Amita Ka Amit 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 29th April 2013 Written Update

Sanjay brings popcorn.. Amit refuses but Sanjay reassuringly tells Amita she can have it without botheration as Amit has a long list of rules he sticks too .Amit tells Amita he doesnot eat popcorn because it gets stuck in his teeth ( Amit and his weird preferences.. the less said the better) when she asks him to share the popcorn she was having as it doesnot look nice to gorge on it alone.. Amita offers him a chewing gum instead. Amit takes on the offer as Amita had said it was sweet but few secs later finds out it isn’t.. He has to get rid of it since he only chews on chewing gum that are sweet..What the!!!

Then begins the perilious task of Amit to get rid of the chewing gum.. He tries to dispose it off by throwing it.. but owing to it’s sticky nature he decides to be kind to the people around him and wraps it in the movie hall ticket.Which predictably is asked for by Amita as she wants to leave the hall and go outside as it was interval time.. Amit flatly denies he has the ticket to Amita… Their conversation is interupted when Preti and Jigna come and have some small talk wiith Amita and Amit.. Preeti tells Amita that she doesnt need the ticket to gou out and strtch her legs.. The girl gang leave with Amit telling Amita to be back before the lights get dim.

Sajay and Batuk join Amit ..where Batuk laments on watching the movie single.. Sanjay offers he sit next to Preeti and him as a seat was empty.. Batuk takes on the offer gladly( but one wonders what was he doing in the movie hall as a kabab mein haddi among the couples?).. The boys ask Amit to join them outside but the guy refuses as he wants to be there when Amu comes back( sweet!!)
Sanjay ans Batuk leave and Amit is back to his work of sdisposing the chewing gum..the man struggles with it as it gets stuck on his hand but he is finally able to free himself of it. But his troubles are far from over.. the siad chewing gum gets stuck in Amita’s seat as Amit babu is left wondering where did the chewing gum land after leaving his hand..

Amita comes back and takes her seat.The chewing gum gets stuck to he rhair.. the lady is unaware..

The villains of th Shah family make an appearance again ..Rohan assures his mom he has a perfect plan for Amit.. All she needs to do is have some patience and her evil desires will see the light of the day.
Ria like the BBC radio faithfully comes with the latest update on Amita and Amit’s visit to watch DDLJ for her husband and MIL. As expected they are very unhappy with the turn of events..Tina in her villanious mode promises o show then=m a very different movie soon..

Amit is crying on the emotional scenes in the movie Amit is watching her with amazement. As the movie ends he asks her that she has seen the movie earlier why was she so emotional then? Amita true to herself replies with every viewing she faces the flurries in her stomach of theapprehension ..what if Amrish Puri didnot let go of Kajol’s hand.. Amit just offers his handkerchief to wipe off her tears ( the reasoning of Amu darling is beyond the comprehension of the poor boy!)
Amita questions him on how did he find the movie.. to which the practical Amit replied it was ok but he failed to understandant the wow factor concerning it!! Amita is shocked but Amu is sayani now so she quips it is ok. SHe might not like the movie which Amit prefers…

The friends call the couple as it is time to leave and then the big dhamaka happens- The chewing gum gets stuck to Amita’s hair ! As Preeti tries to disentangle it .. Amit Kumar blurts out .. so this is where the chewing gum went and hell breaks loose as the volcano called Amita errupts.. Amit makes a feeble attempt at stating it was strictly unintentional but Amita is in no mood to listen she is mad that he found her seat to dispose of the chewing gum.. what does it matter to him it is her hair that’s got stuck.. Preeti manges to dislodge the chewing gum from the seat but not from Amu’s hair.
Jigna increases the guilt factor in Amit stating that Amita loves her hair more than anything..Poor Amit his explanation that it happened by chance fails to impress Jigna..Amita is struggling with the chewing gum Amit tries to give some helpful sugestions which turn out to be well… not so helpful..

Amit gallantly suggests if need be they will cut Amita’s hair further infuriating is the only good thing that she has.. it helps to overshadow her otherwise average appearance.. The nok jhok finally ends when Amit leaves the movie hall ina huff to wait for Amita in the car ..His friends try to pacify him ..Amita realizes she has been too harsh on Amit.. Jigna tells her that they have to cut a portion of Amita’s hair.. Amita is shocked as she has never cut her hair.

On the ride back home Amita apologizes.. Amit is very hurt .. He tells Amita it hurts when he is insulted in front of his friends or strangers.. He even mntions the episode with Amita’s dad.. Amita defends saying they are entirely 2 different issue and she is very sensative about her hair.
Amita is very sad on her hair being trimmed she tries to see it by adjusting the rearview mirror.. Amit tries to stop her in doing this they narrowly miss a pedestrian.The brake applied leads to an accident with another car.. The driver of that car shout at Amit.. The matter is settled with money.. Amit is mad at seeing a dent on his car.. He and Amita squabble on the rad blaming each other and defending oneself. The argument ends with Amit declaring he will never go out with Amita again.

The argument heats up as Amita talks about Amit’s ego and pride which resulted in his marriage to her when Snehal rejected him..Amit doesnot lag in accusing Amita of requesting him to amrry her for the sake of his family.. Both express their unhappiness at being tied to an unsuitable partner for life.. Amu i sreminded of her dad’s words of giving them a stipulated time to esolve their differences or else he will take her away from her sasuraal. Amita checks herself and tells Amit they will speak further on returning home instead of argung on the road.

The family questions on how they enjoyed the movie…Nani notices Amita’s hair being cut… Amit admits that it was his fsault.. Phalguni and Nani talk about something brewing between the couple.. they decide to call a Pandit to take some suggestions. Amita tries to patch up with Amit but he is not willing .. As hr leaves for the guest room to sleep he meets Phalguni..

Precap- Phalguni is enquiring whee is Amit going with pillow in his hand..

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