Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rani is taking photographs of Sonia with her phone, while sonia is ablivious. She turns back and strikes with roli. Roli says wow you have smart phone. She says my husband gave it to me. Sid calls Roli and she goes.
Rani gives a list to that man and says this contains all her likes and dislikes. Look what i will do to bhardwaj family they love sonia so much. Before they leave we have to work. i have to go now. She leaves. The wall is full of sonia’s pictures.

Scene 2
Sonia makes fun of sid saying he is so lost in work the he can’t see the file in his own hands. Sankal says that’s called dedication. My both brothers are so perfectionists. jhanvi. Simar and Roli serve the food. Sonia says i can’t wait to eat. Mausi ji says what are you waiting

for then ? Sujata says that she has made sonia’s and Sankal’s favorite dishes. Sonia calls Rani to serve the food. Rani comes after a while. Sonia asks where were you ? She says my in laws were her to take me back. I said I won’t leave. Sonia says serve the food. Roli says Rani doesn’t look truthful Rajhnder says that a charge sheet has been filed against Meghna. Mata ji says it’d better if we don’t discuss it. Pari says yes Singhaniya’s should not be discussed. Thank God Jhanvi didn’t have a kid he’d have been a singhnaiya then. Mausi says how is Aarav ? Pari says mummy called and told me that Aaarva is enjoying there. jahnvi leaves the table. Sujata says pari never talk about shaureya or singhniyas’ in front of her.

Scene 3
Jhanvi locks her room and remembers he time with shaureya. She is in tears. She recalls what Pari just said. Jahnvi says no this can’t be possible. i can’t love with the burden God. He is a sign of Shaureya the guy who only deceived me. I hate him and this kid. He has no right to be in this world. She calls the doctor and says i want an abortion. She says you know very well what happened to me. I can’t ive with my past. i am not ready to have this kid. She says i know how hard this is but you are a nurse you know how to save lives not how to kill. This is a sin. Jahnvi says that would a bigger sin if he is in world and i don’t love him. She says i wanna tell you that there are some complications. If you go for an abortion you will never be able to become a mother in future. jhanvi says my decision is still same.

Scene 4
Rani calls someone and says there is no need of video i am keeping an eye on her. The bhardwajs are always around her. Roli almost caught me. She says okay i will make the video. She wonders how will she get the video.
Roli says to Simar that there is something about this Rani. She exaggerates things just to hide her truth. I have seen her around Sonia jee doing something with her phone. Sid enters the room and says Roli don’t doubt. There is nothing wrong. She says I should inform her. Sid says okay i will inform her and the manager as well.

Scene 5
jhanvi asks butler to make tea for all of them. Jahnvi enters the kitchen and says i want to eat guava. Uma wonders why she wanna eat guava while she didn’t like it. Rajesh calls rani and asks her to bring the fruit. Rani gives the guavas to Jhanvi. Uma says i have never seen you eating like this jhanvi and you don’t like this fruit. Rani says my mom says that the woman who is pregnant loves to eat al day. Are you pregnant jhanvi ? Uma says think before you speak. Jhanvi says i am nurse i know what happens when you are pregnant. Jhanvi says i don’t wanna hear a word from you rani, Simar asks whats wrong ? Jhanvi says I don’t wanna talk about it and leaves.

Precap- Rani looks in the room of sonia. She enters her room and checks in her closet. Roli discuss the weird behavior of rani with simar,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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