Balika Vadhu 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 14th March 2013 Written Update

Jaitser Temple:-
Ganga and Jagaya praying in temple .Ganga gives her earings to Pandit .Ganga thanks goddess for returning her son to her She prays to give her enough strength to keep her son always happy and give him good upbringing Ganga also prays for well being of Jagaya and his family , Anandi and Shiv too They all are noble hearted people ,they deserve blessings .

Anandi is putting Shiv’s stuff on bed .Shiv is longingly looking at Anandi trying to find some words to apologize to her .When Anandi has got all Shiv’s stuff ready she asks him to get ready while she will go and make tea for him .Shiv was about to say something but before he could say Anandi leaves from there .Shiv gets worried Anandi is so much angry with him he needs to apologize from her on every cost but how ? He then thinks of an idea .Anandi is making tea in kitchen. Ira and Meenu too helping in breakfast preparation .Shiv calls Anandi . Anandi goes to him Shiv says to her he cannot find his brown socks anywhere .Anandi is surprised as she has put them on bed .Anandi opens the cupboard and finds socks there .She gives them to Shiv .Shiv says he tried to find them everywhere but couldn’t and you found them so easily .Anandi leaves from there without responding leaving a worried Shiv behind .Shiv then hides his handkerchief in his pocket and calls out to Anandi again .Anandi again comes .Shiv says his handkerchief is missing .Anandi is again surprised and says she had placed it on bed .She opens the cupboard and takes another handkerchief and give it to Shiv. She leaves from there .Shiv thinks his plan failed but then sees his shirt and thinks of another idea He breaks the button of his shirt and calls to Anandi .Anandi says to Choti maa I had set all his things still don’t know why he is calling again and again Choti maa says no problem I’ll make tea you go see what is the problem .Anandi goes to Shiv and asks him now what happened .Shiv shows to Anandi his shirt’s button is broken and shows her button too Anandi questions him from where did you get this button Shiv points to bed .He says he can wear any other shirt too but wants to wear this today so will she stitch this button .Anandi thinks for a moment and then starts doing so .Shiv tries to explain to Anandi why he hid his transfer truth from her Anandi says she understands When she has stitched the button Shiv tries to say sorry to her .Anandi doesn’t reply on this but says to him get ready and goes out leaving a sad Shiv behind

Temple :-
Ganga sees a woman there who was accusing her when she went to police station Jagaya too recognizes the woman .Ganga comes to her. Ganga apologizes from Kaki for being rude to her before. She says she didn’t know what she said in anger at that time The woman looks guilty hearing Ganga ‘s words and says to Ganga no need to apologize Ganga shows Kaki Mannu and tells her Anandi has brought her son back to her .Ganga tells Kaki now she will stay in Jaitser and become a nurse here and work at Doctor saa’s hospital When she ( Kaki) will get sick do come to her she will take good care of her .Kaki smiles and says since you are becoming a nurse so you will make me sick I want to remain healthy Ganga becomes embarrassed at what she has said in haste and tries to explain she didn’t mean that of her becoming sick .Jagaya tells Ganga Kaki has understood so no need to explain more .Jagaya asks Ganga to go home while he will go to hospital He leaves for hospital while Ganga goes towards Haveli

Shekhars leaving and tell Anandi they will be back in few hours .Anandi says ok Shekhars leave while Anandi comes inside house .Door bell rings. Anandi opens the door and finds a kid there who gives her a card with white rose on it .Anandi takes the card and see it. It has sorry note on it .The kid asks Anandi have you forgiven? .Anandi says No .The kid goes from there while Anandi smiles understanding who has send this card .She comes inside but again door bell rings .She opens the door and finds same kid there who gives her another card with yellow rose on it .The kid asks same question from her did you forgive ?Anandi says No The kid goes again and again comes with another card this time with red rose on it but refuses to give to Anandi and asks her to tell has she forgiven first then he will give her the card. Finally Anandi gives up and says yes she has forgiven .Just then comes Shiv ‘s voice saying Thank God .Shiv then comes to Anandi and take the red rose from card and give it to her .A happy Anandi takes it .Shiv then brings out another red rose and gives to Anandi .Anandi says she has forgiven him no need of another rose .Shiv tells her this no sorry rose but I love you rose .Anandi blushes and takes rose from him .She hesitantly asks him this is I love you rose right ? Shiv says yes .Anandi hesitantly forwards the rose to Shiv and tries to confess her love .I love ..before she could say You ,the kid interferes making Shiv irritated The kid asks Shiv to give him his chocolate as his reward to help him that he promised Anandi bursts out laughing at this .Shiv gives chocolate to the kid .The kid signals Anandi to bow down .Anandi does so The kid gives Anandi a kiss on her cheek and runs away from there While Shiv irritated again and says this is not fair I married you before and my prize this kid took before me .Anandi tells Shiv patience is key to success .Shiv apologizes to Anandi for hiding his transfer news from her He says he didn’t mean to hurt her but he was trying not to hurt her as he thought this news will hurt her .Shiv promises to Anandi from now on he will never hide anything from her ever .Anandi becomes happy after listening to this

Precap :- In Badi haveli Dadisaa says AnSh are made for each other They are one soul, Sanchi asks Shiv why he is not telling to them that he is shifting to Udaipur forever. Singhs become shocked after listening to this

Update Credit to: kikyo

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