The Buddy Project 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 21st November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st November 2013 Written Update

The Buddies are waiting outside the OT when the doctor comes there. He tells them that Mr.Punj is in a serious condition. He has gone in coma due to the deep wound on his head. He can hear them, see them but can’t react. He tells them that Mr.Punj is being shifted to Ward No. 104 and tells them not to speak anything disappointing in front of him and try to keep happy. The doctor leaves and Buddies are shocked.

The go near Piddi’s ward and see his Mom already there. She says that its good they came now as Piddi will ask for them when wakes up as he is asleep right now. Ranveer STTC that he thinks Piddi’s Mom is in a great depression.She casually say to them that Piddi couldn’t go to Picnic today but you all can go with him the next day or the day after. The Buddies think that she in shock and hence talking like this. Piddi’s mom leaves and is about to go in Ward No. 103 when the buddies stop and tell her that Piddi is in Ward No.104. However, she says that Piddi has been shifted to 103 as she didn’t like the wall color of 104.xD The buddies look at her with a shocked expression while she goes in Piddi’s room.

KD says that Mrs.Punj is broken inside but is acting normal. Others agree with him and say that she is really shocked. They hope Piddi gets well soon. The Buddies enter Piddi’s ward and Mrs. Punj tells them that its a minor head injury and he will be well soon.Ranveer assures her that Piddi gets injured like that since childhood and he will be well soon. Mrs.Punj leaves from them to clear some bills. KD says that if Mrs.Punj can act normal, they can as well. They all try to wake him up by saying they will go to camp with him however to no success.

The buddies are standing out of his ward looking tensed when KD comes there and gives everyone Tea. Kiya denies is and gets annoyed when KD tries to force her. She says that KD finds a excuse to fight with her every time . KD retorts saying that he is already stressed due to Piddi’s condition and she is adding to it by fighting with him now. Ranveer comes there just then and leaves with KD . Kiya complains to Panchi that KD is always fighting with her. She is stressed and upset about Piddi as well but it’s always KD who’s social circumstances, POVs are considered. She says that whatever KD does is always considered right and whatever she does it’s always considered wrong. Kiya adds saying that KD wouldn’t mind even if she goes away.

She tells to Panchi that Ranveer on the other hand is very opposite to this. When Panchi went to Delhi, He had gone crazy and that he really cares for Panchi a lot.She adds saying KD is just her so-called boyfriend.Panchi is surprised hearing about Ranveer.She gets FBs of Jaane Kyun Sequence and few other cute moments from S1.

KD and RV bring Dean to the hospital who is crying his eyes out saying Piddi is his best student and best friend. RV and KD tell him not to cry in front of Piddi and try to act happy. Dean tries to wake up Piddi by saying that he is his best friend and stuff. Mrs.Punj comes there and gets shocked seeing the Dean laughing off like crazy and tells him to stop or else Piddi will wake up.RV tells her that Dean has come here to wake him up only.KD tells Mrs.Punj to come outside and she goes off with him reluctantly. Dean says that he has a niece who would be girlfriend if he wakes up and Piddi moves his fingers at this.RV adds that if no one else possible, he can make do with Panchi as his girlfriend. Piddi finally opens his eyes.

The sound of a loud slap is heard and KD comes in covering his right cheek with his hand. xD Mrs.Punj comes next and says that she has been telling since long that Piddi is fine and just asleep but KD doesn’t understand. RV tells her to have faith and adds that Piddi has woken up due to her strong faith only.Mrs.Punj slaps him as well and repeats that Piddi was just asleep because of the injection. RV and KD exclaim asking Piddi is in coma or not ,then? Later a ward guy comes there and clears that it was Gautam Punj whose operation was done and not Piddi.The Buddies are relieved hearing this.

Mrs.Punj apologizes KD and RV for slapping them and they say it’s okay. Piddi tells the Buddies that they will leave for Picnic tomorrow only.The buddies agree and Dean asks if Panchi agreed to go. Piddi says she did as she can’t deny Ranveer, can she? Rukmini glances at RV and Panchi for a moment and gets upset again.Piddi STTC that he hopes the plan will be executed well and the buddies find their perfect partners. He hopes that there will be no problems during the picnic.

Ranveer is in his room which is in a complete mess. He STTC that in this condition of the room he won’t finish packing till New Year’s Eve. He adds that there’s only one way in which this can be done. He picks up his phone and is about to dial Panchi’s number when the door bell goes. He answers it and is surprised to see Panchi. He STTC that he didn’t even dial her no. yet she is already here. He wonders if she has telepathic powers.
(Isse kehte hain connection!! :’) Day Dreaming )

Panchi goes to his room and is shocked seeing it in a mess. She tells him that she can’t stand unhygienic people and moves away from him however he pulls her in a bone crushing hug to tease her. She breaks off the hug and tries running away but he chases her around the room. Ranveer says to her that they should go to shopping. Panchi replies that there’s no need and asks him if there’s a Washing Machine in the house. Ranveer says yes and Panchi begins stuffing his clothes in a bag to get them washed.The doorbell goes again and Ranveer goes to answer it. Rukmini is at the door and Ranveer is shocked seeing her.

Precap : Piddi STTC to camera that God is great and hopes that nothing goes wrong during the picnic. All the buddies arrive for the picnic. (KD in gray shirt and black cut sleeves jacket and Ranveer in Blue Shirt. Both looking extremely HOT!! Blushing Day Dreaming) They all get seated in the Jeep and leave for the picnic.

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