Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi about to see Rohit’s doing as she bend down to pick the spoon. Payal hits him on his leg. Rohit shouts. Avantika asks, are you okay? Rohit says yes. He tries to get friendly with Kaira. Sameer comes to his room. Preeti asks, did jiju agreed? Sameer asks her to confirm with jiju and calls Harish. Harish doesn’t pick the call. Preeti says, he didn’t take my call. Sameer says he might be busy in shooting. Adi says, Rohit is from Kulu. Pankhudi calls Govardhan mama and asks him about Kushal Maheswari. Govardhan mama says he is my childhood friend Mohan’s son. Pankhudi says, you didn’t tell me before about him. Pankhudi disconnects the call. Adi says, you have become like my mom. Pankhudi says, he is not good. Govardhan mama thinks did he do the right thing. Kamini suggests him to tell the kids. Govardhan says, kids will be scared and asks her to call Ambika tommorrow.

Payal says sorry to Rubel for the chits. Rubel says, I think you are not keeping fine and asks her to rest. She gets Rohit’s sms. Rubel excuses himself. Payal calls Rohit and threatens him to stay away from her family. She asks him not to try to be smart. Rohit says, I entered your house in disguise of his relative. Payal says, I will not let you harm my family. I will tell the truth to everyone. Rohit says, do you think I am a fool. Payal says, I will tell everyone. Latika asks him to focus on Kaira. Rohit says, I started my work and says all thanks to Rock Music. Sheela says, I will start to go on jogging. Anuj says you will never change and praises Kushal. Sheela says, I don’t want a son in law from Kulu. Anuj says, I didn’t say that. I said he is smart, intelligent and ambitious. Sheela says, my daughter is not less.

Pankhudi asks Avantika to tell her decision to Adi. Adi comes and asks her to explain to Sameer that you can’t become a donor. He says Dad told me everything. Avantika says, you are just like him. Adi says, helping someone is good. Adi says, I will call Sameer and tell him. Avantika says, this is the only solution and I have decided. Adi says, I am calling him. Avantika shouts at him and says, no one shall force me to change my decision. Adi gets angry and says, I will not let this happen. Pankhudi supports Avantika.

Nirmala asks Sadanand to come to bring groceries. Sadanand says, I have to meet publisher today. Preeti comes and says you are independent woman. you don’t need anybody’s help. Sadanand and Nirmala are surprised. Preeti says, I am changed for the better. I lost myself but thanks to Sameer and you both. I got myself because of the positive thinking. She says, when I was a kid, I don’t know we have a mom. When I grown up, we came to know that she is in coma. I don’t want to miss my mom as you are with me. She asks her not to get upset with her and says sorry.

Preeti tells Nirmala to do online shopping. Sadanand says, I am happy to see you like this. Govardhan talks with Ambika. Ambika gets worried. He asks her to come to Mumbai. And says, I will cut his wings now. Rohit calls Kaira. Kaira says hi. Payal looks on. Rohit asks her to come for listening Rock concert. Kaira agrees. Rohit says, I will come to pick you. Kaira asks for suggestion from Pankhudi. Payal says, you aren’t going anywhere as you met him just yesterday. Payal gets tensed. Pankhudi says, Payal is right. Kaira insists. Pankhudi agrees. Payal tries to talk to Pankhudi. Sheela comes and asks her to come for the annual function of saas bachao organisation. Pankhudi asks her to get ready. Payal goes to get ready.

Latika reads forwarded jokes on the mobile and laughs. Rohit asks, what I will do when Kaira comes for concert. Latika says, I won’t do anything and Sheela deewan will do it. Sheela meets her friends and introduces Payal to them. Payal thinks to stop Kaira from going with Rohit. She asks Sheela, when we will go home. Sheela says, after 4-5 hours. She asks her to smile. Kaira comes and asks Pankhudi, am I looking overdressed? Pankhudi says you are looking good. She asks, do you want to go? Kaira says, yes I like concert. Pankhudi asks her to enjoy.

Pankhudi calls Kaira but she didn’t pick the call. Payal asks, did you know where the concert is happening? Payal signs no. Pankhudi asks, what happened? Payal says, he is not a good guy. He is not Kushal Maheswari but Rohit. Pankhudi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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