The Buddy Project 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 19th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th December 2013 Written Update

Piddi tells KD about his encounter the bad guys. KD gets happy and compliments him for his courage. He says that it would’ve been good if he was there as well, they would have beaten up the bad guys together. Piddi replies that its good he wasn’t there. If he was, the whole limelight would have been taken by him. No one would even care about him. Just then, two random guys come there stick posters of the New party. Piddi asks them about it. They say that they are throwing a ‘no stag’ party, only couples are allowed. Piddi complains that the world is very unfair to single people like him.

RV and sees the posters of the NYB (New Year Bash) as well and wonders if he should ask Panchi out with him. He STTC wondering if it would be okay asking her? Will she say yes?

Is it okay to risk it, as he has brought this comfort level with difficulty. He sits beside Panchi in the canteen. He tries to ask her out for the Party with him.( In a totally ‘ghuma – phirake’ way xD) He says that he didn’t even realize its going to be New Year soon, The new year parties are always romantic, especially this time. He adds that Piddi wont even enjoy it, cuz he is single. Panchi cuts him saying that its not like that, some people are happy being single. RV says that its good to have a girlfriend, it gives us company . Panchi says that it shouldn’t necessarily be a boyfriend, friends can celebrate it together too. RV STTC who will Panchi prefer to go with? Friend or boyfriend? Boyfriend. He says ‘Panchi will you be..’ he stutters trying to complete his sentence , just then a random girl comes there and says to R that she needs to talk to him privately. RV excuses himself and they go a little away from the table. The girl asks RV if he would go out with her for the party. RV says no he can’t as he is already committed to someone else. He comes to Panchi again and is about to say something but another random girl comes there and says she needs to talk to RV. RVv however is annoyed and says loudly that he is already committed to someone else so he can’t go with anyone else. The girl leaves, another comes. xD RV repeats the same to her, however the girl asks who he is going out with? Panchi gets up and leaves at this.

Panchi goes in the washroom. She hears someone sobbing inside, she recognizes it to be Kiya. Kiya comes out still in tears and washes her face. Panchi asks her what happened? Kiya replies that she is no one. Everyone has aim in life, a goal. She also had a only hope, and even it got shattered. Without that, who is she? Anya Gujral’s sister, KD’s girlfriend? She adds that she doesn’t have her own identity. Panchi explains her that she shouldn’t give up hopes so soon. She has a long way to go, something will come up surely. She adds that right now even I am in a similar situation. But all will be fine soon.She says that they should go and have some coffee to cheer up the mood.

Piddi is watching the news of the US school scam revelation and is complimenting KD for it. KD says that the journalist who helped him deserves just as much credit as he does. Piddi hugs him. He sees Kiya and Panchi behind and is shocked. KD turns behind and sees them as well. Kiya is too shocked for words and says to KD that he did all of this, didn’t he? KD says that yes he did, but he was just trying to help her. The university was a scam. Kiya leaves from there and KD follows her.

Kiya goes into a dark class room and is crying when KD comes there. She begins to leave but KD stops her . KD explains her that he had no ulterior morive behind all this. He had accepted that it was important for her to go there and was just searching the internet to see how the institute is. He came acroos suspicious links and found out that the university is a scam. Piddi and Panchi also come there meanwhile and Piddi adds that though the fake email plan failed, KD was just trying to save her from trouble. He was just helping her. KD is about to say something else but Kiya just hugs him.. Panchi and Piddi leave seeing them. They break off the hug and Kiya thanks him for helping. She also apologizes saying that she got so involved in her life, her aim , that she couldn’t understand him. KD also apologizes saying that he shouldn’t have made comments back then saying that her life just revolved around him. He wipes off her tears and then he kisses her. They share a liplick. ( SHIT. SHIT. SHIT!!! They kissed. They effin’ KISSED. It was a short one but AHHH!! My feeelllsss!!! )

They break off the kiss and KD says that he was a idot to make all those comments.He really loves her and she has changed him in so many ways. She taught a grumpy AYM like him to smile. Kiya says that he is an idiot, but she still loves him. KD says that he loves her too and they hug again.

Panchi and Piddi go to the canteen and Piddi halts seeing the NYB poster. Panchi asks him what happened? HE says that there’s going to be New Years party, only for couples. Panchi says so what? He says that its unfair, isn’t it? Do only couples get to enjoy the new year? What about single people like us? He says that God always does wrong to him, he says that this time God should do something for him , send him a girl as a girfriend as he really wants to go to the party. Panchi laughs at this and Piddi gets angry and is about to leave but she stops him. She says that this year he will defo go to the NYB, that too with a girl.RV is passing by and Panchi points to him and says to Piddi that he should learn from RV. The girls are dying to go to the party with. She asks RV how many girls asked him out till now? RV says that he is going to the party but not with any girl. He adds that he talked to Sophia ma’am and he is now going to be the DJ for the party.He STTC that Panchi tou bewakoof hain, she won’t go with him. So he had to do this. KD and Kiya join them and Panchi excitedly tells them that they have to find a girlfriend for Piddi. So that he can go to the party. Piddi thinks she is just making fun of him and gets angry but Panchi tells him that she is very serious . Kiya adds that its not a big deal and she will help as well. RV STTC that he might be the only one to go without a girl in the NYB. Each couple will enjoy and he will play music for them. He adds that when will Panchi understand his feelings? He can’t wait anymore. Panchi is discussing something Piddi and RV just looks at her sulkily. (Which was way too adorable and cute btw )

Precap: Panchi and Kiya ask Piddi what kind of girl he likes? Piddi says that he wants a girl who would kiss him on the very first day. The girls are about to hit him but stop seeing around a huge poster. The three go to check it out and it says “Piddi ka Swayamwar”. RV announces on the radio that the winner of the NYB contest this time will get a chance to dance with their very own Piddi!! Piddi sees many girls fighting to get in the contest as KD tries to stop them and gets very happy.

Update Credit to: Crazy_life

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