The Buddy Project 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th March 2013 Written Update

Farewell Party is in full swing. Princi is at the stage and he’s giving a speech that it has been an eventful year with many ups and downs but would his resignation be counted as an up or down, he doesn’t know. He gives a special mention to the 8 students who were deemed hopeless and Junglees by all. But one big Junglee came in their life and turned their lives around. He then invites the singing sensation of RA on the stage, Kiya Gujral. Kiya takes her place on the stage and Piddi cheers for her (I know, shocking ne? )

Song Sequence – Yaariyan from Cocktail

Kiya sings the song (I dunno if it’s a cover or taken from the album but eff, it’s so emotional ). Buddies are in tears and some of their memories are played on the projector (they are pics). TC smirks and spreads the MMS. Kiya is at the end of the song when Juhi notices the students checking their phones which isn’t hidden by the other Buddies.

Kiya finishes the song and there is an applause punctured by message tones all around. Kiya joins her friends and asks what’s wrong but they dunno how to answer. She snatches a phone from a boy and is shocked seeing the kiss as an MMS and asks who did it? Just then, KD enters. Kiya’s eyes fall on him with an expression of shock. KD joins the gang and is about to speak to RV when Princi takes the stage and announces the result of King and Queen competition. They are none other than the Diva Kiya Gujral and King of Hearts, Ranveer Shergill. Buddies aren’t too enthusiastic about it and there are a few very knowing wolf whistles around them.

A boy (Kameena 1) whispers in RV’s ear to show the live demo of the kiss. RV ignores him and makes a move to go to stage when Kameena 2 offers him a mouth freshner. YaRa walk with heavy steps. Kameena 3 says to RV that he should’ve made the sequel of the MMS as to what happens after the kiss. RV is majorly pissed. Kameena 4 says that he can kiss better than RV which prompts Kiya to lash out at him but RV stops her.

Panchi shows KD the MMS and Piddi is worried as to who made the MMS out of the video. KD is speechless and he just looks on Kiya being crowned the Queen of RA.

JJ reaches the airport. He looks around and STTC that he had come to the airport many times before to leave for USA but each time, his Jokers made him stay back. But not now. Because his Jokers have become Buddies. All is well between them, all will remain fine between them from now. It’s time to leave.

Kiya gets a call from Anya who taunts her that for stardom, she stooped so low and tells her to enjoy her stardom that she earned, no matter through what means. When Anya is done, TC comes to Kiya and congratulates for winning. She sneers that Kiya truly deserved the title because she leaked her own MMS to gain popularity. Kiya raises a threatening finger at TC and says that she did it but TC pushes down her finger and says she wish she did. But why would she have such loving moments of her and RV? She just found the clip somewhere. Kiya asks where and TC pointedly looks at KD who is standing with Piddi and RV. Kiya is shocked.

RV says if he finds out who did it, he’ll break that person’s face! Piddi says he’ll show that person hell and Samar is all game for that. Bobby asks who could the origin be anyway? Kiya comes there and says it wasn’t just anybody but before she can say further, Princi takes the stage and gives a special mention to the student who truly glorified RA be it in studies or sports – Keshav Desai. Everyone applauds and KD goes on the stage, everyone but Kiya. RV asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that the MMS was taken from KD’s phone. RV can’t believe this, neither can Panchi.

KD gets the award. Kiya asks Piddi to hand her KD’s phone but he is reluctant. Kiya snatches the phone and sees the original video in it. Buddies are shocked seeing this.

JJ at the airport. He takes out his cell and lovingly sees the pics of his Jokers.

KD gets down the stage and RV shows the original vid in KD’s cell to him. KD says clearly that he had no hand in any of it and RV suggests it’s better to talk somewhere private. Buddies leave one by one.

In an abandoned place, KD comes clean that he had no hand in the MMS. True, the vid was in his cell and he should’ve deleted it long ago. But he had captured it unintentionally, he was just capturing the fireworks at NYP and accidentally caught the kiss. Kiya asks angrily if no one knew about the vid, how did it go public? KD is clueless and says he has no idea, he wasn’t even there when it went public. RV catches his words and says right, he wasn’t there. He had gone to pay back the loan money. KD says yeah, he was and a funny thing happened. When RV had counted the money, he had said that it was enough. But when KD counted it, the money was less. With this thought he went to the man but there, he found out that he had extra money. RV is nervous seeing his act being caught. Buddies are a little surprised. Panchi, who knows everything, asks KD why is he bringing it up now? It’s not relevant. KD retorts if it’s not relevant, why is Mr. Money Bags (RV) so shocked? KD takes out the money and says to RV he ended up doing what he hated the most, charity. RV in his defense says he was only helping and he was going to tell KD everything anyway! But then he realizes, if the money hit the target after RV added his share, how come KD got extra money? Suspicions arise…what was KD upto anyway?

