The Buddy Project 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 26th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th December 2013 Written Update

Kisha are on the stage and compliment Ranveer for the fabulous music. Kiya says that Ranveer will play the music and we’ll dance on it, sounds unfair. So, for the night me and KD will do the DJing and Ranveer Shergill will be on the dance floor. Kiya adds that the question however is who will he dance with? At this, majority of the girls raise their hands. Kiya playfully says that Ranveer has a lot of demand. She says that the lucky girl who gets to dance with him will be of Ranveer’s choice.So girls, try and impress him. With this Kisha go to do the DJing. Ranveer complains that why did they annouce such a thing? He isn’t going to dance! However they just push him off saying that he should go and enjoy the party. Two random girls flirt with him saying that

he should dance with them. Panchi sees this and leaves angrily. Piddi tells Kisha that their plan is working and they get happy. Panchi goes to the washroom and STTC that its not Ranveer’s fault. And how does it matter anyway?She had come prepared that she will propose him today and so she will. Maybe its all her fault. But now, if she waits more, she might lose him forever! She decides that whatever she wants to do, she has to do it fast.
Panchi returns to the party and sees that the girls are still flirting with Ranveer. One of them kisses him on the cheek and she leaves , annoyed. Ranveer sees her and gets upset too. The buddies see all this and they follow Panchi. Piddi stops her and says that he is hungry , lets go and have food? Panchi tells him to leave her alone for sometime. Kisha come there and ask Piddi where did she go? He says that she is upset so said him to leave her alone. Kiya gets happy and says that it means their plan is working. Now, Panchi will defo do something about it.

Panchi is standing in a dark corridor and is utterly upset. She remembers the girls flirting with Ranveer. She STTC that she came so prepared to propose him, but it’s all her fault. She messed up all that was simple enough. Now, due to her, she will be celebrationg New Year with Piddi and Ranveer with those stupid girls.

Kiya’s looking at a couple in the party when KD hands her drink. Kiya asks him if he remembers the time they started dating., all those crazy things they did etc. But KD asks her if by this she means that the initial excitement is is not there anymore. Kiya replies that she was just saying that Panchi must be going through the same feeling now, and yeah. They ofcourse still love each other, but the first time is always a completely different experience.As time passes, it becomes more like a routine and the initial craziness is lost. She turns to face him but he is suddenly gone . She looks for him and he suddenly appears again, looking offended. (More like the AYM stoneface Ah! Old times ) She aks him where did he go and why is he looking so upset? He says to her that now she thinks that he has become boring so why bother? He adds that ‘Chicklet, I don’t want to talk to you. Go to your favorite Ranveer’ ( Omaa!! That nickname. That stoneface look. *bursts into happy tears* ) He however gives a slight smirk at the end and kiya smiles calling him a prankster. Kiya says that he called her chicklet after SO long. He replies that she is a chicklet. Kiya retorts that then KD isn’t a hero either, has he ever looked into the mirror? Such a emotionless face. They give each other a Stoneface-Chicklet look and then burst out laughing.
(Hailaaa! Mere Stoneface-Chicklet! They are finally back!! Been a long time, eh? :P)

KD continues being formal and asks if he should buy her a drink. Kiya denies. He says that she is looking gorgeous. She replies that it took her three hours to look beautiful and he just says this much? She adds that he should put in more efforts. KD asks her if she trust hi , completely? She says yes and tries to ask why this suddenly but he shuts her lips with his fingers and blindfolds her. He adds that she won’t be disappointed .KD takes her to the dance floor and ask her to dance with him. She asks with this blindfold? He asks her doesn’t she trust him? Kisha dance on ‘Tu hi junoon’ from Dhoom3. (An absolutely studding performance by arhad which can’t be merely described in words. ) Theres a leap of faith in the dance and Kisha remeber their leap of faith during the start of TBP. (*Clears throat* Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby announce the official return of my hot, sizzling chemistry wale Kisha. B| )

Everybody applauds for their performance. Panchi STTC that if KD and Kiya are together even after so many fights , so many misunderstandings, why can’t she and Ranveer ? And Kisha met just a few years ago, she knows Ranveer since childhood. She decides to herself that she has to propose him today.She heads towards the stage. Kisha are dancing and a drunk guy comes there asks KD if he is well. KD is clearly annoyed seeing him but Kiya calms him down. The guy tells KD to meet him later and KD leaves with Kiya .

The girls are still flirting with Ranveer who is trying his best to shoo them away. Panchi comes there pushes aside one of the girls. Ranveer is slightly shocked seeing her and she just smiles and goes on the stage. She announces on the microphone that Ranveer is her boyfriend. She tells the girls to go off. She furthers continues that (I am going use her exact words in hindi here cuz I seriously don’t know how this can be translated into English without losing their impact ) “Nonu, tum na ek number ke gadhe ho. Jaha jaate ho , problem mein padte ho. Kabhi daldal mein girte ho, kabhi accident hote hote bach jaate ho. Harbar mein waha aake tumhe bachati hoon. Tum hamesha meri wish ka bilkul ulta karte ho. Jaise main chahti thi ki tum aaj mujhe NY party ke liye propose karo par nahi, tumne mujhe piddi ke saath bhej diya. Lekin main tumhara peecha itni jaldi nahi chodungi, agar sau ladkiyan bhi tumhare peeche hongi naa, unhe bhi tumse dur karungi. Idiot ho, par jaise bhi ho na, sirf mere ho. I love you Nonu” . ( *Chokes in tears* Haaye. Kitna adorable confession tha. Mere Rahi :’) :’) ) Ranveer is shocked initially but smiles towards the end. The buddies are very happy with this.

Precap: KD announces on the mic that as said before, a lucky girl with get to dance with Ranveer. And now even Ranveer has chosen his life partner. So now, lets see their dance which will be the highlight of the day. RV and Panchi are shown dancing.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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