The Buddy Project 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd January 2014 Written Update

KD informs Panchi that Kiya and Ranveer are with Harsh right now. Panchi says that they should skype call Samar and see if he picks up the call. Samar doesn’t pick up for a while and KD says that he knew Harsh is Samar. However, Samar accepts the video call just then and KD and Panchi are shocked. Meanwhile, Harsh is boasting about him mastering tango in Argentina while Ranveer just rolls his eyes. He STTC complaining that why is he even here? Harsh is openly flirting Kiya and RV just keeps going all meh. He wanted to go with Panchi on a date. He gets a text from KD and replies that they are heading for Velvet Lounge with Harsh. KD and Panchi see the message and Panchi says out loud that she knew it can’t be Samar. KD tells Panchi to call Ranveer and inform him that

Harsh is not Samar after all. Panchi calls RV but hands over the phone to KD. KD says to Ranveer that he wants to listen Harsh’s voice once. Harsh says to Kiya that he might teach a few steps of Tango to her in Velvet lounge. KD hears this and gets majorly jealous.He cuts the call saying he will call RV later.

Panchi says that she will explain Samar all about the matter while KD should inform RV about it.RV, Kiya and Harsh are about to enter the club when RV gets a text from Pansh. He shows it to Kiya and they look at Harsh , baffled. RV STTC that now that it is confirmed its not Samar, why should they even bother going in the club? He’d rather take Panchi out. He pretends to get a call from Panchi and says to Harsh that his girlfriend’s ankle got sprained so they should go now. Harsh thinks its ridiculous and that he should dump her. RV and Kiya get slightly taken aback by this. RV insists to leave anyway and him and Kiya are about to go but Harsh stops them and says that he can’t see why Kiya should also go. Kiya STTC that she should go with him and prove KD and others that she can handle things on her own. Also , Jaitly sir told them to befriend him and this is a good chance. She tells RV that she’ll stay with Harsh. RV is hesitant but Kiya assures him that she handle it.

Ranveer is in Panchi’s room and hugs her from the back. Panchi asks him why he is so excited for the date as if its his frst date ever. RV retorts saying that he is a casanova! Oops, he was. But now he is all hers. Panchi asks him why is he going all filmy. RV replies that its cuz Panchi is looking so hot today. Panchi turns away at this shyly. She asks where RV is taking her. Ranveer says that its a surprise. Panchi asks if all went well with Harsh? Ranveer gets a bit nervous and answers that ofcourse it went well. He later STTC that he won’t tell Panchi about leaving Kiya with Harsh or else Panchi will break up with him on their very first date.

Ranveer stops the car suddenly and Panchi asks him where they are. RV asks her to close her eyes. After a little insistence she closes her eyes. Ranveer takes her hand she steps out of the car. RV asks her to hear and make a guess of the place. (While ‘Khuda Jaane’ plays in the BG ) Panchi says she hears the sea and asks if they’re near a beach? RV says yes and they hug. Meanwhile, KD is getting worried as he that Kiya’s phone is out of reach. KD calls Rv and asks him if he dropped off Kiya at home. RV says that he forgot to tell him that Kiya is at velvet lounge with Harsh. KD and Panchi both get very shocked hearing this. They blast off Ranveer saying that how could he be so selfish and that its not safe leaving Kiya with him. He tries his best to explain them that Kiya herself wanted to stay but they refuse to take any notice.

The argument continues the next day at ICC. RV and Ransh have a verbal fight and KD is insistent that Rv shouldn’t have left her alone there even if she wanted it. Kiya comes there just then and KD scolds her saying that she shouldn’t have stayed and he got worried cuz her cell was unreachable. She says that there was no network in the club but whats the big deal? KD says that that Harsh guy could’ve done anything, he is bad! Kiya says that she is free to take own decision and that Harsh behaved perfectly like a gentleman with her. Panchi join in and says that KD should drop the matter now as Kiya was just doing what JJ told them to. RV looks scandalized at this and says that she is saying this NOW while yesterday she blasted him off so much. JJ sees them fighting and tells them sarcastically to fight more. He compliments Kiya for taking the initiative of friendship with Harsh and that he said she was a fabulous host. He tells them to continue fighting and leaves. Kiya leaves immediately too and Panchi follows her. RV says to KD to let it go and that it all happened for good. KD however, is still angry and retorts that he is still not fine with RV leaving her with Harsh . RV gets irritated and leaves. (Honestly KD, ab kuch jyada ho raha hain. )

Precap: JJ declares a Basket Ball match between Harsh and KD.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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