The Buddy Project 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Harsh and Kiya are in the car. He asks her about her favorite song. Kiya says that it’s Mere Saath. To this, Harsh asks how would she define love?At this, Kiya thinks about all the time she spent with KD. (The entire Kisha journey from s1 along with FBs and ‘Mere Saath’ playing in the BG) Kiya sees a dhaba and tells Harsh that she is hungry and that they should stop here. Harsh scorns at the idea but agrees eventually.

KD gets a text from Kiya which says that they are at the ‘Shalimar Dhaba’. The buddies wonder where the dhaba is. They stop the car and try to ask a passed out drunk man by the side of the road about the dhaba. (Now thats a sensible thing to do ._. ) The drunk guy points at something in the sky and passes out again. KD sees that its a sign for the

location of the shalimar dhaba. The buddies reach the dhaba Kiya mentioned and search for Kiya and Harsh.

When they can’t find them they decide to wear hoods and look for them in the dhaba. Panchi is sleeping in the car so Ranveer tells him to stay there while Ransh try finding Kiya. A guy in the truck parked beside Ranveer’s car sees that the car is unlocked and whispers about stealing it to ther guy. Ranveer and KD search the whole dhaba with no success.

Kiya and Harsh eating somewhere beyond the dhaba in the open. When the worker from the dhaba comes to take away the plates, Harsh hands him 1000 Rs. as a tip. The guy returns his 100rs and a one rupee coin to Harsh saying thats his tip. Kiya bursts out laughing at this while Harsh is flabbergasted.Kiya gets worried about the buddies and hopes that they find her.

Kiya asks Harsh why does he get so angry at little things? She tries to explain him that he is good guy from a royal family so he shouldn’t get angry at petty things. She asks him if he thinks that all the money and power of Dad is not his? Harsh gets agitated by this and tells her that they should leave.

Piddi goes looking for Harsh and Kiya by himself and gets involved in an argument with a guy about it. (Which found absolutely ridiculous btw. ) Meanwhile, the two truck guys steal Ranveer’s car. RV and KD see this and try to run behind them but they drive away. Ranveer blasts off on Piddi for leaving the car unattended. The guys stole his car and that Panchi is now witht the car theives. KD, RV and Harsh are stand there worried while someone honks behind them. They turn around and are shocked to see Kiya and Harsh. Harsh gets shocked seeing them as well.

Precap: RV, KD are in Harsh’s car when RV gets a call from the kidnapper. The kidnapper warns him to hurry or else he might harm JJ. Harsh overhears this (Maybe , not really sure ) and claps saying that they deserve a standing ovation.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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