Qubool Hai 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 18th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The police inspector tels them to be alert, and cites this incident as someone’s prank. razia is super scared. As the police is about to wheel the body away, razia notices a chit stuck in the dead body’s clasp. While all are busy with interrogation, she stealthily takes the chit and moves, while the team takes the body out of the house. All are tensed. razia opens the chit, and finds that its written that the dead wont stay quiet for long, and that finally justice is beckoning and she would have to pay for her sin in committing a murder. She remembers the murder and is scared.

Scene 2:
Location: Panchmarhi
Nikhat is frantically searching for the similar shawl, while all are tensed. She tries to plead innocence that she had kept it here, but it isnt here. haseena asks her how could she give something to imran when it was for farhan. Nikhat swears that she didnt do anything like that, and asks them to trust her. haseena says that she wants to belive her, but she cant falsify the truth. She tells her that she understands that she still has a thing of the past, and now she has to move on and admit that he’s nazma’s husband. Nazma is tensed, while nikhat is shocked. All stand tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
While ayan and asad are strumming with their guitars, As asad hums a tune, while playing the guitar, zoya enthusiastically says that she knows this song and goes on to sing it. Ayan teases zoya for her worse singing, and taunts her that it seems like she’s crying after asad’s domestic violence on her, and asad’s reputation would be scarred forever. zoya is furious at ayan’s teasing. Zoya asks asad for an honest opinion. But before he can answer, ayan goes on to further taunt her at her bad singing. On zoya’s nudging, asad stands for zoya, and is taunted by ayan, who accuses him of being deaf in love, instead of being blind in love. They get into a verbal arguement about their couple behaviour while each tease the other about their better half. Somehow the situation converts to how and when asad and zoya would fight with each other. They discuss as to how life would be after marriage. Ayan says that he would get married after 3 months just like them. Zoya shows him the watch, and rectifies that its not even three months. ayan says that he shouldnt mention about time. Just as he is about to talk, dilshad passes by and stops. Ayan talks how rashid has turned philosophical and always talks about life’s uncertainty. Dilshad is tensed. ayan says that normally he doesnt pay attention, but this time its serious. asad, disinterested to talk of rashid tries to move away, but is stopped by zoya. ayan says that rashid was talking about a big change in his life, which has to be taken, even if its his life’s last descision. He says that it would create a huge impacxt on their lives. Ayan says that the doctor says that his heart has grown weak, but it doesnt seem from his talks. He says that rashid is planning something big. dilshad is tensed, while asad and zoya intently listen. Zoya diverts the topic, but asad excuses himself, getting all overwhelmed. dilshad too leaves from the distance. Ayan and zoya awkwardly face each other.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia again gets a call, and wonders who is it. She wonders what does this caller know, and wonders what to do. mamu, passing by sees her tensed, and asks if she’s fine. Razia gives an excuse, that its nothing like that. mamu asks her not to be upset about the incident in the morning. razia continuously gets the call. Mamu wonders whats the motive behind that prank. razia says that she doesnt know. He asks if she’s hiding soemthing. she thinks that its bettre to stay quiet till she knows something concrete herself. She denies having any knowledge. he goes onto talk about ayan and zoya. Razia cuts him and asks him not to think like that. she still gets the call. She ignores it. Mamu leaves. Razia is relieved. But the servant gives her the landline number, for a phone for her. Razia tells the caller as to why is she bothering her. the lady says that its impossible to stop her, with or without her attending her phone. She says that she would cause her ruin. Razia cancels the call. She finds on the caller Id, that the call was from the house only, and the enemy is within the house. she calls back again, and asks why is she doing this. The person says that she would get all answers. Razia asks who is she, and what does she want. The person says that its a long story but she would get to hear it. Razia finds that a burqa clad lady is downstairs. she thinks that its the same fellow. She takes off the burqa. Mamu has some guests. The lady ask what is she upto. Razia accuses her of calling her and threatening her. she takes the ladt’s phone and is surprised to find someone on the other end. Razia tells about her happening. The guests take it as their insult. Razia is shocked, and mamu asks whats she upto. Razia apologises and leaves from there. She again takes the call, and the person tells her that she may try searching but she wont be able to. the person threatening her, is shown to be standing behind her, clad in a hooded jacket and leaves, after cancelling the phone.

The next morning, humaira tells nuzrat that she is leaving. Ayan breaks into impromptu poetry, and humaira is pleased that its for her. But as she turns around, she is furious when ayan pretends to be talking about Katrina’s photo. He sees humaira and asks why is she still here. She says angrily that she is indeed leaving, and leaves in a rage. ayan is super happy at teasing her. Nuzrat asks him to be supportive, instead of teasing her. he says that he’s doing the right thing. He says that he’s taking it back to the place that it was, even though they both know that they would go to any lengths for the other. He says that their couple is one of fighting and making up, and this makes their love. The screen freezes on ayan’s smiling face.

Precap: While haseena and nazma are by the poolside, haseena takes nazma’s attention, intentionally to nikhat standing behind the tree, on the other side of the pool. she says that she’s actually standing there, to stealthily take a sneak peek at imran playing water volleyball, naked till the torso. nazma is tensed to see nikhat smiling. Haseena instigates her that she’s seeing him in this condition. Rashid tells dilshad that he would talk to shirin and he has full hopes that she would understand. Before he can plead his case any longer, she says that she’s ready, surprising him and giving him immense pleasure.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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