Gustakh Dil 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 19th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Samrat talking to his children about his wife saying she liked anklets a lot, I thought Lajjo will also like it. Lajjo says I love it and thanks him. Gunjan says I have another gift for you. Lajjo opens it and it’s a doll. Lajjo says its very beautiful. Gunjan hugs her and says you are our magic fairy who solves our problems like you saved my dad. Lajjo smiles. Ishaana’s friend comes to meet Ishaana and tells her mum that Ishaana’s kitten is with her. She says I don’t know how is Ishaana leaving without it.

Nikhil comes back home and sees Lajjo sleeping at the dining table. He touches her hair and says sorry as always Lajjo. She wakes up and says when did you come. He says just now, why did you not sleep, did you had food. She says no. She says how

could I eat without you. She says its my birthday, I had to give you the cake, so I was waiting for you. He says thankyou my birthday girl. He holds her and makes her sit. They have an eyelock. Jabse tere saono ne………….. plays……………

She says what are you doing, if anyone comes. He says let them come, you are my wife. She says what will they think. She says let them think, I don’t care. He gets closer to her and says its time to make your birthday special. Lajjo stares at him and is happy. He takes the cake and lights a candle on it. She smiles. He makes her eat it and the song still plays…………

He touches her and Bawra Dil ………. Plays………… Lajjo looks at him. Nikhil kisses on her cheek and they get closer. Its Lajjo’s imagination. She wakes up from her sleep when Nikhil really comes. He says lets celebrate your birthday now. He says cut the cake with me. Lajjo is shocked. He says its your birthday, so this is your throne, sit down and cut the cake. He lights the candle on the cake piece and asks her to make a wish. She looks on. He sings happy birthday to you. He says close your eyes.

Bawra…….. plays. She asks why. He says because I m saying. She closes her eyes. He looks at her and he spoils her face by the cake. She says what did you do. They have a laugh. Ishaana comes home. Her mum asks where did you go. Ishaana lies to her saying I went to find my kitten, I don’t know where is she, I m so worried. Her mum says ask your friend. Ishaana is shocked. Her mum confronts her for lying. She asks what is this drama for, what this for Nikhil, she says look in my eyes and tell me are you doing this for Nikhil.

Ishaana says even I m tired of lying, the truth is I love Nikhil. Her mum scolds her. Ishaana argues with her mum. Her mum gets angry. Ishaana says what did I do wrong, I m doing this to get Nikhil, even Barkha is supporting me, she told me to fight for Nikhil, as his marriage is a mistake. Her mum says did Barkha tell this. Ishaana says yes, Nani is also with me, they are right. Her mum asks since when is this going on.

Lajjo serves food to Nikhil. Nikhil tells her about Ishaana’s kitten. Lajjo laughs hearing her name Meow. She also sits for dinner. Nikhil coughs and Lajjo says I will bring hot water for you and asks him not to drink cold water. Nikhil thanks her. He says you are missing green chillies today. She says yes, Samrat asked me not to have green chillies. He says have it, its your birthday. She eats it and smiles looking at him.

Its morning, Ayesha comes to Nikhil and asks him whats this happening with Lajjo. She says Ishaana will feel bad, you have gone mad, you have gifted Lajjo the same bracelet as Ishaana. He says whats the bug deal in it. She says you are either mad or insensitive. He says what. She says its about feelings, how can the gifts be same if your feelings for both are not same. He says no one gave me advice, I was confused, so I thought to gift her that. Ayesha says my point is why the same bracelet.

Nikhil says who thinks the same, she says you are mad, you don’t understand that what it means to give them same things. He asks what does it mean. She says it means Lajjo is equally important to you as Ishaana. Nikhil says I don’t understand. He says it just a gift. She says you will understand later what you did. He thinks what Lajjo told that Ishaana felt bad seeing her bracelet and left angrily.

Ishaana gives an icecream to Nikhil. Lajjo stops Nikhil from eating it as he has cold. Ishaana and everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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