt button Girls are looking fro KD and they ask RV. Kiya says she knows it’s her mistake but KD is really in trouble now and they need to find him. RV finally believes them and helps them find KD. Kamna is going to kiss KD when he says Kiya when Kamna says Kiya played him and he should be with a girl like her; she loves him.KD repeatedly chants Kiya’s name only and comes to his senses, confused seeing where he is. Kiya reaches there and slaps Kamna. Kamna says Kiya doesn’t deserve KD. KD claps and asks them both to stop it, then getting upset/mad at Kiya for playing the loyalty test and if he hadn’t gained his senses, something unforgivable would have happened; then chides Kamna for spiking drink and showing love. She’s pretty and she should respect

that rightfully. He says he loves Kiya a lot and is more angry at Kiya and himself for having to do this loyalty test and without which, he couldn’t convince her how much he loved her.

RV and KD had found out about the test and had just came to prove how cheap the idea was; doesn’t matter how they found it. RV asks Rukmini why she did the test and if she doesn’t trust him? Both the boys are upset with the girls, saying the girls themselves failed in their own test. Rukmini asks Kiya when boys leave if they’ll ever forgive them.

Next morning, Kiya asks for forgiveness from KD and he tells her to not follow him. He goes into the Boys washroom and she still walks in and says she won’t leave till he forgives him. He forgives her, having no choice left. They hug. He tells her he loves her a lot and so can’t stay angry at her for long. She truly apologizes and they have a sweet talk.

Over the radio, RV talks tauntingly about how girls always suspect. Rukmini tries to get in but the door is locked. He finally opens and she pleads forgiveness along with asking why he came in between when the test was for KD. RV asks if she’s here to say sorry or taunt him? She says she too loves him just as much as he does and that she’ll never suspect him from now on. RV says it’s not possible to stay mad at her. He tries to be romantic but is interrupted by a radio call.

Piddi is running around as he finds out it’s Teachers Day and crashes into Panchi, informing her the same. Both get frantic. She sees Avi and zones out and leaves. In class, they try to think of something special for JJ as buddies. Panchi proposes the idea of all they have achieved in one year, inspired from JJ and their changes. Kiya says that’s boring and something tangible should be done. Panchi leaves and KD asks the problem between the two. Kiya says she broke the promise by telling the two. Both of them are confused and RV knows it was Piddi, not Panchi.

Precap: RV-Rukmini have dinner and Panchi calls. Panchi screams and RV gets worried.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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