The Buddy Project 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from vaani’s cafe.. A man and woman come from food department to inspect the food of cafe.. Vaani says that right now everything we ate. I dont have anything.. They said if you dont have then apply again and you will get your application approved in one month.. Vaani gestures at maya..Now everyone divert them in talking.. vaani and kd goes to cook..They eat pastries made by vaani and the man says you will get your license surely… Woman says you are really good in cooking, and you have good friends also. Jetli’s phone rings…he goes aside..Its from USA. He says i can work remotely from here.But later thinks that i have to go but how.. Maya asks him to whom you are talking.. He tells that its from USA.. Maya says tell them you are not going there..Piddi invites all buddies for dinner at his home..

Night scene at piddi’s home, vaani says you guys are too young and you get married..She asks piddi’s mom about his future..His mom says he will join his dad’s business.. Kd sees his phone ..Piddi’s mom asks him to eat food not to use mobile..Maya asks kd to drop vaani at home.. Jetli sir thanks piddi’s mom ..His mom tells them to marry soon.. Here kd drops vaani at home on bike.. She asks him do you have girlfriend.. He tells her that yeah , she has gone with her family on vacations…Vaani says you didnt tell me..she is so lucky girl…Kd says i m missing her really…

Next scene Kd is seeing kiya’s photo n says I m very lucky to have kiya..He thinks, vaani is not taking wrong.. I m talking her friendly.. His phone rings n he says its kiya… But its ranveer message about work progress.. He works on laptop..n he sleeps… Its morning now he wakes up n gets vaani’s call.. She asks him to come at cafe soon…

At vaani’s cafe.. Some people come from NGO. She introduces them to kd. They ask to work with vaani’s cafe..Vaani agrees.

Jetli sir is thinking something.. Maya comes n says janglee you didnt take coffee yet , n asks what happened ? you are looking distracted.. Are you hiding something from me?? But he denies.. She goes to take coffee for him..

Jetli sir is working on laptop..He thinks i m in mess. One side i have love and other side my dream.. Those people need me right now who helped me in USA .. And other side maya .. I think i have to explain maya..She takes coffee for him .. She intersperses coffee on him so he goes to wash room..She checks his laptop n sees tickets for US and gets shocked..

No precap

Update Credit to: priya

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