Junoon 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 26th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Ishwar comes to secret room to check on Prithvi but he finds him missing & the chair on the floor.

Prithvi comes from behind & wrestle Ishwar Pandey down & Prithvi removes his shoe lace & strangle Ishwar but doesn’t kill him to get back Meera’s photo & warns him not to ever touch his Meera’s photo.

Ishwar seeing Prithvi lost in Meera’s pic he gets up & points his gun & asks him to return Meera’s photo but Prithvi folds the photo & put it in his mouth & swallows the photo.

Ishwar sees & is shocked so Prithvi swallowed the photo.

Ishwar asks Prithvi why did he leave such a golden chance of killing him so Prithvi replies its not very difficult task to kill him & if he wants he could kill him right now but coz he has given Meera a promise that he’ll always control his anger & not let his anger come in the way of his thinking abilities.

Ishwar says just coz of one small promise he let go off chance of killing him.

Prithvi replies for Meera not just only a promise but he can never let anything come in between of his love & obsession(junoon) for Meera, can also die for Meera.

Scene 2

Shalu tells Mishra ji not to get emotional but think with brains that its important to go & meet politician

Mishra ji says but he’s not willing to leave her alone in danger but Shalu insist & sends him saying coz they’ll always need any favors from politician in future so he needs to go.

Mishra ji says my hearts not willing he knows Ishwar’s nature that when situation doesn’t favor him he could always choose the ways of deceit/betrayal.

Scene 3

Ishwar tells Prithvi that he too loved Shalu like he loves Meera but Shalu betrayed him & tried killing him but its not easy to kill Ishwar Pandey.

Prithvi thinks in his mind that so this the real truth behind the relationship mystery of Ishwar & Shalu gets fb of Shalu lying that she needs Ishwar Pandey back in her life & wants to live peaceful life with her husband.

Ishwar Pandey gets a chance & he hits Prithvi behind his head with his gun & leave him unconscious state & tells Prithvi that he is a fool coz Ishwar Pandey never misses a chance & he might have eaten Meera’s photo but how can he erase Meera’s image which in printed in his mind & laugh evilly.

Scene 4

Shalu tells Mishra ji that on one side her worry & scare of Ishwar lurks so they cannot disappoint politician who could be very helpful & insist to go.

Mishra ji asks if Ishwar Pandey comes then what will she do? So Shalu assures that she’ll take care of herself & protect herself from Ishwar.

Mishra ji says he doesn’t feel like leaving her alone but she insisting so much he’ll go.

Scene 5

Ishwar comes just when Mishra ji was about to leave seeing him Mishra ji gets alert & Ishwar pretends to be Prithvi aka Arjun searching for Meera’s photo & Shalu asks Mishra ji to leave & Mishra asks her to be careful.

Scene 6

Ishwar pretends that he has lost Meera’s photo & he had only 1 pic of Meera after he parted ways from Meera.

Shalu asks him to relax as she’ll help him find Meera’s photo.

Ishwar says only that pic was his strength & he lost it.

Ishwar comes & sits on the sofa looking worried & Shalu sits on the table & smile at him & Ishwar says “you don’t know how suffocating he’s feeling within” & asks shalu tell me that did you also feel the pain after loosing Ishwar or was happy that finally you got rid of Ishwar Pandey.

Shalu suddenly gets alert figuring whether its Prithvi or Ishwar sitting in front of her & she stands & says what are you saying? Ishwar comes close & holds Shalu by her arm & hugs her tightly.

Ishwar says “Shalu have you forgotten the feel & smell of Ishwar??”

Shalu asks him to leave her & Ishwar asks tell me how much did you miss me??

Shalu kept pushing Ishwar back & asks him to let go off her but Ishwar holds Shalu by her neck & asks to answer how much did she miss him so Shalu having no choice replied yes very much Ishwar says “you are lying you must be thinking why haven’t i killed you yet, just how she played games with me & killed me & stole my diamond worth crores which i, had it with me i need you to give me back”

Shalu denies having any diamond & Ishwar insist she has it & points a gun saying he’s dodged his death to get that diamond.

Ishwar hears a car coming & goes back pushing Shalu.

Mishra ji comes & asks who did this to her so Shalu informs Mishra ji that he was right it was not Arjun but Ishwar Pandey & this time he didn’t come to kill her but take the diamond.

Scene 7

Prithvi gets back to conscious & search a way out saying from where did Ishwar Pandey go out he’s not finding any exit door.

Prithvi sees a glass & takes it & scratch the walls & writes Meera’s name & cries her & kisses the name & curses himself that when Meera & his dad needs him the most he’s trapped down here & gets a fb of Meera begging for job & his dad asking person to give him more time to repay his loans.

When he could have done something he’s helpless & when he’s alive his dad is begging & bowing down infront of people.

Scene 8

Rajeev (Prithvi’s dad) goes to the politician to ask for help but politician insults Rajeev that there was a time when he used to be very proud of his high status & even bossed him but today how pitiful situation he’s in that he’s come to him for asking help when he always used to say that Rajeev Khanna doesn’t take favor & help from anyone & now your conditions are so worse that your bungalow cars & factory has got sold & now that he has nothing then why would he help him when there’s no gain.

Rajeev says he’s in a financial crisis & he has come here so that he could help him free his land which has been illegally possessed.

Politician says he cannot help him coz if he’ll give him the land where will the poor people residing on his land go.

Suddenly politician sees Ishwar & asks him how come he’s come to him & talks respectfully.
Ishwar orders politician to never help Shalu Pandey from now onwards.

Scene 9

Rajeev is disheartened but looks behind & is shell shocked seeing Prithvi & tries to stop but Ishwar goes away.

Update Credit to: abd

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