Ek Hasina Thi 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Durga Thakur’s intro scene. This is the story of Kolkata city. She does Durga puja. Next shown is Shaurya Goenka’s entry as he enters a house from the balcony and comes to meet his girlfriend Avantika. He says your dad caught me in your balcony. He gets her and gets closer. She says are you mad, dad is at home. He says your love made me mad. She asks do you love me so much. He says no, I love myself and I love you, close your eyes. She closes her eyes. He touches her face whistling and hugs her. A girl in the hospital sees Shaurya’s sketch and is scared of him. She shouts seeing his sketch. Shaurya removes Avantika’s clothes and they get closer. The doctor runs to see the patient. Shaurya calls his friends and makes them hear their love sounds. They laughs and says he is entertaining us, and says Shaurya is dating a commisioner’s daughter now, no one can get him, if he got free 2 years ago, what will anyone do now., they are powerful and rich Goenka’s. The doctor calls Durga.

Durga comes running to meet Payal and sees her shouting. Payal gives her hand to Durga. Shaurya leaves from Avantika’s house. Durga cries and holds Payal’s hand. The doctor leaves. Durga hugs Payal and sees Shaurya’s sketch. Durga says nothing will happen to you, I m with you, I won’t let anything happen to you now. Shaurya comes to meet his friends. His friends bow him and says Jai ho Guru. The doctor tells Durga what is the thing that Payal is getting attacks, we need to get to understand her problem. Durga says its a mystery what happened to her, I took Maa’s blessings today, she will surely let me know. The doctor says you have so much love and care for Payal, who is not related to you. Durga says now I know her name, take care of her, I will come tomorrow.

Next is Rajnath Goenka’s entry who signs a cheque and comes to his wife Sakshi Goenka. Rajnath makes a donation and the man praises him. Rajnath acts sweet. Sakshi plays piano. Rajnath taunts the man and shocks him. The man tells him that someone else got the permission to do the first bhog. Sakshi’s face is shown. Sakshi says the city used to stop for her till yesterday, she walks to them. She asks who is the new one who does not know about us. The man says she is a young girl Durga Thakur. The man gets tensed and leaves. The Durga puja event starts. Women dance and Durga comes there. Durga is also rich and pays more money than Goenka’s to the pandit to take the permission to do the first bhog.

Goenka’s come there. Durga looks at them. Sakshi says so you are Durga Thakur. Durga says I m sorry, I don’t know you. Sakshi says did no one told you about us in our city. The man introduces them. Durga says I m not from Kolkata, I came from America some days back. Sakshi and Rajnath tells her that our family does the first bhog every year. Durga says come then, you are elders, do the bhog, I m new here, so I m a guest here. Sakshi says its good to rectify mistakes, intelligent, we know how to take care of guests. Sakshi asks the pandit to start. He plays the shank.

Durga dances with some women while Sakshi and Rajnath proceed to do the Bhog. Shaurya comes there and sees Durga dancing. He smiles seeing her. He says no one can be more lucky than me, Maa gave me blessings before the puja. Durga sees him and thinks of the sketch. She identifies him and continues dancing. Durga dances in anger. Shaurya looks at her while she prays closing her eyes. Sakshi does the aarti. Durga sees Shaurya with anger. Everyone are shocked to see fire in Durga’s saree. Durga is shocked. Shaurya is shocked too and puts water on her from a big pot. She prays to Maa.

Shaurya covers Durga with his stole and she thanks him. He says there are many ways to say thanks. She returns his stole to him. He says I saved your life, you can thank me. Rajnath and Sakshi come to them. Sakshi says you are very lucky, my son saved you. Shaurya introduces himself. Durga thinks she has purposely got her saree catch fire. They leave. Shaurya says if anything happened to you today, I would have died. She says you look in hurry to die. He says by your hands, shall we. She says fine, I will tell you where and when. He smiles. She leaves. He thinks I like this, that she refused his friendship and its a challenge and he loves accepting challenges. Durga thinks look at me Shaurya, I m your life’s last love as my mission is to ruin you.

Shaurya tells his friends that he will make Durga his friend. Durga is ready to meet him and says he is coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. nice episode I love the actress and I think they are the best pair

  2. And I love the serial so Durga take revenge from him

  3. Really nice serial

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