The Buddy Project 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with JJ saying U 2 cannot become frnds like that ..
shocking the buddies. .
but then he smiles n says he spent last night preparing speech for them to understand that they should become frnds again. .only to find RanSh hugging n making it up. . .
he smiles n hugs RanSh . .
calling them Jai n Veeru
further he says now that the buddies have united. . .
its time to reveal the truth . .
he calls ACP Shinde. .
who compliments KD for his bravery ..
so this way even the fake exam issue comes forth
further JJ tells them that Ruby was behind the MMS scandal
the entire Buddy group apologize each other . .
n while everyone is happy. .
Kiya goes in a corner n cries. .
KD goes to comfort her .. .
so much that she doesnt let him go
the buddies tease them n KiSha simply blush. .
JJ says all this calls for a party
n the thought of party
Scares RanSh
as they point out that parties have always bought BAD OMEN with them
but JJ assures them everything’s gonna be fine this tym around
while leaving he asks the buddies to bring JeeMi in Dean’s office
as he has announcements . .
when Buddies+ JeeMi+ Rukmini come . .
he 1st congrats Panchhi for winning Ms. Vista. .
n credits JeeMi to it . .
he further says ICC is No. 1 clg now
n his final announcement. .
this marks the end of Good Samaritan chalange .
he briefs everyone’s efforts . .
n appreciates all ..
specially RV. .
but finally Declares KD as the winner. .
for being selfless for his buddies. .
JeeMi have their Takrar moments in between . .
but the overall environment is celebratory. .

Piddhi n Chintu.. .
buck up KD to go n tell Kiya his true feelings. .
KD goes upto her ..
n says he wants to say something important to her. .
Kiya who is talking to some girl. .
gets up from her seat n there is LLHH . . .

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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