The Buddy Project 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 24th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th April 2014 Written Update

Ranveer says to jetli sir n maya , you both are invited to cafe’s inauguration party..Vaani asks ranveer , nothing is final still, we have a lot of work…Kd says her not to worry as you dont know ranveer ..he will manage everything.he can do anything..ranveer says i cant do alone i need your help..jetli sir if you need any help then please dont call me i m not free. Ranveer says its not good, you are the guest of honour..we will not ask you to work…You are asked to come only n enjoy the moment. Jetli asks whose idea of guest of honour..vaani says its because of maya .. i got true friends because of you.. literally my life has changed.She thanks maya and jetli to promote her business..

Next morning scene, KD and ranveer fight about bathroom issues…Vaani comes there n sees kd in towel.. She says guys dont forget this is your office also ..please keep your DOSTANA at your home..this is my cafe also..customers also come here…Kd asks her to turn up..She tells them that piddi gave letter for you..piddi comes with cake n asks them to read letters..Its their result..Ranveer gets excited as he got 80%..n kd gets 85%.. They both hug..Piddi says i got 40% pass marks..Piddi says my mom doesnt believe that i passed but sheeba convinced her that she taught me..Kd also says my dad is very happy..He was proud.He says hope panchi is also celebrating.. Ranveer says we will give treat shubh at cafe..Vaani agrees..piddi says to eat sweets for right now..he gives them cake to eat..They says vaani that we can keep piddi’s cake at our cafe..

Buddies plan for inauguration party..ranveer asks them to work fast..They decorate the cafe with balloons n have fun..Vaani asks them to behave with love n courtesy, specially with kids..because kids will get irritated soon..Specially when they dont get food on time..If anyone misbehave with children then throw out him from my cafe because i dont want..piddi says by god you are fire band…Ranveer says to keep feedback form for will help our cafe..Kd gets call n goes aside..
Next scene ranveer asks kd to tell him what is this suspense..Buddies says we dont have time..Kd says i got Aanya’s call. they accepted our deal..They are ready to promote our company..vaani asks who is Aanya..He says if Aanya’ name will be added in our company , our market value will be increase..vaani asks for double celebration..

Kd n ranveer say to jetli we can handle everything…Jetli is happy to learn that kd n ranveer reconciled with each other..Jetli congratulate them for result..Jetli wants to talk ranveer alone.. he says i can see in your eyes..its happy day for you but you are missing your family.. ranveer says i m very lucky.i got everything here good friends, good teacher like you, but when i go to home i feel alone..Jetli says I m proud of you.. He says my parents also died.. I also missed them a lot..then i found you guys..Jetli says you all are my family..Jetli hugs ranveer..

Kd says to ranveer , we all your family..
Night scene , at vaani’s cafe Kd asks vaani if she is happy, Vaani says i m very happy as everything is fine…vaani calls maya n jetli sir to cut the cake.. Jetli congratulate vaani n buddies to support vaani..All cut cake n eat..All have fun..”Tum na humko roko abhi” song plays..

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Update Credit to: Priya

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