The Buddy Project 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th November 2013 Written Update

ICC Canteen.Panchi is staring at the Scribble Wall and asks Piddi what it is. Piddi answers her that its a Scribble Wall. Just then Kiya comes there and is over joyed seeing Panchi and hugs her. RV closes Rukmini’s eyes with his hands and brings her in the canteen to surprise her about Panchi.However, She doesn’t seem too happy about it. Panchi hugs Rukmini and RV goes to order Panchi’s favorite burger.Panchi asks Piddi about the Scribble Wall and he replies that it was gifted by Guggi Kohli and its a useless thing.Panchi, however, admires it and says that its nice where students vent out their frustration and anxiety.

Ranveer brings burgers for everyone and makes Panchi eat it with his own hands and she hits him.Rukmini gets upset seeing this.KD offers Kiya a burger but she refuses it saying she is on a diet and leaves from there. KD also leaves saying that its time for classes.In the end, they all leave for their classes. RV sits beside Panchi and they are having a fun time talking and teasing each other , while KD and Piddi are looking at them. KD suddenly looks at the door and says that its going to be a problem now. Rukmini is standing at the door and looking at Rahi.She gets really upset seeing them enjoy together.

Panchi is in the canteen writing something on the scribble wall when RV comes there.He asks her if she wants to go out somewhere but she refuses saying she is not in the mood.She asks RV if Avi said anything about her after she left but Ranveer tries to change the topic by asking her if she wants a burger. She refuses at first but RV goes to bring it anyway.Kush wonders where Avi is, Panchi turns back listening this. Kush sees her. She leaves from there and Kuch calls Avi about this.

RV gets the burger and comes to give it to Panchi but she is gone. RV sees that Panchi has written”Someday I will be GONE” on the scribble wall.He STTC that he thinks Panchi still hasn’t moved on from her breakup.He wonders if she is planning to disappear again.He says he can’t leave her alone at this time. RV goes searching for her again.

Rukmini scolds RV saying that he knows its time for their Radio Show yet he is late. RV asks her to manage the show herself for today.He goes to Panchi who is talking to Kiya and says that he will drop her home. She denies but later agrees when he keeps on insisting. RV is at Panchi’s house and she asks him why is he behaving so weirdly. He says he is not doing anything like that. She tells him that she is uncomforstable about her breakup with Avi, and she’s fine but if he keeps acting so caring to her, it’ll make things harder for her. She asks him to leave .They hug and RV leaves.

Kiya fills out the application form of California School Of Music. She thinks about her moments spent with KD.She thinks about what KD said about her being irresponsible towards her career.She STTC that sometime its important to prove oneself to all the people who think you are useless and sends the form.

Panchi comes in college and finds out that Ranveer threw a party for her comeback.He forcibly makes her cut the cake and eat it. She gets irritated and tries to leave but RV stops her and asks what happened.Panchi gets extremely angry and says that he should stop doing all this. She knows that he is doing all this to cheer her up but its making her all the more conscious.She explains him that there are some things in life which you have to handle by yourself.Friends also help you but to a certain extent and adds that RV has crossed all the limits and its irritating her. She tells him to give her some breathing space and leaves from there. RV is upset at this.

Precap: Rukmini is going somewhere and when RV asks her where she is going she angrily tells him that he doesn’t need to know. RV and KD are going all b*t*hy about Panchi and Kiya respectively.Kiya and Panchi hear them and later scold them for this.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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