Dil Dosti Dance 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th December 2013 Written Update

Sharon tells Swayam she is fine.If she would not have got hurt may be she would have missed she would have missed the chance of having tea again with him.The tea master comes and Swayam orders two special tea.Sharon tells this Chai date and she rephrases it back to Chai treat is very special for her and thanks Swayam.They both enjoy their tea together.Kriya in the rehearsal hall thinks hope Rey does not miss the rehearsals today,after the dance yesterday night how awkward I felt Rey must have felt similar too.She keeps seeing the jacket and thinking when Rey comes in and sees her .Rey thinks God knows what she will be thinking about me after last night.Hope she does not misunderstand me and understands my feelings.Kriya thanks Rey and asks can they start the rehearsals. Rey replies

he is here for the same.They both start their routine and Rey remembers last dance and stops.He suddenly pulls Kriya by which she losses her balance and slips.Rey scolds her saying she cant do any step without making mistakes.She knows to make mistakes alone.Kriya sees him when he realizes what he said and tells he did not mean it.It was my fault and not yours.He moves out saying he cant rehearse. Kriya thinks again cause of her fault Rey got angry and moved.She decides to rehearse and not waste more time.She gets a call from her Maasi and moves out as Signal was weak in rehearsal hall.Nilesh and Vicky come in and spread talcum powder on floor.Kriya comes and Nil,Vicky tell they came there to search for Rey and move out.Kriya does a step and slips down and finds Talcum powder on floor and its container near Rey’s bag. Her heart tells Rey wont do this but mind is not able to agree as Rey was the only one here.

Nilesh gets ready to meet Simmi and Vicky comes and teases him saying he has two girls.Vicky tells hope mission “Kriya go” does not fail.Nil tells after long his life is on track and he does not want to miss this chance.He goes out to meet Simmi when Vicky tells he does not Value Vicky because of whom Nil got Online girlfriend. Nil tells Vicky is his bro and they continue it with Vicky moving out.Sharon meets Kriya in locker room and asks her is she not rehearsing with Rey.Kriya tells rehearsals got complete soon.Rey is by BB court thinking this was one place I used to spend alone and Kriya thoughts are not leaving me here too.Today I could not control my feelings and left rehearsals mid way.Kriya tells Sharon Rey left rehearsals mid way.She tells ma be he feels difficult working with me . Sharon tells she will speak with Rey when Kriya stops her.Sharon sees powder in Kriya dress and asks her what happened.Kriya tells someone spread in in Rehearsal hall.Sharon thinks who would do such prank.Sharon asks where else was powder. Kriya replies it was near Rey’s bag. Sharon thinks will Rey do so when Kriya tells Rey would not do so.Sharon tells she will speak with Rey on this when Kriya stops but Sharon goes out to speak saying she will handle it.

Sharon goes to BB court and offers Rey sandwiches saying he must be tired with Rehearsals. Sharon tells she knows he did not rehearse the day and tells she wont ask why but did you.rey asks what when Sharon tells there was powder on RH floor and Kriya slipped off. Rey asks do you think I did. Sharon tells she is here just to clear her doubt but Rey takes in wrong way and tells why are you girls like this.You are my best friend and are blaming me.Sharon tries explaining she is not blaming him .Rey tells you can trust Kriya but not me.Sharon replies that Kriya did not tell her anything and tells Rehearse as your mood wishes.Annual day is about to come and moves from there.Rey feels bad thinking no one wants to understand him and all this is cause of Kriya.She is creating misunderstanding between his friends. He is playing basket ball thinking I fought with Sharon for unwanted reason.Yesterday I took my frustration on NIl and Vicky.I cannot put Kriya’s frustration on others.Not only mine but I’m spoiling others mood too.I must ask Sorry to Sharon and hope she does not misunderstand me.

Sharon was in the rehearsal hall and thinking how rude was Rey.I just went to ask him and he feels I’m blaming him.Swayam comes in saying he is scared of blaming.He is scared of losing his friends.He is scared of rejections.Swayam adds Rey does not want to lose his best friend.Sharon tells I’m here.You and Kriya are friends and Rey feels you are getting more close with Kriya and he is not able to accept the fact that you and Kriya are friends. He is upset for loosing Kriya. Swayam says you guys fight but you guys have always been there for each other. Sharon tells she is always there for his best friend.Rey has faced a lot of rejection and has got insecure.We are his friends and you must speak and sort out.Speak and everything will be sorted.Sharon asks will our issues also be solved by speaking.

Precap: Kriya knocks Rey’s door.She tellsSharon has called her to get DVDs .Kriya finds her mask is till with Rey.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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