Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya telling Juhi about her plan for their engagement. Juhi is shocked. Priya asks her not to refuse and says tomorrow is the good day. Maa says it is good. Priya tells Ram that they should also remarry. Ram laughs. Juhi looks at Ram. Mamaji thinks that Priya will come to know about Juhi. He thinks blast will happen this Diwali. Mayra comes and asks Priya to go for the check up. Soumya calls Priya and tells about the some other orphanage. She asks, whether you wants to go. Priya says she wants to go and asks her to take the address. Suhani says she knows. Priya asks her, how does she knows about it? Suhani says that she was a part of the orphanage and says she used to gift her a special gift on every Diwali. Priya smiles. Suhani says she is her Gudiya. Priya says she can’t believe. Suhani says she missed her gift on every diwali. Suhani says she used to wait for her special gift. Suhani asks for the gift. Priya asks,what she wants in gifts. Suhani asks for chocolate and book. Priya says she will give.

Ram warns everyone that Priya shouldn’t know about his marriage plan with Juhi. He says Suhani told him not to tell anything to Priya. She should not get any kind of shock/stress. Naina looks evilly. Pihu signs yes. Ram says he will tell her everything when she gets fine and when the time is right.

Pihu comes to the kitchen and asks Gopal kaka whether he prepared juice for mom. She asks the servant to make Dal makhani for Ram and something for Priya. Suhani asks her to prepare something less spicy for Priya. Pihu says she can’t understand her friendship as she is not having any friends. Pihu asks her to get out of their home. Suhani says she won’t leave as she is mistaken that she will cry and leave. She says I have my own identify which I made by myself. I am strong enough. Suhani asks, what is your identify? She says Priya madam is special for her. Pihu looks on. Sammy comes and taunts Suhani. He asks Suhani to click his picture with Pihu for the proof. Pihu asks him to wear the shirt.

Priya shows the saree to juhi and says it is for your engagement. Juhi says it is beautiful. Priya asks her not to stress. Priya says she didn’t know what she wants. She says this decision to marry again must be a big decision for you and asks whether she is pressurise. Juhi says no and says she wants to marry with her own wish. Priya finds the family pic in her almara. Juhi tries to say. Priya says it should be framed and says she wants all the photos. Priya asks Juhi to follow the beautician’s instructions. Rajeev calls juhi and says he read about her engagement in the newspaper. He says that he will come. Juhi asks him not to come.

Juhi comes to tell Ram but thinks not to tell him. She comes to Sid and says sorry for disturbing him. She tells him that Rajeev threatened him that he will come in the engagement. She says she don’t know how to handle him. She says he will create a scene. Sid says I want to know whether there is anything between her and Ram. Juhi says no. Sid says then why don’t you tell everything to bhabhi. Juhi says she wants Ram to tell everything to Priya. She says Rajiv will spoil everything. Sid says he will handle him. Sid asks her whether she wants to marry her really? Juhi says yes and says she is marrying for Priya and for getting Naina. She says she should leave as it is late night.

Priya sees Juhi coming out of Sid’s room and smiles. She comes to her room and says she is glad that Juhi is getting married. she asks Ram whether he didn’t think to marry again to someone else. Priya says she wouldn’t feel bad if he have married again. Ram says he was hopeful that she will come back to life. Priya says she knows. Ram says what if I would have married again. Priya says I might have leave you. She says that she knows that he couldn’t move on as you loves me. We are together as we love each other. Ram smiles.

Pihu tells Sammy that Robin is threatening him to create a scene as she has dumped him. Sammy asks her to calm down. Sammy says he will handle him. Pihu thanks him and says he is always there for her. Sammy says he will spend his old age with her. Pari and mayra wishes him and Sammy leaves.

Shipra gives the rings to Sid and Juhi. But the ring didn’t fit in Juhi’s finger. Priya gives her ring and Sid makes her wear. Priya asks Ram to give his ring. She asks Pari to give the ring to Juhi. Juhi makes Sid wear Ram’s ring. After the engagement is done, everyone claps. Sid and Juhi takes everyone blessings. Priya and Ram smiles.

Sid asks Ram, why he told Juhi that he handled the situation. Ram asks,did he like Juhi or just said yes for him. Sid says he likes her. Ram says that’s why I said to Juhi that you handled everything. Priya asks Juhi to stop staring at Sid. Juhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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