Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rathis getting prepared for Holi. Mohit says lets not worry about with Emily matter but celebrate Holi with joy. Bhabho says how colors can be harmful on skin now a days and instructs beendini’s to apply oil on their respective husbands so that colors can be easily removed. Meena applies oil on Vikram, Sandy applies on Suraj. Bhabhasa asks with funny notion if Bhabo oils Mohit then whos gonna oil him. Chavi says she will do it. SurYa have an eyelock when Sooraj holds Sandy’s hand while getting oiled and later releases. Sandy blushes

Someone knocks the door as when Sandy goes to see who it is, its the postman saying they got a court notice. All are shocked and Sandy reads out that Emily has sent court notice for DNA test with Mohit. Mohit drops his holi plate in shock which he was supposed to color everyone. Rathi’s are stunned. Bhabo asks to explain and when Chavi asks Sandy to tell it she adds on DNA test proves who are parents of a child. Mohit says he will go for test as he has not done any mistakes and Vikram says the same if he hasnt done any mistake then he can prove Emily wrong. Bhabo worries but Bhabasa says since Emily has asked for DNA test let Mohit give and once its proven its all lies everyone will get solution with this otherwise its all tension all the time.

Bhabasa later cheers all to get into holi celebration with ladoos. Mohit goes away tensed leaving Sandy in doubt on him. Mohit on the way to his hurts his finger while opening door and bandages, Sandy helps him later says if that blame is true let her know this so that she will console Bhabo in a good way.Mohit gets irritated saying he hasn’t done any wrong and he is ready to give DNA test.

Meena in her room complaining Vikram as to how the problems never stop in Rathi house. She wants him to do a DNA testwhich leaves Vikram in shock. She quickly adds that she does not mean for her baby test but just to confirm whether he really is Bhabho’s son as it is bhabho seems to only love Suraj.

She then wonders saying what if the DNA test results show that Mohit is the real father of Emily’s to be born baby. Mohit comes and stands by the door listening. Vikram gets angry and doesn’t get to believe that Mohit would say such a lie. If the test comes positive then Bhabho would slap Mohit and throw him out of the house. Meena gets very happy and excited that the family wealth will be distributed between 2 brothers, instead of 3. Vikram is doesn’t want to believe that Mohit will tell a lie.

Sandhya in shop talks to Suraj that she is not sure why Mohit is so worried.Suraj says he will talk to him. Sandy says that she has already spoken to him and he said he is not worried about the DNA test and he will go for it but something is bothering him and looks worried.Just then Chotu comes to invite them to play holi and says all Rathi members are already playing.Sandhya thinks if Mohit is playing then, maybe she has had the wrong impression.

A cop comes looking for Mohit and asks his identity. Mohit nods and then he tells him that in response to the court order he will have to take him along with order to get the DNA sample. He puts a badge over him. Everyone including Bhabho and Sandhya stare in shock.

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