Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st November 2013 Written Update

Mahananda stops a man from doing Kanya-vikraya. One of them stops her by holding a Sword at her neck. She calls Mahadev to help, not for her but for this innocent girl. If her Bhakti is truly for him then please come & save her. This is her Aavahan for Mahadev.
At Mandar Parvat, Paravti is making kheer. Mahadev tells her, he has to go immediately on Aavahan of a bhakta. She agrees.
Mahananda attacks the man but other one pushes her. She fallas at feet of Vaishyanath- Shivji in disguise. Flowers from her plate too falls at his feet. He tells those men, insulting a woman is insulting Prakriti which is not acceptable to Purush. He frees that girl from them, she goes to her father. He fights with them. Before running away they warn Mahananda, he won’t be with her forever & they’ll come back. Once they leave Pujari’s men comes with an announcement about no Ganika, specially Mahananda will be allowed to come anywhere near the temple. She says this is the result of showing mirror to that Pujari. She is impressed with his bravery, asks what is he doing in Nandigram? He answers, I am Vaishyanath, am here for business. Mahananda says, she is doing the Pradosh Vrat, for that worshipping Bhuteshwar & Bhutarteshwar ling is necessary. Now she is worried about her vrat’s completion. Vaishyanath tells her it is not necessary to go to temple for Bhuteshwar ling. Mahananda agrees but says it pains her for not being allowed the darshan of the ling in the temple. Vaishyanath takes out a beautiful Shivling, studded with Gems, gives it to her. She feels thrilled seeing it. He teels her to complete her pooja. She is afraid about the Pujari who may not let her complete her Anushthan. He agrees tp protect her, during that period, provided she has to be with him all the time. She promises on the Shivling in her hand for that. She is impressed with his thoughts, says I can spend my entire life with a person like you.

Indra comes to Kailash, complains to Ganesh & Kartikeya about Daityas. But to gets disappointed when Kartikeya tells him to improve his behavior & be disciplined, not to provok them. He leaves.
At Ksheersagar, Lakshmiji says she should go & be with Parvati, who is alone at this moment at Mandaranchal. Vishnuji agrees but, says some times having a ccompany makes one feelmore lonely. Lakshmiji comes to meet Paravti, who si making kheer, says when swami will come & have this kheer she’ll be glad seeing him feel satisfied. Lakshmiji ia about to say if you want… but she stops her saying she wants to enjoy these moments of present, out of her choice, she doesn’t want to know the future.

At Swarg, Daityaraj is admiring Swarga, comes near Devraj’s aasan. Indra is worried about Daityas may destroy Swarga, gets furious seeing Daityaraj sitting on his aasan, who tells him we’ll share this aasan. You sit on one half, I’ll sit on the other. Angry Indra is about to attack him with Vajra. But Brihaspati stops him. He tells hi Mahadev had allowed them here. You’ll be insulting him by attacking Daityaraj. He tells Daityaraj, this aasan belongs to the King of Swarga, not him. Daityaraj asks what is thee procedure of becoming the king of Swarga? Mahadev as Vaishyanath is aware of all these events.

Precap: Paravti says she’ll have to do penance.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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