The Buddy Project 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th November 2013 Written Update

Dean inaugurates the exhibition and praises Panchi’s efforts for it. The exhibition is a hit. Kiya comes there to meet Panchi and is congratulates her for it. Panchi compliments Kiya’s pic in the newspaper and teases her a bit. She asks Kiya where KD is and Kiya’s mood immediately deflates. Just then, KD comes there and greets Panchi. Kiya pointedly walks away from there and Panchi senses that something is wrong between them.

Kids gather around Kiya and ask for her autograph. Kiya happily obliges and comments that just like they appreciate her art, she appreciates theirs. It’s sad that some adults can’t seem to do that, meaning KD because she knows he’s listening (oh I love her taunts ) Dean addresses everyone that Kiya made ICC proud and everyone applauds the two girls. KD doesn’t seem entirely pleased though.

RV is busy trying to salvage the wet puppets but it’s no use. Panchi comes to him and tells him that Rukmini didn’t even come to the exhibition much to RV’s surprise. Panchi is worried about the show as they have no time left. She suddenly gets an idea and drags RV along with her to the store room.

RV impatiently waits for her outside the store room, whining as to why he can’t come in and complaining that girls are always late. Panchi just tells him to shut up and comes outside with a few costumes in her hand and an excited smile on her face.

At the puppet show venue, kids are getting impatient for the show. Rukmini comes on stage and is about to announce that the show is canceled but RV comes there and interrupts her saying the show will start in 5 minutes. Rukmini asks what does he mean by that? The puppets are all ruined. RV tells her to start her narration and she’ll see for herself.

Rukmini takes her spot and starts her story.

Once, there was a princess.

A figure appears on stage and the spotlight falls on her. It’s Panchi, dressed in a Rajasthani attire and acting like a puppet with strings attached to her fingers and arms. Rukmini is shocked but she continues her story.

The princess was an epitome of beauty and grace. And then, there was a prince.

RV comes on the stage, dressed in the male Rajasthani attire and acting like a puppet.(yeah, he had a mustache which reminded me just a little of Kunal in Pratigya days but heck! He looked sooo good! <3)The prince was kind and handsome. Every girl aspired to be with him. But the prince's heart was set upon only one girl, that princess. The two loved each other very much.(From here, you have to see. Because Palak and Kunal acted BRILLIANTLY as puppets! And of course, all the RaHi adorableness!!!)The two got married and enjoyed a few days in bliss. But then, the prince had to leave the village for the prosperity of his kingdom and his people. He was sad that he had to leave his princess but he had no choice.(this part, when he is leaving and they are holding hands and they slip away...uff! I died there!!)With the prince gone, the princess was sad. She spent her days and night waiting for the prince who didn't return. She forgot how to be happy. One day, she was sitting under a tree. The tree was a haunt of a ghost.Piddi comes there. As a ghost.The ghost saw the princess crying and didn't like it. He started to dance to make her feel better but the princess was still sad.(Piddi is the only ghost who does break dance and the 'tattad tattad' step so effortlessly )The ghost realized that he had fallen in love with the princess and would do anything to make her feel happy. He knew that only the prince could make the princess happy so he took the appearance of the prince and met the princess. the princess got happy seeing her lost lover and she got her happiness back.the ghost and princess spent their days in happiness when one day, the real prince arrived.Princess was shocked seeing the two look alikes. And so was everyone else. the ghost and the prince insisted that the other was the fake one which troubled the princess more. Amidst all this, a hermit came there.Surprise surprise, it's none other than DEAN!!The hermit told the princess that one of the two was a ghost, which troubled the princess even more. But don't worry. the hermit offered a solution. He put a bottle on the ground and said the one who loved the princess truly would fit in the bottle. Hearing this, the ghost obligingly went in the bottle, leaving the princess to be united with her real prince.the two lovers got together and they lived happily ever after.The show ends and one kid from the audience comments that it's good the princess found her real prince. Rukmini agrees. Another kid comments that the ghost was the bad person here with all his lies. Before Rukmini can say anything, Panchi breaks her puppet avatar and steps up saying the ghost wasn't a bad person. He only wanted the princess to be happy. And he knew that the only way the princess could be happy was when she was with the prince. that's why he sacrificed his love for her happiness. He wasn't a bad person, he just truly loved the princess.The audience applauds and everyone congratulates Panchi for putting up a brilliant show. Panchi is baffled and tries telling them that it was all Rukmini's effort but everyone insists that Panchi was the real lady of the evening and showed her with compliments and congratulations. Rukmini sees this and boy! She is pissed off.While Panchi is recieving all the credit and RV is happily looking on, Rukmini comes to RV and says that she may not love him as much as the ghost loved the princess but there is no way she is sacrficing or stepping back so easily just to he can get his true love. She storms away and RV is shocked as he looks at an oblivious Panchi. (Okay! This part was the BEST! Like, one line of Rukmini made everything so clear! Loved it!! )Precap – RV tells Rukmini to cheer up, her show was successful. Rukmini bitterly replies it was her show but then Panchi made it her own. She is just too fond of acting like a last moment savior. RV gets a little mad and says Panchi did all to save the puppets but she refuses to see her efforts. Rukmini retorts did Panchi try to save the puppets or did she deliberately ruin them? RV is shocked.

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