The Buddy Project 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 30th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th January 2014 Written Update

The buddies and Harsh are in the car. Kiya asks the guys if they know why Harsh is like that. She tells them that Harsh’s mother told him when she saw him the last time that she’d be back soon, but she never came. It’s because she committed suicide. And this reached Harsh three years later. Hence he never quite recovered from that loss, hence the arrogance. She reminds them that this is like they themselves were back then. There’s a reason JJ made him their responsibility. She says that they have got to save Harsh and JJ. KD agrees and says that he has a plan for that but it’s possible only if they work together. RV says that he’s in provided they keep Panchi out of it. He says that he can’t risk her life anymore.

Some goons stop Piddi’s car and capture the girl with him. (I am sorry, but I have no idea who she is. ) Piddi escapes from them and hides behind a tree while the goons capture the girl as she tries to persude them saying she won’t let her dad hurt them. Piddi’s calls KD and tells him about his. KD says that Piddi should try to save her somehow, its the least they can do for her.

Piddi manages to knock out one of the goons and wears his clothes. He also takes his gun and rejoins the other goons. He then points the gun at the girl and warns that if the goons move at all, he’ll kill the girl. They drop their guns at this, and Piddi and the girl escape in the car. The girl is very happy about Piddi saving her.

Meanwhile, KD enters the run down cottage alone to face the kidnappers. He tells RV to stay behind a tree with Harsh and warns the girls that they shouldn’t let the kidnappers see them. As soon as KD walks in, one of the goons points a gun at him and takes him to where JJ is. JJ is unconcious and KD gets very worried. KD says that he’ll give Harsh to them only after he takes JJ to their car first. He takes the kidnapper outside and shows him where RV and Harsh are. He tells them that as soon he takes JJ to the car, his friend will use chloroform to make Harsh unconcious and then the goons can do whatever they want. The goons agree and let JJ to the car while Harsh pretends to fall unconcious. After KD , Rv and JJ are in the car they leave immediately, picking up Harsh some way ahead. The goons reach where Harsh is supposed to be and are shocked to only find his clothes there.

Precap: Piddi and the girl are in the car when the girl notices that her psycho lover (Whoever that is ) is following them. KD and the Buddies get trapped again on the road by the goons.

Update Credit to: Crazy_life

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