Juhi pipes in saying OMG! What’s all this gloomy talks? It’s their farewell and they are a team! But RV pays no heed and asks again, where did the money come from? KD fbs to the policeman saying not to say anything about the case as long as its in the court, else it’ll become news and many students’ careers will be in jeopardy. In present, KD says he can’t tell about it. Kiya asks impatiently why? KD gently replies he can’t say as he isn’t the only one involved here, other people are there as well. Kiya reaches a conclusion that KD sold the MMS for money? (WHAT THE blo*dy EFF?! ) This doesn’t go well with the Buddies.

KD asks Kiya does she really think he can stoop that low? Kiya looks away saying she doesn’t want to believe it. KD asks her but she does, right? He turns to RV and asks does he think KD can do it? RV just shakes his head and says he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what to think. But the fact remains, only KD had the MMS and now suddenly it’s public and suddenly KD has the money! Piddi comes in KD’s defense saying KD can’t do anything like this! Kiya retorts if that’s so then why doesn’t KD tell them where did he get the money from? KD says he can’t say (someone slap KD please. They are your FRIENDS for Heaven’s sake! Your lady love’s dignity, your own self esteem is at stake! God, he’s such an IDIOT!! ) KD keeps on saying he can’t do something like that. RV says angrily why does KD have to hide things like these always?! KD retorts even RV hid the fact that he put the money in! RV says exasperately that he was just helping KD, he needed the money! KD takes it completely wrong saying that RV was helping the poor helpless KD with the money. RV is shocked hearing such accusations to his intentions and says in a fit of anger that yeah, that’s what he was thinking (Remember kids, anger never did you good ) He knew that KD couldn’t earn the money so he put it in! But he had no idea that KD had other plan, the one to sell some MMS!

Panchi angrily pipes in asking RV to shut up and says he knows KD can’t do anything like this! Kiya then says to ask KD where did he get the money from then?! How did the MMS leak?! KD shouts he doesn’t know! All he knows is that he would never betray his Buddies, would never backstab them (Really KD? That’s your argument? )

RV isn’t melted by this and says the other day, KD had met TSG. He sold the MMS to him for money and slaps him! (YOU IDIOT RV! MAARA KYUN?!?! ) RV kicks KD and wants to hit him but other Buddies intervene. Anyway, RanSh continue fighting but the boys hold KD off. KD says RV doesn’t know the meaning of friendship, all he knows is money! Panchi shouts and tells them to cut it off as it’s just a big misunderstanding! To RV she says that KD can NEVER sell the MMS and to KD she says RV’s intentions were genuine, he shouldn’t alter them like this but RV shuts her up. He says to KD that he thinks he took pity on him, fine he did. And that’s his biggest mistake because the kinds of KD aren’t worth anyone’s pity! KD thought he was helping his father? Wrong. He was helping his own self. To him friends and family don’t matter. All it matters is money money and MONEY! (On a random note, RV is wearing white and KD is wearing black. Hmm…Ying Yang? ) KD retorts that it’s RV who worships money! He is the one who says that he is always left alone, well he’s alone cuz of his attitude which thinks that he can make or break any relation with money. He was always lonely and he would remain so forever (THE MUSIC IS AWESOME!!)

RV says he thought of KD as a friend but he made a mockery of his emotions in front of everyone. His biggest mistake was to befriend someone like KD but worry not, he’d rectify the mistake with interest. KD says it would be him who will pay back his money with interest. Till then, he’d keep his charity as a souveneir of this bad experience as how RV made fun of his poor state, how he broke his friendship and trust in front of everyone. Till the day he doesn’t throw all his money on RV’s face, he won’t rest in peace.


Kiya bellows and turns to face KD. He doesn’t know hell about friendship and love. He broke her heart every blo*dy time. “I hate you KD.” She turns around and finally breaks down in tears (I compare this Bharti to the Bharti in the initial episodes when KD gave Kiya the handkerchief and I’m BLOWN by her growth ) The screen splits with individual buddies with their happy memories in greyscale. Finally, the screen freezes on the shot with RV, Panchi, KD, Kiya and Piddi in one frame and a flying airplane in the other.

Precap – RV and KD sitting with Karan Kundra (OMG!! RV! HE’S LOOKING SO HOT! LIKE A blo*dy DAREDEVIL! Dead…I’m DEAD! White never looked so KILLER!!!! AAAHHH!!! ) KK saying that in college, there will be bigger hotshots than KD. KD says with attitude, he’ll learn some and teach some. RV suggests KD to take lessons first. KK says, there is a kabbaddi between seniors and juniors. RV looks at KD in full attitude and says, they’ll play and win. KD taunts will RV, really? KK says in college, there are teachers but real classes are taken by seniors. KD replies so what? They’ll attend one and bunk other.

Update Credit to: Mais

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