Maharana Pratap 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 5th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the annoucment of Rana Udai Singh in the Darbar. He says he knows what everybody is waiting for. He will announce Pratap as the heir to his throne once the Raj Purohit decides the Shubh Muhurat . In the meantime he tells the messenger to call both the princes . Shakti refuses to go as he says it is his father’s and then his brother’s Darbar and he has no place there. Sajjabai makes him understand the importance of going there and Pratap also comes to call him. He puts his hand on Shakti’s shoulder which Shakti angrily shoves it off and tells him not to do it again.

Sajjabai tells him to behave as he is his elder , but Prtap says he is used to this and does not feel bad. All the guards are praising Prata and one of the guards says

bad about Shakti which both dont like it . They ignore it and move towards the royal court . Udai Singh congratulates Pratp on winning the tournament and also on killing Shams Khan . He says that he is going to declare very soon Pratap being the next in line for the throne. He asks Pratp to leave , Shakti also follows suit but Udai SIngh stops him saying he has not asked him to go .

He comes down from the throne and walks towards Shakti and tells him why is his head lowered now , the other he was reminding him of his fathery and king’s duty . Now what happen , losing the tournament has made him ashamed. Shakti gets angry and picks up the knife and cuts his hand , Udai Singh is very upset and orders him to be thrown in prison .

All are shocked and Pratp requested him to not give such a harsh punishment but Udai Singh shuts him up saying that he is still the RANA of Mewar and not him and he better not question his decisions. Shakti tells Pratap to stop showing sympathy and walks away from there.

Sajjabai is completely heartbroken and tells Jayvantabai to do something but she says she is helpless in this regard. Pratap comes and consoles her and tells her he will talk to Daarjiraj and convince him to release Shakti. Jayvantabai takes him to th eroom and makes him understand that Shakti has broken rules and Ranaji will not listen to any excuses. She tells him when he had not listened to Ranaji’s orders and gone to pluck Mangoes from Shams Khan Park he was punished, the same applies to Shakti .

Deerbaiji is very upset and tells that anyone going against Pratap is either killed or put into Prison. And after all this Pratap comes out more stronger, why is it so . Yaachi tells he rits because of Pratap’s goodness.

Sajjabai refuses to eat food as his son is hungry inspite of being injured . Pratap comes there and tries to persuade he rto eat and also tells her he will take Kheer for Shakti so that he eats. Sajja is scared that Shakti will not listen to Pratap , but Pratap assures her that he will take care of it. He goes to his Chhoti Maa and requests her to make kheer for Shakti . He takes the kheer in Prison , but as expected Shakti throws the bowl and refuses to eat

Precap : Pratap asks his Gurukul friend to find out a solution to bring Shakti out and on the othe rhand we see Shakti trying to break out of the prison.

Update Credit to: amimus

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