The Buddy Project 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th March 2013 Written Update
The epi begins with Avi- Omi Tashan. . or in their Language ” Chiller vs Dhakkan”
Wherein these 2 show off. . While Avi mocks Omi for last yrs Race. .Omi retorts by reminding Avi abt the Basket Ball match. .all this ultimately leads to the 2 betting on their ” Parchas” to race !!
no trophies for guessing d Competitors. . RanSh!!!
n the stakes?!!
if Dhakkans Win Chillers will beg for ” Chiller” from Dhakkans
n if Chillers Win ” The dhakkans salute Chillers n say we are Dhakkans we have no brains” LOL LOL
( Gosh these 2 are jus hillarious. . while the rustic man doesnt understand English slangs . . the rich brat loves giving his smart remarks. . n Omi’s BG music Tongue LOL )
Now RanSh being RanSh. . cant stay w/o showing their own Tashan can they??!!
While KD gets picked by Omi RV himself accepts the Challenge. . impressing Avi
but KD being KD goes on to say he didnt say he accepted d challenge in d 1 st place!!
to which RV retorts ofcourse y wud he? no1′s offered him Money yet n takes out some Moolah out of his pocket
who is interfered by Omi who goes on to say . …u call it money??!! n takes out a 500 Rs. bundle . . fanning himself. . this is money . . what u jus took out was galli Tongue
n if it is all abt money for him . . ..then Avi’s team is d Best for him
n he’s understood 1 thing KD’s gonna race here today not for the money but to WIN!!
RanSh + Omi-Avi Tashan goes on parallel
n finally the rules are declared!!
the Race was going to cover the whole clg n end in front of Principal’s office!!
it wud consist of covering the entire area of clg on bike+ 3 rounds of BB court n then they go on feet. race till the frace of Principal’s office
needless to say This Race breaks all clg rules!!!!
RanSh give each other their signature Tashan Stare n are ready for it
n while Omi goes on to ask Avi to officially declare the race open!!
Avi has some more ideas in his head
hw he wants to ” Spice up” things a bit!!
n asks for Gals to join in!!
he himself Picks Kiya as RV ‘s partner calling her a “pop star”
which she very much accepts. . n RV has this naughty smirk on his face
Avi asks KD to pick a gal. ..n KD stays silent still staring @ RV
( Gosh my Expression Kings RanSh. . oozing out anger n loads of attitude Day Dreaming )
Avi openly asks KD/ Omi to choose a gal. . n when none of them says anything nor any1 volunteers Piddhi agrees to sit behind KD. . Avi mocks saying he can if he is a “Girl”. . n goes on to tease Omi!!
Omi n Avi have their tashan moment . .while Panchhi who hadnt liked the idea of a race n looked extremely uncomfortable when no1 volunteered to sit behind KD on the bike. ..finally decides to step in!!
Its gonna be YaRa vs PanSh Cool Cool
( Gosh Bike + Race + RanSh+ YaRa + RanSh= Hotness Peraonified Heart )
The Temperatures are our Hearts Racing. . the gals take their respective seats…
while Kiya trlls RV to show RV his real place . . Panchhi simply wishes KD luck!!
( Gosh expressions all d 4 of them gave. . Star )
the epi ends on A typical RanSh Tashan expressions!!!

Precap: the race… is sheer madness. ..while @ 1 pt . RV is winning d other KD is. .. n when They are abt to reach the end a gal throws a phataka on their way. . n it blows up. . . Avantika’s grand entry!!!

Update Credit to: blue Orchid

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