The Buddy Project 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 24th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th December 2013 Written Update

Panchi is sitting alone in a corridor and thinking about what Piddi said about her, that she is at the receiving end of RV’s love. Just then, Kiya starts a video chat with her and asks her to see her rehearsal for the song she is going to perform on New Years Bash.

(then I die)

Panchi goes in this dream superHOTromantic dream sequence with the song Gulabi playing in the BG and my adorable RaHi are being freakin’ hot in it and Khudaya, the chemistry just about killed me and I went to Heaven and back and asdjahasjkdhasjkdah! I have no words!!

RV comes there and snaps her awake from her dream. She is all flabbergasted when he playfully asks her if she was thinking about him. She asks him what has he been upto? RV sighs and replies that he didn’t

know being the President he would personally have to handpick all the decorations for the party, like the flowers, music and a photography booth for the couples plus a wall where couples can write messages. Panchi becomes all dreamy at the romance of it all. She compliments that the whole idea sounds so romantic. RV teasingly asks did she ever think he can be very romantic if he wants to? Panchi looks away and lies that she never imagined him to be this romantic (LIAR! She dreamed about him kissing her!!! )

RaHi are on the way somewhere and RV consoles her saying Piddi will get over it all soon. Panchi seems too disappointed and RV is cheering her up. They come across a group of kids trying to get their kite to come down as it is stuck in a tree. RV goes over to help them and Panchi thinks of all the time after the camp where RV was trying to be all sweet, romantic with her. RV is done helping the kids and joins Panchi, laughing and talking abut something but she is too lost in him to register what he is saying (the girl has gone lattooo!!!!) RV gets a text from Sophia Ma’am and he realizes that he has some work left in college. He asks Panchi to head over to his place, he has something to ask her.

RV rushes away and Panchi STTC that she knows RV will ask her out for the NYB and this time, she will say yes.

At RV’s place, Panchi is eagerly waiting for him. She STTC that she won’t take time and will immediately say yes. But then wonders that it would be no fun. She is indecisive because she doesn’t want to torment RV more. In the end, she just curses him for being so late

Piddi and KD are drunk () and discussing just how long Piddi would have to remain single. It’s one hilarious sequence where they refer everything from Dhoom to Karan Arjun to trains and airplanes, wondering how long will it take to get Piddi a girl!

RV arrives home and greets Panchi. She is too excited and he seems nervous. He says he wants to ask her something and she encourages him. After some fumbling and nervousness, RV asks Panchi if she will go to the NYB…with Piddi (gadha ) Panchi is majorly shocked. RV goes on explaining that Piddi doesn’t have a girl, she doesn’t have a partner so why not both of them go together? New Year parties are supposed to be enjoyed with dear ones. Panchi is still shocked and asks does he really want that? RV affirms and Panchi, obviously majorly hurt, just says in disbelief that this idea is something only he could think of. He is sweet na (SRI Ranveer Shergill, gadha ) RV jokes and asks her not to call him sweet, it’s not good for his Casanova image. He offers to drop her home as it’s late.

Panchi, huffing and puffing, comes home and sees her mother going through old albums of RaHi. Mrs.R comments RaHi look so cute together. Panchi gets annoyed and asks her mother to serve dinner as she’s hungry. Panchi goes in her room, getting mad by each passing moment. Mrs.R comes there and says that she has made her and RV’s favorite Pulao. Panchi gets irritated and says that she isn’t hungry. Mrs.R just shrugs and goes away (I love this woman!! )

RV slides out from under Panchi’s bed and she is shocked to see him there. He jokes that cuz of her, even he is deprived from his favorite Pulao and the smell is too tempting. He asks her why was she mad at her mother? She retorts by asking what’s wrong with him?! When she asked him not to, he sent her 100 messages everyday and never stopped bothering her. Now that when she is ready, he is asking her to go to the party with PIDDI!! (oh, this girl! ) RV coolly replies he is doing what she asked him to do, giving her space. If she doesn’t like it now, how does it become his fault? Panchi remembers all the time where she became irritated with his proximity and asked him to stay away. Realizing it all, she starts saying to herself that he isn’t at fault. She never gave him any sign. From the fear of losing him, she never stepped forward to hold his hand. That way it’s obvious that she would eventually lose him (this line! ) She has to step up her game! Else some other girl might snatch RV away. She becomes all charged up and hyper and looks down to see an empty floor.

Gotta love this girl’s imagination

Now all okay, she goes out and asks her mother to serve the Pulao

Piddi and KD are drunk singing and RV calls Piddi. He asks him if he is alone and Piddi puts the call on speaker. KD greets RV. RV tells Piddi that he will be going to the Bash with Panchi, much to PraSha’s shock. They scold RV for this ridiculous thought and that RV should be the one asking Panchi out! RV explains that he would be DJing anyway, no use of him getting a date. He already asked Panchi and she agrees so if Piddi refuses now, he will beat him. Piddi says that won’t it be awkward, he has started considering Panchi as his Bhabhi now ( ) RV scolds him that friends can go to the party together and says definitely that Piddi and Panchi are going together, that’s it.

KD is majorly displeased at the recent developments and makes up a plan.

Kiya gets a call from a drunk KD who is being all James Bond type secret with her, making sure she’s alone etc. Kiya asks him if he’s drunk and he immediately becomes sweet saying he never gets drunk He tells her that he has to share a ‘Top Secret Plan’ with her and she should come down, they are standing outside her house. Curious, Kiya goes down.

PraSha are damn drunk but still all charged up. Kiya asks them again if they are drunk and KD cunningly replies that they aren’t drunk, they are “high on life!”, a statement which Kiya doesn’t buy. They tell him about Sri Ranveer Shergil’s mahaan idea of making Panchi Piddi’s date for the Bash and Kiya is shocked at this. KD says now it’s up to them to hook these two up. Kiya says she has an idea and suggests that they make Panchi so jealous at the party by pairing RV with various girls that she gives in and accepts her feelings. Cuz RV wouldn’t do a thing until she’s ready and she will never be ready unless she gets some major realization. Boys love this plan and they all make a pact to make Panchi sooo jealous at the party that she would have no choice but to accept RV’s feelings (I love these guys!!!! )

Precap – Panchi promises herself to do something on her own and propose to RV, what better way to do so other than the Bash? At the party, she tells Piddi to leave her alone for a while. When Piddi says this to KiSha, they become happy that their plan is working. Panchi STTC that she won’t let this chance go else it might be just too late for her.

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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