Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Nandini dreams about dancing with Rajvir on Aadhaa Ishq song and smiles. GD is worried about Nandini as she is being praised a lot and she should be shown to her real place. Abhay supports her and agrees that they should break Nandini’s courage as it will not be good for them if people continue to praise her a lot. GD says that she will teach Nandini a lesson and asks Abhay to call all the women who praised Nandini a lot for the Women Wing President Vote so that they can see how Nandini is being treated in Raghuvanshi’s house.

Rajvir tells Nandini that even if he doesn’t want to go for political work, he should as he doesn’t want to hurt his mom’s feelings after what happened yesterday. Nandini says ok I will wait for you and she feels awkward-happy. Rajvir

smiles and leaves and turns again and looks at Nandini smilingly. Nandini smiles and asks him if he forgot something. Rajvir smiles again and leaves. The women come. GD asks Nandini to prepare for breakfast. Nandini feels weird but agrees. GD explains about Women Wing President and its responsibilities. Nandini tells them that food is ready and asks them to come and it. The lady praises Nandini again and tells GD that she is so lucky to have a daughter-in-law like her. GD is angry and asks Nandini to bring the food herself so that the women can see how good bahu is she. The lady stops her saying that they feel bad if Nandini does that for them but GD interrupts saying that she used to do that work before wedding and she knows well how to do it. Nandini serves the drinks and says that it’s her duty to serve her relatives and in return she will be blessed. The ladies praise her again and GD is getting more angrier.GD asks the ladies to choose the President of the Women Wing. She was about to name Akansha as.. but the lady said what’s the need when Nandini is there and she is loved by all of us. Everyone voted for Nandini as she has all that they want as a President. Nandini is confused but she refused to accept this responsibility as she is not interested in politics and doesn’t not have experience. The ladies support her to take up this responsibility without any fear. They tell GD to choose the president soon and they hope that she will make the right decision as always. GD is angry and says that tomorrow the President’s name will be announced. Nandini is feeling awkward. Nandini tells GD that she doesn’t want to be.. but GD ignores her and leaves. Abhay stares at her.

GD is worried of what happened. Nandini comes and tells her that she doesn’t want to be the President. GD screams at Nandini saying that she wanted to make Akansha the President and she has been blocking her way in everything. Nandini makes it clear that she didn’t know about anything but GD misunderstands saying that she wants to show off that she doesn’t want anything. She asks her to refuse in front of everyone the President’s post. Nandini leaves.

Rajvir is angry why Nandini is being forced to be part of political issues. Nandini assures him that she will clear out everything tomorrow.Nandini then takes Rajvir to the terrace so that they can enjoy the cold weather by the essence of adrak wali chai. Nandini ask the guards to make a fire on the terrace. Rajvir tells Nandini that the perfect combination with tea is still missing. Nandini asks him to wait and she leaves.. Abhay is quite suprised about Nandini as they thought of her as a simple girl who knows nothing and they used her to get votes through Project Pandey. GD tells him that Nandini can’t rule politics as she doesn’t have confidence and she will refuse being the President even though she has the majority votes. Nandini brings hot pakodas and enjoys them together with Rajvir. Nandini says that sometimes we should find time for our loved one in between our hectic schedule. They then heat their hands on the fire. Rajvir holds Nandini tight and puts shawl on her. Nandini puts her head on Rajvir’s shoulders. Both feel loved and awkward.

Precap: Abhay is suprised why GD voted Nandini as the President. GD tells him that she wants the ladies who voted for her to come and beg to fire Nandini out of this post, then it will be fun. Abhay thinks..

Update Credit to: PerfectLove

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