Pavitra Rishta 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren asking Ankita to stop working at home and says it is his time now. He asks her not to mingle with Pari as she is workoholic and will make her also the same. Ankita says Pari works so much purposefully to keep herself busy. She tells him that a guy ditched Pari. Naren says who is he, I will scold him. Ankita says she does not know who he is, but did not right by betraying her. Naren says we both will search a good guy for her. Ankita thinks love changes a person, it makes someone Naren and someone Pari.

Ovi’s friend meets her. Sulochana and Savita come and meet her. Pia brings snacks for Ovi’s friend. Ovi introduces Pia as her daughter and has done hotel management course. Ovi’s friend asks if she is looking a guy for Pia. Ovi says she wil get her niece Pari married first as she is elder to her and then Pia. Her friend says she has opened a marriage beaureau and shows guy’s pics. Archana says she has found a guy for Pari and it is Shekhar. She says she does not know about his family and how he is, so she has to investigate about him first. Ovi’s friend shows Shekhar’s pic and says his mother registered in our marriage beaureu to find a girl for him.

Savita says we are finding a guy for Pari and already we found a guy. She asks Ovi’s friend to speak to Shekhar’s mom. Archana says let us ask Pari first and then decide. She says she will talk to someone first.

Naren tries to feed beakfast to Ankita. Ankita gets shy and says someone will see. He says there is nobody at home. Archana calls Ankita. Naren picks the call and speaks to Archana who informs about Shekhar’s alliance with Pari. Naren and Ankita go and meet Shekhar. Naren informs about Pari’s alliance with him. He says Pari does not have feathers, but she is beautiful. Ankita says she will speak. She says Shekhar that he knows Pari better than us and to take a decision himself. Shekhar says Pari is very simple, workoholic. He likes her as a friend but did not see her as his life partner. Ankita says it is fate, even god wants you both to get together. She says she will call Archana and inform. Shekhar asks Ankita to speak to Pari before and asks if she is ok with marriage. Ankita says she will speak to her. Shekhar says if Pari says yes, it is fine with him.

Ankita meets Archana’s family. Archana asks about Shekhar’s opinion. Savita says Shekhar cannot say no for Pari. Ankita says Shekhar said yes, but he has one condition. He said if Pari is ready, he will marry her. He will bring her parents tonight. Pia asks who is inform Pari. Ankita asks if Pari does not know about it. Archana says yes she does not know. Teju says let us make Pari meet with Shekhar’s parents, she cannot deny them then. Savita says if we throw a person in water, he/she will learn swimming by default and asks to bring Shekhar’s parents. Pari comes and asks what is happening. Savita and Sulochana says nothing. Pia says they are planning about evening snacks. Pari says how can anybody love food so much. Teju says we love food. Pari asks Ankita why is she here in the morning. Savita says she called Ankita as we have pooja in house today. She says everybody will come in Indian dress and asks her to come. Pari says she has meeting and will come next time.

Savita starts acting and says she does not care about her old aaji, if she does not want to come it is ok. Pari asks her not to start emotional drama and says she will attend but does not have Indian dresses. Teju says Ankit awill help you shop Indian dress after your meeting with her. Ankita and Pari leave for their meeting.

Savita is getting a facepack. Damodar sees her eyes closed and tries to go out of the house. Savita hears his voice and asks where is he going. He says where will he go. She says he is going to meet his heroine/alcohol and wants to party. She warns him not to drin as Shekhar’s parents are coming to see Pari, if he drinks tonight, she will hit him and call bewda. Maid smiles and says they both are same even now. Savita then permits her to drink a bit. Damodar gets happy and says he will come back soon. She asks him not to forget his grandaughter for his heroine/alcohol.

Naren asks Shekhar if he is tensed. Shekhar says he is tensed. Naren teaches him breathing therapy to ease the tension. Shekhar does it and says his tension is increasing. Naren says he will tell her girl’s psychology. He says girl are complicated, their yes is no and no is yes. He asks him not to take it lighthly and love her deeply. Shekhar says opposite. Naren says he knows Pari’s parents and they are very nice people. He asks if he likes PAri. Shekhar says he likes her. Naren asks how does she look. Shekhar says she is very beautiful.

Precap: Naren and Ankita are praying in temple. Pari comes and stands behind them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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