Saraswatichandra 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 24th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking Guniyal what happened. Guniyal says Yash’s mum is annoyed with us. Badimaa says she will forget everything when Kalika gives birth to a baby and we welcome the baby well as she might have wished. Dada ji and Kumud have a talk. Saras laughs hearing them. Kaka comes with Amruth. Gyaan is happy to see it. Yash says we need an extra car for Dada ji. Saras says even I have a travel agent number, I will talk to him. Saras leaves and Kusum goes after him making an excuse. Kusum looks out for Saras. She sees him coming and hides. She plans what to do. She sees her kamarbandh and bumps into Saras purposely.

Saras holds her while she falls on him. Kuum stares at him holding him. Kumud sees this standing far. Saras sees the way Kusum has touched

him and says be careful. He starts walking and turns to see the kamarbandh. He says this is Kumud’s kamarbandh right. Kusum smiles seeing him and goes close to him. He moves backwards. Kusum says yes, but now its mine, Kumud gave it to me, I did not ask her for it. Kumud cries seeing them. Saras says there is a difference between love and things. Its only love which can’t be given upon asking. He leaves. Kumud sees Kusum happy.

Kumud comes to Saras. Saras stops her and says I need to talk to you. Kumud says even I have to talk. They start speaking together saying Kusum….and stop. Saras says Kusum wore your kamarbandh. Kumud says yes, I know, I have seen it. Kusum is in her room going mad over Saras. She thinks how Saras made her wear it. She says we get anything if we wish it by heart, she says one day I will get even you like I got this kamarbandh. She smiles. Danny comes to her and sees her with the chunri he gave her.

Danny says so you hate me so much that you want to tear this. Kusum says I was making it twisted as it has to be wear like that. Danny says I did not know this, sorry. He helps her in twisting the dupatta. Kumud says I thought Danny and Kusum are coming close but I saw love for you in her eyes, till she loves you, she won’t come close to Danny. Saras says she will realize it one day. Kusum says she loves you. Saras says she does not love you, she does not know love, love is sacrifice, not framing anyone by force.

Danny asks Kusum can I ask you three questions. Danny asks do you hate me. Kusum says no. Danny then asks but you don’t love me right. Kusum is silent. Danny looks at her. Kusum nods no. Kusum says third question? Danny says will you not help me in my try. He smiles and she says this was not your question. Danny looks on. Kumud tells Saras that love means sacrifice for me, but its not the same for Kusum, how can we do this injustice with her. Saras says love can’t hurt anyone, its only her who is making our lives at stake. Kumud says my whole family is hurt by this marriage, what about them.

Saras holds Kumud’s hand and she says Kusum is in much pain. She says we are apart but what about Kusum, she is dying every moment. Saras says I married her, she would have to go through the same pain. Saras says Danny loves her a lot, understand this. Kumud says who will explain this to Kusum. She says till you are close to her, she……. Saras says what do you mean and says you mean I should leave from here. Kumud cries and says yes, it would be good for all of us. Saras holds her and says what do you think, everything will be fine if I leave, why do you always make me away from yourself. Kumud says we don’t have any other option. Saras says we have an option, Kusum have to leave this right as I will be giving the right to you. Kumud asks what. Saras says marry me, make our relation complete.

Daras holds her face and says I want to marry you by all rituals, then Kusum will stop loving me. Saras says maybe she will understand Danny’s love then. Saras says hold my hand for everyone’s happiness. He wipes her tears and takes out a sindoor box and says we have spend much time between apart…… and now its the time for us to be united and one. Dada ji looks at them. Saras is about to fill Kumud’s maang.

Saras says my heart is asking me to fill your maang and tell the whole world that I m born only for you. He says I will also wait when you will claim your right on me, I have always told the world that I m made for you, but the day when you tell the world that Saraswatichandra is only yours, that day I will fill this sindoor in your Maang. He looks at her passionately. Rahe na kuch bhi………………. plays………… Kumud cries seeing him throw the sindoor. The sindoor falls on her. Saras gets tears in his eyes and leaves.

Dada ji is worried. Kalika tries to talk to him but he walks out not seeing her. Kalika thinks whats going on. Kumud touches the sindoor which fell on her face and cries. Kalika comes there and sees the sindoor on the ground. She says this sindoor, even your forehead has the sindoor. She tries to wipe it but Kumud stops her holding her hand. Kalika says the food is ready, come. Kumud says I m not hungry. Kalika is happy seeing Kumud in this state and leaves. Kumud picks the sindoor box and the sindoor.

Kusum is happy and smiling thinking about her planned fall on Saras. Kalika comes to Kusum and says don’t keep Kumud’s plate as she won’t be having food today. Saras hears this and goes away. Kalika smiles and thinks see Saras also went, now even Kusum won’t eat and then Danny also won’t have food, these four are bitten by love bug. Kusum leaves.

Saras asks Kumud to have fruits alteast else even he won’t eat. Kumud and Saras make each other eat. Piya……… plays……………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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