The Buddy Project 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kiya cornering Piddi and teasing him about Avantika. At first, Piddi wittily tries to avoid it but Kiya keeps teasing him that him and Avantika have something going on? Piddi gets hyper that this can never be and starts calling Avantika a Dayan. Kiya scolds him that Avantika has so lovingly nicknamed him “Tinku”, at least he could’ve come up with a better name! Piddi says right now he only wants to think about KD. Kiya sobers a little hearing KD’s name but gets back in the zone and teases again that Piddi never hugged KD like he hugged her “Dayan”. Piddi says Avantika is completely mad and Kiya adds that she’s mad for him! Piddi says she’s a psycho and isn’t interested in him and it’s better they don’t talk about her. Kiya says but Avantika talks about him all the time, smitten! About his spiked hair, about his melodious voice! Piddi gets in the mood hearing this but then snaps and escapes from there saying this topic is closed! Kiya says she won’t close it so soon, now this GS Challenge is becoming interesting.

In the office, Rukmini says to JJ she’s here to study not do some radio show. JJ asks her to stop lying, to herself. She knows she isn’t here just to study but to be someone. Rukmini asks if she won’t study, how will she be someone? JJ explains study isn’t always book related. Such activities teach people in a way that professors never can. And she’s a Media student. Here, she’d have to reach out to people to understand them, to make them understand her which she can’t do in a closed room behind the shelves of books. JJ calls her special. He says there are many students like her but what makes her stand apart is that she has the courage to face the world and stand up for her dreams. Rukmini says spitefully that none of her dreams ever came true. JJ sits in front of her and says that he is giving her a chance to do so. With this show, she can be the voice of hope for many students like herself in the college which is no small thing. He is giving her a chance to fulfill her dreams, so is she game?

RV in the canteen wonders to the camera if Rukmini will accept being his co-RJ or not? And if she does, how will he communicate with her? How will she be ready to talk to him and how will he figure out how to help her. Lost in thoughts, he turns to leave and almost bumps to Chintu who comments that unlike RV, he has break as well as accelerator so that’s why he can avoid such bumps. He hands him tea and leaves. RV sits down and notices a girl eating pastry on the other table. Thinking that it’s Panchi, he goes to her and surprises her from behind but she’s someone else. He apologizes and backs away and again, almost bumps to Chintu. Chintu asks him if he is missing his Friend? RV nods and Chintu assures him not to worry as the Friend will return soon.

Outside, Omi is alone on the bench when a basketball hits him on the head. He scolds the students and says frustratingly that the day itself is bad. Radio went to Dhakkans, KD can’t be found anywhere and how in the world will he finish the challenge if Panchi isn’t in teh college? Then, the ball hits him again! He picks it up with the intention of hitting it back to the culprit but gets drops it in stunned disbelief when he sees Panchi walking through the gates. He rushes to meet her and asks has she returned? Confused, Panchi says yes and Omi continues he’s so happy that if he had no name, he would named himself Happy Singh. Panchi gives him a look as to what’s wrong with him. He gets nervous and hands her a toffee which she hesitantly accepts. Omi then goes on to distribute toffees to the nearby students because Panchi has returned. Panchi STTC why is Omi being so happy on her return.

In canteen, Chintu asks RV in disbelief does he really call Panchi “Moti” and she doesn’t mind? RV chuckles that she is supposed to mind but she doesn’t. He has been calling her that since they were 5, not with the intention of hurting her but just like that, to tease her. Chintu comments that it doesn’t seem like he’d ever hurt Panchi. RV looks at him and says that he did hurt her very badly and even broke her heart. Chintu is surprised hearing this. RV goes on the explain that it was in school. Panchi had feelings for him while he was in love with a stupid girl. He was really an idiot.

Chintu asks so did he never have feelings for her? RV shakes his head no. And it’s not because she’s fat, he’s an idiot but not that big of one! They are friends since childhood and he has always, does so and will continue seeing her only as a Buddy. And now even she considers him her best friend only so it’s all set. Chintu is impressed and comments that Panchi is a wonderful girl. RV agrees and adds that she’s very cute lookwise, is talented and is simply awesome! Chintu says RV is lucky to have a friend like this. RV says she means really a lot to him and she deserves the best so he hopes that a fantastic boy is waiting for her somewhere.

Scene shift to Omi still distributing toffees. Panchi asks him what is he so excited about? Omi explains why wouldn’t he be? When friends return people get excited. Hasn’t she seen 3 Idiots where Aamir and Madhavan were so happy seeing Sharman return? Panchi retorts that in the movie, Sharman had returned from the hospital! The whole scenario was different. She then stops and asks are they friends? Omi rolls his eyes that yes, they are! The other day, he gave her a toffee. That was mark of friendship! And then, he gave her those samosas. She didn’t eat them but he had intended her to. So now, she better come with him for he wants her to meet someone. Panchi asks who? Omi replies hot samosas! So she better hurry up or they’ll get cold. Panchi says not now and that she has to meet JJ and she rushes away. Behind her, Omi grins that now that Panchi is back, all he has to do is figure out what to do for her and how to do it.

Inside, Panchi STTC that she thought RV and her old friends would be here to welcome her, but here the whole story is different! She wonders what did JJ do in her absence?

Panchi goes to the office to meet JJ who is sitting with Rukmini. She greets him and he welcomes her back. JJ introduces Rukmini to Panchi saying that she is RV’s bestfriend. To Panchi he says, Rukmini is going to be RV’s partner in the radio. Panchi smiles at first then cries out to the camera that who is this new character and how did she become RV’s partner? What is happening in the world?!

In the canteen, Kiya continues teasing Piddi that Avantika has named him Tinku Jiya, right? Piddi says it’s not “Tinky Jiya!”, it’s just Tinku! Kiya playfully hits him and asks him to name her something as well, something matching. Yeah! Tinku’s TIKA! Piddi folds his hands in front of her and begs her to stop all this as he has no interest in either giving Avantika nicknames or in Avantika as well! Just then, they notice Panchi in the canteen. Kiya gives out a loud greeting. Hearing this, RV who was sitting at a table at a distance from them, looks up. Seeing Panchi, he gets up and runs towards her, jumping over a chair and table to get to her quickly and hugs her (in a totally magical sort of way ) He sets her down after a long hug and asks her where she was all these days? She tells him that she’d explain later and greets the other two and asks where KD is? Piddi just shrugs that he doesn’t know.

KD is somewhere, sitting on the bench dejected. One man tries to boost him up by saying that stuff like this happen but these big companies are all like that. At the beginning, they’d never give new talent a chance and when that same new talent becomes a star, they chase them like crazy. KD says but if no one would give new talent a chance, how will they rise? What platform do they man? The man says that everyone has to make their own platform. He wishes him luck.

KD goes to college but notices that it’s almost off time so decides against entering. Avantika sees him as he takes out the list of all the companies which rejected him and throws it on the ground in frustration. JJ sees him doing this and calls him towards it. Avantika picks up the paper and seeing it, gets excited that a promise is a promise and says she’d have to show this to Avi.

JJ and KD play basketball and JJ doesn’t make it easy on KD. But KD manages to score a basket, in a way win. He gets happy despite the tiredness. They huff together and JJ says that sports like this a good and healthy way to burn up all the frustration and anger in the shape of sweat. Else all of that becomes an ulcer inside. He makes him sit beside him and says that no matter how bad things are, at the end of the day all becomes well. Don’t lose hope. KD says and what about the time when no one is ready to help? JJ asks does he need help, really? A helping hand? JJ holds KD’s right hand as a fist and says this is your helping hand, with this he can help himself. Then he holds his left hand and says that with this, he can help others. JJ cites examples of some famous people who never gave and didn’t lose hope for one second that was the reason for their success. KD finally gets what JJ wants to say that all those people had no plan B. JJ says that’s the point, if he’d put this in his head that giving up is not an option for him and if he’d keep trying without losing hope, he’ll surely succeed. Because as they say, miracles don’t happen by chance.

Precap – Panchi saying to RV that she always considered herself as a side dish. RV replies not anymore. He’s sure she’ll become a big star someday! Panchi says hopefully specially now that…she leaves her sentence midway and RV is confused and asks what now?

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